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Top tasks of 2017

By Katie

Updated: April 5th, 2018

What a year it's been - so let's take a look at the best tasks of 2017!

With thousands of tasks posted every day on Airtasker, we get to see some truly wonderful tasks that amaze us and bring a smile to our faces. So we thought we’d share a couple of our favourites from 2017.


Host Breakfast Radio

Who hasn’t wanted to be on the radio before, right? Well, Hit107 in Adelaide gave one lucky person the opportunity to do just that!

Host Hit107 Breakfast show

Amos, Cat and Angus are asking you to host the Hit 107 breakfast show from 8:45am – 9am

You will be required to bring your own content to air to Adelaide

This will be a phone topic or personal story from your life

Yes this is 100% legit

Price: $50

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Proposal photos

We see a lot of tasks asking for help with proposals but we really love this task to secretly capture this engagement.

Take Discreet Photographs of Proposal

I am proposing this Saturday 21 January at the park area not far from Lady Macquarie’s Chair and want a photographer to capture the moment and some photos of us afterwards.

Photographer must have professional experience/equipment and ability to be discreet

Date: 21 January 2016
Time: 11am-12pm
Location: Park area next to Victoria Lodge (near Mrs Macquarie’s Chair) – check Google Maps for specific location

To note: Budget includes cost of travel to site/parking

Price: $95

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It’s the month of love and we saw all kinds of special Valentine’s Day tasks but here are a few that take it to the next level!

Blind date for Valentine’s Day

A never seen before way to use Airtasker for V-Day!

Go on a Valentine’s Day blind date

Looking for an eligible bachelor to accompany my single, pretty friend on a Valentine’s Day blind lunch date.

It will be a 1hr date in Manly, starting at 4pm on Feb 14.

The date will involve a nice stroll down the Manly foreshore, lunch and a few other cute surprises which will be fully paid for on top of the task price (full details will be revealed privately so I don’t ruin the surprise for her!)

Ideal man will be in his late 20s- mid 30s, be able to hold an interesting conversation, have a sense of humour and should be a gentleman- I don’t want no scrub.

Send me a bio and a pic!

Price: $150

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Chicken nugget delivery

There must be something about chicken nuggets and we saw a lot of nuggets being delivered this Valentine’s Day.

Deliver Chicken Nugget Bouquet Tomorrow

I want to send my husband a Chicken Nugget Bouquet for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. You would need to pick up the bouquet from Upper Coomera and deliver to Nerang, for delivery preferably around lunchtime.

Price: $30

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Deliver a single chicken nugget to my Fiance

I’m currently away from Melbourne and need to have something delivered to my Fiance for Valentines day. He’s on a diet and doing Feb Fast, so the gift ideas are limited. So I want to have one maccas chicken nugget (his fave) delivered to his workplace with a message on top of the box.

There is a Maccas opposite his work on Nepean Highway, so all super close and should take about 5 -10 minutes.

Price: $30

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Tell me a joke

Possibly the simplest task we’ve seen… Chicken joke anyone?!

Tell me a joke!

Post a joke in the comments section, I’ll assign the task to the joke that makes me laugh the most!

1. One joke per person, so post your best one!
2. If I’ve heard the joke before you won’t win even if it’s hysterical
3. No racist/sexist/homophobic etc jokes
4. No memes or pictures
5. I’ll assign the task to the winner at 6pm (approx) tonight

Price: $10

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Mardi Gras photos

We always see fantastic photos for help on Mardi Gras, from make up to help create floats.


We have a Mardi Gras Float celebrating George Michael with 8 tonne truck and 100 dancers.

We need 1 X Photographer between 5.30pm and 9pm Saturday 4 March to shoot our float (getting ready in holding bay and walking with us up Oxford Street at 8pm)

You will be provided with a entry wristband to access float area. You will need your own equipment (hopefully a nice SLR that can also handle the dusk / night time).

We don’t need editing. Just raw files provided at end of night or on Sunday/Monday.

This will be an awesome experience!!

Price: $100

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Throw a cake our a window

Cake delivery is pretty popular but delivery by throwing it back through a window is a bit different. See the video below of how it worked out!

Throw a cake through a window


A few months ago we had a prank we’re we threw a cake out the window. We’d like to do the reverse for the birthday of the man who did it.

What we need:

We need someone to rock up with a ladder that can reach the second floor of our building. And throw a cake (which we’ll supply) through the window at the right time.


