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7 simple home gardening hacks

By Airtasker

Updated: July 14th, 2023

If you're keen to simplify your gardening routine, here are some great home gardening hacks.

Let’s face it, gardening isn’t always something we look forward to doing. Maintaining your garden can often feel like a chore. It can cause cuts and scratches,  make your fingernails dirty, and result in your whole body aching the next day.

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If you’re keen to simplify your gardening routine, here are some great home gardening hacks that won’t break your back:

Vertical garden

Sure, you could build a custom vertical planter out of pallets as a fun DIY project. But why not just get a shoe organiser and make it easy on yourself?


Keep bugs and slugs at bay by creating a solution of flat beer mixed with salt and spraying it around your garden.

beer can slug repellant
Source: Buzzfeed

Keep it fresh

Make sure your plants look fantastic all year round by planting flowers still in their pots. This means you can also easily colour coordinate for a season or easily replace one if it dies.


Use a milk bottle as a watering can by poking holes in the top and filling with water. You can easily adjust the water levels based on your preferences. A milk bottle can also be cut to make a shovel for dirt with filling pots etc.

milk bottle gardening hack
Source: Buzzfeed

Effective replanting

If you need to repot or move plants, soak the root ball and new soil so they remain moist and won’t crumble apart.

Replanting can be a lot of work, so it may be a good idea to get some additional gardening help.

Natural fertiliser

Pour any left over rice water over your garden for a chemical-free way to provide nutrients to your plants.

Rice on table next to bowl

Source: Health and Healthy Living

DIY irrigation

Making your own irrigation system is not as hard as you may think. All you need is a few water bottles dug next to a plant which you’ve cut holes into, and fill with water when required.

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