Add logo to email signature on MacBook Pro/phone

Posted by Debra H.



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Tuesday, 15th Sep 2015
I need to add my logo to my email signature on my MacBook Pro & IPhone but can not seem to do it. [CONTENT MODERATED]
David S.
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I have to correct the other posters. It can be done - it's just not obvious!
I have attached a screen grab of an email just sent from my iPhone.
As you can see, its rich text with image.
From what I've read you can't add a logo to microsoft hotmail, unless it's also available on the web. Private logos won't work on that email system.
Hi Debra,
I don't suggest you to put logo into your phone signature. Because it's going to be sent as an attachment. And it's not professional everything you email people they got an attachment from you.
For MacBook it's easy to be done and you can even change your signature every time you need, depends from which account are you sending emails.

Hi Debra,
Easily done. I setup adverting and design companies for a living so it's something I do regularly. I can send you an example email from my iPhone showing a proper signature with HTML and CSS. This means it looks the same virtually everywhere!
Sorry Debra, skim read this and only noticed MacBook - other runners are correct in saying that it can't be done for iPhone.
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