After lunch on the 3rd of March.

Price: $50

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Help procrastinator study

Ah yes procrastination, something we’re all good at – but Lanie has the right idea!

Help serial procrastinator study in library.


I have an assignment due soon, but I have self-management issues so I need someone to basically ‘mind me’ while I study for an hour this week. It will have to be at either Leichhardt Library (first preference) or Warringah Mall Library in Sydney. If it works, I might do it regularly.

All you have to do is sit there and yell at me if I stop studying. Please leave a message to let me know why you are the best candidate for the job.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Price: $15

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Sing Happy Birthday in a Gorilla Suit

Now, this is how to make a special someone’s birthday one to remember!

Sing Happy Birthday in a Gorilla Suit FRIDAY

I need someone to come to our house in Glebe on Friday (21st) to be a singing telegram.
Ideally you will have a gorilla suit (or some other full costume), knock on our door between 3pm and 8pm, sing happy birthday obnoxiously, give the birthday boy a hug and dance out the door.

– It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.
– There will be between 5 and 10 people at the house.
– Only offer if you are able to do these times, feel confident to be outlandish, dance and have fun with it too 🙂
– If you happen to have any other speciality you’d like to show off, just let me know.

Happy to answer any questions.

Price: $100

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Pizza poem

Because what is pizza without a pizza poem…

Write a poem about Pizza

I want a keepsake / an ode to Pizza. Write a poem or a short story about Pizza and how great it is. It can be in any format.
Try to capture the great essence of pizzas, and its glorious existence.

Price: $40

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Pokemon Go

When you’ve just go to catch em all

Find me Pokemon

I need help for my son to find mewtwo, Blastoise, Snorelax and Garadose.

Price: $75

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Breakfast chef

Move over breakfast in bed, a personal breakfast chef is the way to go for Mother’s Day.

Breakfast Chef

Looking for someone to cook a mother’s day breakfast, some catering, cooking or chef experience required

Suggest menu
Simple Clean
Approx 3 hours

Sunday meal served 10:30am

Price: $105

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Drone stuck in tree

It’s a step up from a good old frisbee and slightly more expensive, so we aren’t surprised people need help when they get stuck in trees.

Drone retrieval from a tree in moore park

Drone is stuck in a tree just next to the driving range carpark. Quite high up and not really climbable. Need to bring a long pole of sorts. Telescopic painters pole or polesaw perhaps.or the tallest painters ladder you can find.

Price: $200

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Mystery guests at wedding

Just like Wedding Crashers, this could win for the most fun task of 2017!

Attend our wedding as mystery guests

So we’re getting married november 18th in Manly. We would like a guy and a girl to come and blend into the crowd as best you can. Make up amazing stories about how you know the bride and groom with guests to try and figure out who are the mystery randoms. Free drinks food and party vibes!!

Update: I have no idea how to use airtasker and this thing expired before i could get on top of all the responses!

Update 2: This will definitely be going ahead however will repost the task around October closer to the date. Thankyou for your responses!

Price: $150

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Hula hoop teacher

There are always tasks tasking for people to teach new languages or instruments but this is one of the most out-there teaching tasks!

Hula Hooping teacher

I’ve been trying to learn to hula hoop recently, but finding it hard to learn through youtube tutorials.

I can hula hoop normally, i just want to learn some tricks

Don’t exactly know what the normal rate for something like this is, plus I’m a broke *** so I’m thinking like $20 for one hour every week.

Preferably someone who lives close to me (Leichhardt)

Price: $20

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Serenade my friend with an accordion

Gone are the days of a guitar, this is a true serenade!

Serenade my unsuspecting friend with an accordion

Step up to the plate and serenade my best friend in my place. For 5 minutes.

It’s my best friends birthday and I live Interstate. I’m worried she thinks I’m flying in to surprise her. I’m really not. Need your help to surprise her instead. BYO accordion or mariatchi band and serenade my friends awkwardly. P.s Costumes required.

When: 30/[Content Moderated] 8:45pm
Where: [Content Moderated]
How long? 5 minutes
How much? $50

Price: $50

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Reggae Style Musicians

Musicians for weddings, birthdays and all other types of life events are posted, but we are seeing lots of different types including steel drum performers.

Looking for Caribbean / Reggae Style Musicians.

Hi there,

I’m currently looking for a soloist / duo / band to come into a Sydney office this Friday (7 June 2017) to do a short / casual performance for the workplace.

