Christmas to-do list for this weekend

It’s December and that means one thingĀ ?????? That’s right it’s 25 days until Christmas, which children will be overjoyed about "Christmas to-do list for this weekend"

Christmas to-do list for this weekend

It’s December and that means one thingĀ ?????? That’s right it’s 25 days until Christmas, which children will be overjoyed about but as an adult, December might be an extremely busy time of year. We’d like to help you get as prepared as possible for the silly season, so we’ve put together your Christmas to-do list for this weekend.

If you (or an Airtasker) can knock off these ten things, it could be your favourite Christmas yet!

1. Pick up Christmas tree

It would be hard to Christmasfy your home if you didn’t have a Christmas tree, however, getting a real tree home could be a logistical nightmare if you have a small car, or perhaps don’t have one at all.


2. Get decorations ready

Now that you have the tree it’s time to pull those decorations out of the storage cupboard and start to put them all around the home. Don’t forget to give them a bit of a clean too.

See how others are getting help with Christmas tasks on Airtasker.

3. Write present list

Overhead view of a group of wrapped Christmas presents. Horizontal format filling the frame.
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One of the best ways to be organised this Christmas, and also keep your financials in check, is to write a list of all the presents that you need to buy. This should include family, friends and Kris Kringle gifts. It’s also wise to pick up a few emergency presents such as wine, champagne and small gift packs. These will be extremely handy for any host gifts, birthdays that pop up or if you’ve accidentally forgotten someone off your list.

4. Kris Kringle gifts

Buy a present for under $15 they say… We don’t think we’re alone in saying that it’s not easy to find a ‘cool’ present under $15 these days. But if there’s one piece of advice here, it’s not to leave it as a last minute item to pick up. Have a look as you start your Christmas shopping this weekend and if you see something, just grab it. You can always use it as a stocking filler if it doesn’t get gifted.

5. Write Christmas cards

Cards aren’t so much of the norm these days but if you’re one who sticks to traditional letter writing for Christmas well wishes you better get your skates on. If you don’t have the time to write them, you could always quickly type all of your letters into a word document and post a writing task on Airtasker to free up some time for you.

6. Plan menus

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Maybe not a top item on your Christmas to-do but if you’re hosting a Christmas party or perhaps attending one where you need to bring a dish, you should start to plan out what you need. Knowing what you need in advance means you can pick up all your non-perishables now and then all you have to do is pick up the fresh things the day or so before.

7. Order food

This is especially important if you’re the one hosting Christmas this year. If you’re cooking a ham, chicken or preparing seafood you should order these this weekend from your local supplier. That way you’ll get excellent quality and it will all be organised, rather than a last minute run around.

8. Buy wrapping paper

You might not have the presents just yet but you should buy wrapping paper so that as you purchase gifts you’re able to wrap them. This means you won’t face a marathon Christmas present wrapping session on the final nights before Christmas day.

Don’t forget the ribbon!

9. Baking

Source: Taste

If you like to make Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses or rum balls this is the perfect weekend to do it. By making them well in advance you could gifts them to colleagues, clients and friends and save money on presents.

10. Christmas music

Ok, this might not be essential on the Christmas to-do list but now that it’s a reasonable time to start singing along to Christmas tunes, put a playlist together of your Christmas faves. Think Michael Buble, Rod Stewart and Mariah Carey.

Christmas Tasks On Airtasker

It’s a busy time of year with Christmas parties, family gatherings and a lot of shopping. Every year we see "Christmas Tasks On Airtasker"

Christmas Tasks On Airtasker

It’s a busy time of year with Christmas parties, family gatherings and a lot of shopping. Every year we see more and more people posting tasks on Airtasker to help with gift delivery, food shopping and even Santa requests.

Here’s how others are getting help this Christmas:

Office Christmas Party

Take your office Christmas party to the next level with the help of a few Airtaskers. From bar staff and photographers, to elf ushers and makeup artists, get creative and let an Airtasker take care of the rest.

4 x bar staff for Christmas party

We require: 4 x bar staff ( 2 x cocktail staff, 2 x wine staff)
You must have experience and be able to make two types of cocktails mojito and a martini (both have pre-mixes to take pressure off the labour)

We will also be required to pour wine/champagne/etc

The pay will be cash $20/hour
Hours: approx 2 – 3hours (you are welcome to join the party after)
Date of Event from approx 5pm: 16th of December 2016
Location: Fishburners offices, Sydney

You MUST have a FUN, positive attitude!

The Christmas party will be held at our offices (we have an awesome event space) Fishburners is Sydney's largest tech startup space and we have some amazing up and coming tech startup's within our walls!

After your shift you are welcome to join in with the fun .. our Christmas parties are legendary!

Price: $20

View on Airtasker



Drop Off Christmas Tree

Not all of us have a car let alone one big enough to fix a Christmas tree to but an Airtasker can pick one up for you and even make sure it’s standing up straight in your home.


Santa Needed

You cannot have a holly jolly Christmas without the big man himself. Whether you’re looking for a Santa to attend a special occasion or for a Christmas morning surprise, post a task to see if he can pop by.



Christmas Lights Put Up


Untangling thousands of teeny tiny Christmas lights could easily take all weekend, so why not simply outsource it. Sounds like a great idea to us!



Surprise Present Assembly

Thinking about buying a trampoline, cubby house or play swing set as a Christmas present for your kids? Well don’t be the parent stuck with assembling it all Christmas and Boxing day. An Airtasker can assemble a trampoline while the kids sleep on Christmas Eve so they (and you) get a real treat this year.



Pet Sitting

There are plenty of pet loving Airtaskers who will look after your furry friend while you travel to spend the holidays with family.


Christmas Gift Wrapping

Let’s face it, gift wrapping isn’t as simple as it looks. If wrapping presents is something you’d rather not spend your time on, hire an Airtasker to help out.



Decorating Your Business

Whether it’s an office or a shop, take the work out of getting in the Christmas spirit and hire someone to take care of it.


Write Christmas Cards

Writing Christmas cards to friends and family is a big task, so it makes sense to quickly type all the letters and outsource the handwriting to someone else. We bet they won’t know the difference.


Christmas Cleaning

If you’re hosting Christmas this year you’ll need to clean the house before, during and after everyone as dropped by. Give yourself a breather by getting an Airtasker to take care of your Christmas house cleaning.