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Due date
Tuesday, 5th Jun 2012
I will provide the following:

Review assignments 1 and 2. Read questions for the assignment 3.
Review your past business cases or select a new one.
Assignment 3 should be written as the report. Note you will be given questions same as for
assignment1 and 2 however here you will need to add:
- Report aims and objectives
- Introduction
- Question answers (this will mostly form a body of the report – note data will be split across
sections such as methodology – data analysis, results, discussion including suggestions and
recommendations and finally conclusion.)
- Within the conclusion of the assignment 3 you are also required to comment on your research

Questions to be answered.

1. Read questions (1-25) and identify aims and objectives of this report.
2. The Company. What the company does? Industry sector?
3. How many employees it has, the size, location?
4. Explain the way company deals with their customers, supplier and other business partners?
5. Based on the eTransformation stage of the company review company’s Strategy, Structure,
Tasks and Processes and IT Tools and Systems
6. Draw a diagram representing company’s current systems
7. Are systems interconnected?
8. At what stage of eTransformation the company is currently at (use the Road Map to indicate
this). Explain why.
9. Has company considered improvements or change?
10. What are company’s goals for the future? (Real Goals)
11. Review the guest lectures. How could your company benefit based on one of the ideas
presented within the guest lectures.
12. Review the Youtube videos. Identify to what extent data presented within the videos can be
suitable for the company you are analysing. What solutions do you think the company could
implement and why?
13. Based on the IBM slides (Smarter Planet) explain how some of the presented concepts can
enhance business operations of your company. See IBM’s Australian Website for more info.
14. Review Chris de Vaney’s slides and explain how and when presented concepts could be
implemented by the assessed company.
15. To improve and change, will tasks and business processes within the assessed company need
to be changed? If so, which ones?
16. How do you suggest a company deals with business process changes? What should managers
do? (be specific)
17. If change is made, what will happen with current employees? Will they need to be sent to
trainings, will some lose jobs, will new staff need to be recruited? Explain why?
18. If changes are made will nature of communication with customers, suppliers and business
partners need to change? Explain.
19. What would the company need to do in order to market their products or services better?
20. What improvements should the company make in each Dimension (Strategy, Structure, Tasks
and Processes and IT Tools and Systems). Explain Why. (Your Suggestions)
21. Draw a diagram representing company’s improved systems (Your Suggestion).
1 4
22. Why do you think that the selected solution (ie. See answer 21) is the most optimal for this
23. Describe your Assignment completion journey (Assignments 1, 2, 3).
 What you liked the most
 What you did not like
 What you learned through the 3 assignments
24. Concluding remarks
25. References

It's pretty straight forward need you to answer the following question based on my assignment 1 and 2. I am too lazy to do this but im sure there is someone interested in making some money writing words. I need this done by next Tuesday night 5th of JUNE. You have got 1 week to do it.
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pls bid in this task if you are still interested.
Hi there, wordsmith here. I can get this done fairly easily. Send me more details and we'll go from there.
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Emerging Trends for Information System. IT stuff. Anyone interested?
I'll be interested to help. What's the subject and question ?
Hi Cin. Sounds like something I could do. Which course is this for?
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