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For many people, a trip to the dog groomer can be an anxiety-provoking experience. Some dogs don’t enjoy riding in the car or don’t interact well with other dogs in public. Some are nervous outside their regular home environment. For these pets, mobile grooming is the ideal solution.

With mobile dog grooming, the groomer comes to you, complete with equipment and grooming products. Your dog can be shampooed and trimmed right in your own house or in the groomer’s specialised van, so both you and your pup can relax. Mobile dog groomers can also perform other services you would expect at dog grooming salons, such as nail trims, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and coat conditioning.

Mobile dog grooming is ideal for busy households, such as parents of young children who can’t leave home to go to the groomer. It’s perfect for seniors too, as well as others who find it difficult to get out and about. Need your service dog groomed? A mobile groomer will show up at your door and take care of everything for you.

Check out the array of grooming services offered by these dog groomers, and make an appointment today. Dog groomers service Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and many other areas for your convenience.

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Top Mobile Dog Grooming related questions

How do I groom a dog?

Before anything else, purchase the right tools and supplies for your dog’s grooming routine. Brush your dog to remove deep-seated dirt, then bathe and dry them completely. Secure them to a grooming table and start cutting their fur, being careful to snip using the tips of your shears. For their nails, cut only until you see the quick. For easier, safer, and more thorough dog grooming, you can book a mobile dog groomer via Airtasker.

Can I sedate a dog for grooming?

While it is possible to sedate a dog before a grooming appointment, it is best to do this under the supervision of their vet. If you want to keep your dog calm before a visit to the groomer’s, take them for a walk, give them their favourite toy, or play with them. If none of these methods work or your groomer won’t accept them unless they are calm, ask your veterinarian about alternative calming methods for your pet.

Should I get a dog groomed while she’s in heat?

It’s not advisable to get your dog groomed while she’s in heat. Your dog may feel uncomfortable, and the groomer may find it too messy/unhygienic to groom her at that time. To keep your dog clean and safe while she’s in heat, you can bathe them instead. Just pay special attention to her mood swings and be careful when washing around her private parts.

How easy is it to groom your own dog?

Grooming your own dog is a skill that must be learned by both pet and pet owner. If you plan to groom your own dog to save money or keep them calm, you can book a mobile dog grooming service via Airtasker instead. Our platform matches you with rated and reviewed dog groomers who can do all the usual pet salon tasks in the comfort of your own home or their specialised van.  

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What do mobile dog grooming services include?

perks—with the additional benefits of not having to leave your home, and not having to make your dog anxious with car rides or other dogs. Since you won’t be crowded in a small place with other pet owners, you can even watch the whole grooming process comfortably!
Don’t feel anxious about leaving your furry friend alone in a strange place, either. Here’s what to expect when you book a mobile dog grooming appointment on Airtasker:
Bath and blow-dry: a mobile dog grooming essential

Your mobile dog groomer may start by giving your furry friend a proper brushing. This removes loose dirt and untangles fur. Afterwards, they bathe and blow-dry your pet. While you can certainly choose to give your dog a bath yourself, a mobile dog groomer can help you use this time for other errands or chores. You can ask them to use a particular kind of shampoo if your pet has allergies.
Haircuts for pups at a mobile dog grooming service

Once your pet is dry, the dog groomer trims their fur. This includes their face, ears, body, and legs. They can also cut the fur between your dog’s paw pads. If you feel that your dog needs a complete shave, the dog grooming service can do this, too. They use specialised shears, clippers, and blades.
Ear cleaning at a dog groomer near you

Ear cleaning is an important part of pet care. Your mobile dog groomer may apply a special ear cleaning solution and inspect the ears for signs of infection. Don’t forget to have your dog’s ears checked regularly!
Mobile dog grooming services: nail trimming

If you find it too hard to trim your dog’s nails, a mobile dog grooming service can help. They use a special nail clipper or nail grinder to cut your dog’s nails until the quick. The quick is usually a black dot for dogs with black nails or a pink area for dogs with white nails.
Anal sac draining at a mobile dog groomer

Your dog has anal sacs that need to be drained regularly. While this often happens without the need for human intervention, your pup may need some help. If you notice your dog scooting their butt along the ground, excessively licking their behind, having difficulty passing stool, or if they have bloody stools or discharge, they may need to have their anal sacs drained. Since this is a messy, smelly job, you might want your mobile dog groomer to help out.
Getting rid of mud, ticks, and fleas at a dog groomer near you

It’s inevitable—sometimes, your dog gets very dirty. While this is part of being a dog owner, you won’t always have the time nor energy to remove mud, ticks, and fleas from your furry friend. When you book a mobile dog groomer via Airtasker, you’ll get an expert who can restore your pet to their clean, healthy, adorable self.