What is tiered pricing?

We believe in rewarding hard work. That’s why the more money you earn through Airtasker, the lower your service fee becomes. There are 4 tiers. Starting at Bronze, advancing to Silver, Gold, and ultimately Platinum.

bronze tasker tier

Bronze tier

15% service fee

Less than $500 in the last 30 days

silver tasker tier

Silver tier

12% service fee

$500+ in the last 30 days

gold tasker tier

Gold tier

11% service fee

$1000+ in the last 30 days

platinum tasker tier

Platinum tier

10% service fee

$1500+ in the last 30 days

How does the calculation work?

We calculate which tier you belong in based on how much you’ve earned over the last 30 days. Every time a Poster releases payment to you, the amount is added to your total and will last for the next 30 days. Your offer price will also be added to your total when you make an offer for a task. This may take you into the next tier. In this case, you’ll get that tier’s service fee for the task. This fee will then apply for the rest of that task, including any price increases and bonuses.

Want more information?

You can find the full details of the new pricing structure in this blog post, including FAQ’s. Please feel free to contact support if you have any feedback or suggestions.