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5 ways busy parents are using Airtasker

By Luke Sillett

Updated: October 26th, 2021

Because the little people in your life are cute but not so good with DIY

Kids are great and all, but let’s face it – they take up quite a bit of your time/space/attention/hours-of-your-once-regular-sleep-cycle.

And because of that, we see parents using Airtasker in all sorts of creative ways to buy back a little of their precious time.

We challenged a few popular parent bloggers to see how they’re using Airtasker!

1. The Unfinished Task

Even with the best of intentions, some projects are difficult to execute when you’ve got mini-people running around everywhere. Stuart’s a coffee-fuelled Dad who knows all about it – so used Airtasker to help sort out his mountain of potentially-useful materials in the shed. Unfinished business, sorted.

2. The Last Minute Party

Between the day-to-day mayhem of raising three children, Anthea wanted to throw her kids a party for their friends to all get to know each other. But parties take time to plan! Busy Mums like Anthea are using Airtasker creatively, even for partying planning help and a little assistance on the day!


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TIME FOR A PARTY… • These two have started Reception and first year of juniors this month. Lots of big changes and new friends to make. We decided it would be a great idea to invite their classmates over for a new term party; break the ice and help the kids get to know each other a bit better. • Now being a busy mum of three doesn’t leave a lot of time for party planning but recently I came across Airtasker. It’s an online trusted community marketplace where you can outsource anything you need a little helping hand with; such a good idea! Here’s how it works… • 1. Post your job on (or using the app) 2. Receive offers from people 3. Select the person you think is best suited for your job: simple! (All members have been verified.) • I’ve found someone to help me party plan, set up on the day and be an extra helping hand with collecting and organising everything we’ll need. That’s a mum win! • If you have something you’re desperate to get off your ‘to do’ list why not consider some Airtasker help?

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3. A Lack of Time

A huge reason people turn to Airtasker is down to a lack of time, skill or will for sorting the tasks themselves. Things like hanging pictures, putting up shelves and re-organising rooms in the house are popular tasks we see plenty of.


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U n f i n i s h e d • I dont know about you, but I have a list as long as my arm of things that need to be finished in my new home. My husband is very handy at DIY but works long hours – and let’s just say that I’m pretty much the opposite (I get confused building Kinder Egg toys – it just isn’t my life skill ?) This bit of wall in our kitchen, for example, is crying out for the framed prints I need to hang on it, but it’s a job we haven’t managed in 9 months of living here. So thank goodness for @airtaskeruk for getting jobs done when we dont have time for them. Book your job, let a professional do the hard work, and enjoy the results… It’s as simple as that ??

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4. The Fear of Flat Pack

Got an aversion to flat pack? You’re not alone, with over 33% of people admitting they’re not comfortable doing it themselves. Couple that with a few screaming toddlers and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. Mums like Louise are turning to Airtasker for help with their flat pack regularly – it’s one of our most popular types of task.

5. The Big Project

Calling in the calvary whilst working around your already-busy schedule can be challenging, but sometimes it’s a must. Even if you’re taking on a lot of the renovation yourself – Airtasker can be a great way to outsource various elements of a wider project. We’ve got people with the skills on the platform to complete any type of job, just try us!


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Omg, BEFORE & AFTER of my living room. I finally have a functioning living room, Romeo & I have literally spent the whole weekend cosying up while it was raining outside, any better way to start Autumn ?? THINK NOT ! So being a single mom & no longer having a partner to give me a hand around the flat with tasks and putting up new furniture & other stuff can be really frustrating. You know when you envisioned something in your head and its not happening because you cant get round to assembling or mounting, ARGHHH. Thankfully I recently found this app called @airtaskeruk which has literally been a life saver AM NOT GOING TO LIE. The app basically is for people to place ads for tasks, unfinished jobs around the house that need to be tackled asap. All I did was download the app, put up the advert for what i wanted & literally in seconds i had replies from local handy men. Deffo worth giving a shot if you are stuck with unfinished jobs. Is there anything you have around the house you want done ?

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Check out a list of our current tasks for more inspiration on how others are using Airtasker.


Luke Sillett

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