We turned 1 – here’s a big hug.

By Airtasker

Published: February 28th, 2013

Today Airtasker is turning 1 and although it sounds like a cheesy cliche, in this case it’s more than fair "We turned 1 – here’s a big hug."

Today Airtasker is turning 1 and although it sounds like a cheesy cliche, in this case it’s more than fair to say “it’s all thanks to you” – the folk who have discovered,  established and shaped the Airtasker community.  Now here’s a big (non-scary) hug from us!


When we launched the Airtasker platform in early 2012, it was a pretty quiet place.  We started with around 50 available Airtaskers and the email addresses of our mates and since then, we’ve seen more and more people getting smart about how they share their time, skills and money to get their tasks completed.  Our little collaborative village is now populated with over 43,000 people who have outsourced more than $600,000 worth of tasks to awesome, helpful people.  We’ve seen smart people use Airtasker to get tasks done like we never thought possible and on the flip side, our community of Airtaskers has truly embraced the concept of micro-entrepreneurialism to earn good money and take control of their working lives.

We’ll never forget some of the epic tasks that were completed, like the guy who asked someone to pretend to be his girlfriend and to make him a sandwich, the folk who got someone to dress up in a bear suit and walk around the city or the company that used Airtasker to get the first iPhone 5 in the world (yes, the world!).

But amongst all of the quirky tasks we’ve seen posted, we’re really stoked to see real-world tasks being completed everyday – from (lots of) IKEA furniture assembly, housework, deliveries and computer help to smart businesses using Airtaskers to find awesome promotional staff, complete mystery shops or conduct field research.  Cheers to our super reliable team of Airtaskers (who managed a record response time of as little as 6.3 seconds!) – you guys rock, hard…

So from here, we can’t wait to see what happens in the next year of Airtasker collaborative consumption history.  Now, back to work!

Cheers from Tim, Jono, Farina, Leonard, Chris, Ed and all of the Airtasker Team

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