Sit back with door-to-door delivery

Get local eBay items you've bought picked up and delivered straight to you!

How it works


Sign up to post your task online and let people know what you need help with.


Check back for offers and look out for great profiles, Reviews and Badges - then pick!


Sort out the details and get your items picked up and delivered!

What is Airtasker?

Airtasker is where people who want work done can find people who want to work - we're a community marketplace built on trust. You want your furniture assembled, your house cleaned or a logo designed? Airtasker is the place to turn to.

Tell us what you need done by posting a task and you’ll receive offers from Taskers. Then simply choose your person for the task by checking out their offer, profile and asking any questions you might need answered.

Once you accept an offer, the payment is securely held with Airtasker Pay and you only release it to the Tasker when the task is complete.

What are eBay delivery help tasks?

When buying items on eBay, you often have the option to go pick it up in person - but sometimes that’s just not possible!

That’s where eBay delivery tasks step in - they’re a great way of getting someone to locally go and pick up that item on your behalf and deliver it straight to your door simply and easily. Please note, this is only for local items, not inter-state.

How can I take part?

Just sign up to Airtasker and post your task up for people to make offers on!

What’s the best way to get eBay delivery tasks done?

Make sure you mention both when you need the delivery picked up and dropped off (and the suburbs for both) in the task description. Then use the comments section in the task to chat with your potential Taskers and answer any questions they may have before you accept someone’s offer.

How do I pick the best Tasker to help me?

Once you start getting offers, keep an eye out for Airtaskers with good Reviews, high Completion Rates and Badges like Digital ID, CommBank Identified and Police Check. These are good indications of great Airtaskers!

When do I pay the Tasker?

Once you accept an offer from a Tasker, you’ll be asked to make the payment using Airtasker Pay. This will securely hold the payment for the Tasker until the task is done and you select the button “release payment”.

What happens if I have a problem on an eBay delivery task?

eBay delivery tasks are pretty much like any other delivery task on Airtasker. Make sure you mention all the details upfront before you accept an offer and keep up to date with the Tasker on what’s happening. Chat to them, be friendly and get to know them - it helps!

If you do come across a challenging situation, then please check out the following help centre article on how to move forward.

Article: What should I do if things don't go to plan