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Sunday, 27th Aug 2017
Hi there,

Sell 5 of my affirmation packs that are featured on my website.

They are affirmation audio packs that are $4.99 each.

Simply message me when it's done.
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Fully Allocated

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So you get $75 for the sales and the airtask worker who makes you this money gets $4? It seems like it was more fair when the job was to sell 5, not 15. Especially considering that it's not easy to sell an affirmation audio as they're are literally junk reds of them for free online.
Rae M.poster
Hi hi! I'm not sure where it said 5 but I've only had the ad as 15. This is my first time using air tasker, I thought this was a place to go to find people to help you get sales. I might email the team to find out terms and conditions - I'm a bit confused! Thanks for the comment!
Rae M.poster
But anyhow have changed, but no I wouldn't get $75 minus website fees and stripes fees and tax ;)
Hi there. I could help u!
HEY shalee,
Im ready to help you but can you tell what is to be done?
Rae M.poster
Get 15 sales for one of my affirmation packs 👆🏼 see ad description :)
Hi Shalee,
Happy to help but can you give more details please?
Rae M.poster
Sure, what details would you like?
The website address
what kind of affirmation pack is it?
Rae M.poster
Affirmation audio packs. The website is shaleemoschetti . Com. They are in the store section.
You have to assign task before providing the website info. Was it not 5 hits initially, now 15 hits?
Rae M.poster
Have updated ;) yes I when anyone applies I will assign them and message details.
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