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How to declutter your home before moving

By Kirstine Pedersen

Updated: May 17th, 2021

Read this guide and you'll find the whole moving process will be faster, easier, and cheaper.

Let’s face it, not many of us are great with minimalism. Clutter seems to be attracted to us, and hoarding is more common than you may think.  That’s why moving house is the perfect time for a household purge. It forces you to go through all your possessions with a fine tooth comb. You also have the big moving day deadline to work towards.

Keeping only the things you love and getting rid of things you no longer need helps create a more streamlined life. It creates a home where you can find things more easily. You’ll also save time spent on constantly tidying up piles of accumulated belongings.

An added bonus of decluttering your home right before you move is having fewer items to pack and transport. You’ll find the whole moving process will be faster, easier, and cheaper.

Keep, sell, throw

There are many tactics for a successful home purge.   Some decluttering experts advocate the Four Box Method. This is where you go through each room in your home, armed with separate boxes. One box is for things you want to keep, one for items to sell or give to charity, one for things to chuck, and one for things you’re still undecided about.

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Others are devotees of the Japanese KonMari method, where you pick up each item you own and decide to keep it only if it “sparks joy” or if it is useful.

There’s even “Swedish death cleaning”, a new decluttering technique where you downsize your belongings in recognition of the stark fact that one day, you won’t be able to take anything with you, and that your junk may just be a burden for your loved ones.  But hey, if that’s too much for you, you might prefer to stick with the Four Box Method.

Whichever method you use, most decluttering experts advise tackling one room at a time, rather than attempting to declutter your whole house in one go. Give yourself enough time to ensure you don’t become overwhelmed with the magnitude of the job.  If you’re moving soon and want to get it all done quickly, consider looking for local cleaners in London to help with the decluttering process.

 Experts advise tackling only one room at a time, rather than attempting to declutter your whole house in one go.

Ask a friend for help

More often than not, hoarding is caused by our psychological attachment to objects. Sometimes what you really need is an objective person to help you with the task of discerning trash from treasure. That’s where hiring someone who offers a cleaning service in London and can help declutter makes things easier.

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Your helper can undertake all kinds of decluttering tasks, like organising your DVD and CD libraries, rearranging your cupboards or reorganising your closet. You could also ask them to make trips to dispose of junk, or drop off old clothes to your local charity shop.

Once your home is tidy and organised after the decluttering session, you’ll find packing up for your move so much easier.

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