A band to perform at my wedding

Posted by Ivan Y.
I'm getting married on October 27 at Mosman and I'm looking for a 3-4 person band to perform on and off between about 5pm and say 9 or 10pm.

You don't have to be professionals. Garage bands or church bands welcome!

The cost is for you to perform only. I'm happy to negotiate the reimbursement for you to bring your own instruments and sound equipment hire as I am not familiar with these costs. During the night, between playing we would use your equipment for doing speeches. At the end of the night we would like to use your sound equipment to play music for the dance floor.

We would want to choose a lot of our own music, but will be happy to listen to your songs and see if there is anything we like.

Dinner for your band included and a few drinks after you stop playing!

It's a long way away but trying to get organised ahead of time.

if you are keen send me a link so I can see what you are like.
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Mosman, NSW
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Kevin S.
3 years ago
Hey ivan forget a band mate they only play for 40 minutes then take a 20min break, DJ is much better and only 1 to feed plus the songs are all originals not a poor copy, plus bands play at 1 level LOUD. check out my website Ivan .au for Wollongongs number 1 wedding DJ.

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Johnny G.
3 years ago
$500, 3 mates and I, garage band, 16 year olds :3 willing to do anything we know a lot of stuff, just really need to get our name out there, Pacific Highway.
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Kevin S.
3 years ago
Are you serious 3 - 16yr kids doing an important and special even such as a wedding? How much experience do these kids have?
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Johnny G.
3 years ago
LOL i meant 17* we've been a band for about a year and a bit, all music students, year 11, played some parties, school arranging pub gigs and currently writing a 6 track ep, including 2 songs we've already domestically recorded. and get man, stonefield are a band comprised of 13 year olds and they played at big day out ;)
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Helmut U.
2 years ago
Hey, myself and a friend could be play as a duo for what you're after (I can also organise a drummer if you want that full band sound). Take a listen to our music and let me know if you're interested:

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