Like a boss

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Being LIKE A BOSS is that sense of awesome empowerment that you feel right to your core when you truly succeed at something. Whether Airtasker helps you to use your time and skills to earn more or increase your flexibility and take back control. Anyone can be LIKE A BOSS.

Like a boss

Cynthia and Derek

Like a boss

Jake and Joeline


This is Derek.

Derek is so good he’s got a world record in furniture assembly.

Derek is saving for an engagement ring so he’s on Airtasker earning more on weekends. Tasks like Cynthia’s are perfect for him. He’s got a ute and he’s always keen on delivering stuff. Derek also finds assembly tasks a piece of cake.

He’s your typical knock around tradie type and loves a good laugh. He’s serious when he's getting stuff done but then totally ridiculous in his down time.
If it’s fun, he wants in.


This is Cynthia.

She takes ping pong very, very seriously.

Cynthia has attitude from her long gone competitive ping pong days. She does not mess around. When she needed to upgrade to the latest championship ping pong table, Cynthia knew her husband nor sons would be able to get it done in time for her to train for Saturday’s comp at the local hall. So Cynthia got Airtasker Derek to help deliver and assemble it.

Cynthia has never been more ready to take on the competition. Derek is the man. Of course she absolutely loves Derek.
She invited Derek to Saturday’s competition too.


This is Jake.

He’s all about the homies.

Jake lives at home with his folks. He’s got all the latest stuff because he’s living the ultimate dream, rent free. For Jake it’s all about hanging out with his boys. That’s why he’s created a man-cave in the basement that his parents gave him.

Today, Jake’s getting his entertainment centre hooked up. There are cables for the TV, Playstation, Xbox, sound system and wifi everywhere. It’s a mess and there are words in the instructional manual that he can’t even spell. So he decided to hop onto Airtasker. He’s had Airtasker Joeline, this rad geek chick come over and hook it all up without a hitch. But of course, if the boys ask, he did it himself.


This is Joeline.

She just gets tech - better than any of her mates.

She’s at uni, learning to be a programmer to make the next World of Warcraft. She’s determined and can hold her own but in a low-key offbeat kind of way. Joeline pulls apart laptops, upgrades the specs and puts them back together, just for fun.

Airtasker has helped her to find decent paying tasks that utilise her awesome tech skills. She’s turned up for this task for Jake, taken one look at his T-shirt and knows that this dude is going to be funny.
This is going to be an awesome afternoon.

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