We are after anyone who knows the steel drum / bongo but open to different kinds of Jamaican-Inspired performances.


Price: $50

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Birth Photography

Photography is one of the most popular posted tasks but it’s not often you see birth photography.

Birth Photography – Labour at the Mercy Hospital

Quite a personal experience so I appreciate this may not be for everyone but I’m hoping to find a Photographer or Amateur Photographer with decent experience to capture the birth of our first baby.

The baby is due on the 24th of July but dates & time will be unpredictable, I guess you’ll kind of be on stand-by and then we’ll just have to hope you can make it on time to capture the moments leading up to & just after birth.

Edits won’t be necessary but the expectation would be for high quality digital reel on photos to be provided post the birth, capturing Mum, Dad and Bubs in the beautiful & raw moments surrounding the birth.

Price: $300

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Surfboard Painting

For designers and illustrations, this is one of the most interesting large-scale tasks.

Surfboard Painting

Looking for someone to do some colourful art on the bottom of a white surfboard.
Spray paint or Posca pen markers.
Just need some colour as the board is all too white and plain.

Price: $50

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Build Jamaican Bobsled

Build Jamaican Bobsled

I am from NSW and have a pub crawl in Cairns in early September. Our team costume is the Jamaican bobsled team from Cool Runnings. We have the outfits however would like to take it one step further by building the actual bobsled. Unfortunately while I would love to build this, the logistics of getting it from Sydney to QLD for the trip would be a nightmare, so I was hoping someone creative with some spare time would like to take on the project for me up in Cairns.

I have a photo of what we are after. It is very basic. Two planks of wood, 3 colour paints, rope, blocks of wood and nails for attachments, and maybe a little speaker holder if possible so that our sled can have a some music.

Ideally fits 6 people although will happily settle for 4.

Price: $190

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Wedding Flash Mob

People are always posting tasks to help take their special day to the next level, and this Gold Coast couple definitely did just that!

Wedding Flash Mob Gold Coast

Hi there!

I am in need of a small team of people to participate in a Flash Mob (6-25). If you are a dancer or choreographer, would like to come up with a dance and know people who could participate – I’d love to hear from you!!! The location is a theme park on the Gold Coast, and is an amazing opportunity for publicity and future work. It will be filmed by videographers and made available to you after if you so desire (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). The date is Saturday the 2nd September, at approx 8pm.
I’m willing to pay $400, but can negotiate depending on what you have in mind.
Please note that I am a former dancer, and have not organised this already myself due to work constraints. I am able to attend any rehearsals, and provide input into song/moves if you’d like a starting point. Only serious offers please, this is a Wedding and very important day. Feel free to pass along to any friends you think may be interested.

Price: $400

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Bagpipe players

Bagpipe players required

2-3 bagpipers required for private event on November 19 for 30mins in Sydney at 4pm

Price: $50

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David Attenborough impression

Accents and voice over tasks are really common but this David Attenborough task takes the cake!

David Attenborough impression

Can anyone do a David Attenborough impression that could be recorded, even just on your phone?
Only a few lines and would really help with an assignment I’m doing.

Price: $15

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Cook 3 loaves of French toast

Yum! The tastiest task goes to…

Cook 3 loaves of French toast at my house

I need a competent cook to spend 3 hours at my house cooking 3 loaves of French toast at my house. There are approximately 16 slices in a loaf. I will supply the bread and all other ingredients and make the batter. You will need to coat the bread in the batter and fry it. The french toast must not be burnt and the egg should be cooked properly. This will probably become a monthly regular job. The day and time can be agreed to suit both myself and availability of the assigned airtasker person

Price: $85

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Set up our wedding!

Weddings are a busy and stressful time and sometimes things get forgotten, lucky for Airtasker to help make the day of your dreams come true!

Set up our wedding!

We are looking for two people to set up our ceremony and reception.
You will be working with an event manager to help delegate tasks

Tasks include:
– picking up bags of ice and walking them over to our wedding ceremony (3 minute walk)
– unpacking alcohol and putting in esky
– setting up glasses, napkins, fruit etc
– setting out cutlery for each setting (80 settings)
– putting out doughnuts
– put out place cards

Preferably one female and one male

Ceremony location is Gibson Beach Reserve in Vaucluse
Reception location is Watsons Bay Hotel
Uniform: white t-shirt and denim shorts and sneakers any colour that’s comfy

You will be working outdoors and then indoors so wear a hat if need be

Time required: 1:30pm sharp to 6pm

Parking only available on the street, this will not be covered in the payment.

