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Saturday, 16th Jun 2012
I've seen some really odd tasks on here and I figure this needs consideration.

I need to buy a bass amp urgently and I've found a 2nd hand one. it retails at new 1500 and I've negotiated it to 600. I however don't have the money. I need an Airtasker to loan me the money. I will pay you back with a payment plan and will pay you 200 on top of that for your generosity.

for more info comment and bid

thanks so much

No offers were made on this task.
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It seems Fiona you can't even attend to an arranged task such as clean someone's room or wash someone's car so to think you would be able to pay someone back $800 is quite doubtful
summed up quite well by Ben
get a job then buy the amp when you have money. you're probably not even old enough to legally sign a contract so it's very doubtful someone will give you an unsecured cash loan especially when you mention it would probably take a year to pay back a measly $600. Why would you negotiate in the first place to a price you couldn't afford anyway?!
Fiona W.poster
My old amp died and I have a full band lineup waiting and I figured I've seen some odd stuff on here and it was worth a shot.
None of my business, but if I may ask, why do you intend to buy the bass amp. I mean a reason why its so important that you have to borrow money from strangers.
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