Statement from either one or both of you if ok?Hi

Posted by Rebecca M.



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Wednesday, 9th May 2018
statement from when you assisted my move

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Hi I don't understand
And no one understands why you continue to post innapropriate and dirty tasks on this platform SEAN R, its the same people on here, hence no one is willing to touch any of your tasks.
This is not a chat forum you need help and this isn't the place for perverted people with fake tasks.
Thank you
Hi Rebecca, what do you mean by statement? A review?
Sorry Koray I didn’t make much sense. The neighbour has said when I removed items out of the frige in the garage I was just throwing it on the floor - throwing food on the floor.
Oh you mean a witness statement right?
Ok so can you click on the original task and it should have the tadkers contact details if they sent them via the app, maybe you can try this to contact them direct by phone?
Rebecca if this was through Airtasker and you require a tax invoice, go under payments open the task payment and download the statement with Airtasker abn and gst attached.
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