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10 packing hacks you need to know when moving

By Maha

Updated: May 17th, 2021

Making packing less painful, one hack at a time...

Moving house? Congratulations!

Time to pack up your whole life into a few boxes and cart over to your new place.

Deep breaths.

Now, packing and unpacking your home doesn’t need to be a totally painful process. Hopefully, with the trusty combo of a man with a van (or 2?) and our 10 handy packing hacks, you’ll be all set:

Prepare a ‘first week’ bag

Save yourself precious time by packing a separate bag of essentials that you’ll need for the first week at your new place.

Some say you’ll just need this for the first day but, let’s face it, you won’t get around to much unpacking in the first week.

Wrap cling film over drawers

Why go through the hassle of removing every single item from your drawers and then replacing it when you’re at your new place?

Simply plastic wrap (tightly) any chests of drawers and move them as is. There are plenty of skilled removalists in London that can help with the lugging part.

Cut triangles to create handles in boxes

There’s nothing more satisfying than a row of freshly packed cardboard boxes. Now, how to get them from A to B?

Sure, you could get moving help. But you’ll make their (and your) life easier by cutting little triangles into the side panels of the cardboard boxes so they’re easier to carry.

Store jewellery in egg cartons

Jewellery lovers, you can’t deny that they’re pesky pieces to move. Necklaces get tangled and pairs of earrings get cruelly torn apart. Avoid this by using an old egg carton to store your jewellery into the little compartments within.

Once full, secure tight with trusty cling film.

Roll over heavier items in wheeled suitcases

Attention, bookworms. There’s an easy way to cart your favourite tomes to your new place. Store weighty items like books into wheeled suitcases to avoid lugging around painfully heavy boxes.

Why throw out your back if you don’t absolutely need to?

Take hanging clothes in garbage bags

If you’ve finally got your closet to a semi-organised stage, it’s heartbreaking to have to fold up all your clothing to unpack and sort again at the other end.

Why not just scoop all the hanging clothes up in their hangers to carry over? Cover with garbage bags to avoid dust and damage along the way.

Colour code labels on boxes

Yep, it’s not enough to just label your packed items. Colour coding will mean you can easily spot what needs to go where.

Make sure your movers know the key so everything is put into the right place.

Store small items in sandwich bags

Does anyone actually use those very handy Ziplock bags for sandwiches? Get a stash for packing small items such as nails and makeup together. You know, the things that always manage to go astray.

Use linens to wrap fragile items

Make your blankets and towels work a little harder by using them to wrap up any fragile objects such as crockery and paintings.

Pad your glasses with clean socks

You can finally find some use for your thousands of stray socks with missing pairs. Just try and make sure they’re clean.

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