Price: $150

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Sing Happy Birthday at a restaurant

Anyone can sing Happy Birthday right?

Someone to sing happy birthday at a restaurant

I need to surprise my friend with a rendition of Happy Birthday at Chin Chin restaurant in Sydney this Saturday at 6.45pm. The address is 69 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010. You only need to sing the one song.

Price: $400

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Make a Unicorn costume

Ah, Halloween, there are always new and amazing ideas that we see posted every Halloween (check out our collection of Halloween costume tasks), but we love this one.

Make me a Unicorn costume for halloween

Drawing inspiration from this DIY article (it won’t let me post the link, please see “Turn a hoodie into a unicorn costume” article on [Content Moderated] from Oct 18th)

I’m looking for someone to buy the materials and follow the instructions there.

I am a medium size man, so a white hoodie or something might work best. If it matters, I’m going to a party with startups and am playing on the industry term of “unicorn” as a successful startup company

I would like to have the costume dropped off at my office by 5:00, and I’d like to have you send me some pictures of your progress to make sure it is coming out well.

Price: $90

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Scare people for Halloween

Need to take your Halloween party to the next level – here’s one way…

Scare people for Halloween party

We are looking for 2 workers to dress up and scare people as they arrive to our halloween party. (best job ever, i know). The date is 10/11/17, and the shift will be from 8:30-10pm roughly.
You will have to bring your own costume. Please send pictures of what you plan to wear!
Make sure you have a great personality and ready to have a good time and a laugh!!!

The two people must know each other for a better vibe!

Price: $80

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Queuing in line for a concert

Queuing in line for a concert

To stand in the front of the line for the Harry styles concert for 6 hours on the 30th of November in Melbourne’s forum theatre

Price: $65

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Create white paper snowflakes

People were getting ready for the Christmas season early this year.

Create white paper snow flakes

I need 500 white paper snow flakes made
For an Xmas display

Happy for you to use your own imagination, need at least 3 diff designs, can be assorted sizes.

Have included a picture of what we hope to achieve

Will cover costs of paper

Price: $76

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Need 2 people to wear a costume

We loved this task, mostly because Airtasker CTO, Paul Keen, fulfilled his task dream! See task photos below.

Fun job! Need 2 people to wear a costume for 30min

We need two people on December 8 at 9:50 am on ICC Sydney.

Simple task. Just wear a stormtrooper costume (provided by us) for 30 mins. Just a little bit of walk and just stand up for around 20 mins and some photos.


Price: $40

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Fun job! Need 2 people to wear a costume for 30min

We need two people on December 8 at 9:50 am on ICC Sydney.

Simple task. Just wear a stormtrooper costume (provided by us) for 30 mins. Just a little bit of walk and just stand up for around 20 mins and some photos.


Price: $40

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Alpaca shearer

Pet grooming is a pretty common task… but this is a little different!

Alpaca shearer

We have one alpaca that needs shearing prior to Xmas in the Ballan area.

Price: $100

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Charlee Chaplin character

Needing to add extra flair to the Christmas party – Airtasker is the perfect way!

Charlee Chaplin character

Charlee Chaplin character/entertainer to greet guests an mingle in character through out corporate Christmas party $30 p/h Fri Dec 1st Wooloongaba

Price: $120

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Make a Chewbecca Costume

Or if you need a costume for an end of year party… you know what to do!

Make a Chewbecca Costume for Adult

I need a Chewbecca costume made from scratch for an Adult. Needs to be done within the next two weeks. You will need to source material.

Price: $200

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I've loved interior design for as long as I can remember and I'm currently about to renovate my first home. So as well as being the Content Lead at Airtasker, I'm also on the lookout for the latest design trends, backyard ideas and anything to do around the home. I'm also trying to use low-tox cleaning methods and work towards being more plastic-free!

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  1. John

    Interesting to read about these tasks, but such a shame so many expired before they could be actioned.
    I have suggested in the past that the task poster should be given the opportunity to increase the task duration instead of it suddenly expiring in the middle of discussions. Could this be considered by the Airtasker team?

  2. luke

    This is amazing. My favourites were the drone stuck in a tree and the search for Pokemon where the parents wants you to think it’s all for their kid. Sure!