Keep your home warm this winter

There’s no avoiding it, winter is here and it’s a chilly one. While we can rug up in a beanie "Keep your home warm this winter"

Keep your home warm this winter

There’s no avoiding it, winter is here and it’s a chilly one. While we can rug up in a beanie and scarf outdoors, it’s nice to feel comfy and warm in your home. If your home isn’t ready for cool drafts and a temperature drop, you might need to put on your handyman helmet and read our tips how to keep your home warm.


It’s probably the most obvious solution but good insulation will keep the home warm without relying as much on electronic heating. This is better for the environment and also your hip pocket.

Clean your fireplace

haberfield-rh-1 (1)
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If you are lucky to have a fireplace don’t forget to clean and check it before you light your first fire. You can get this professionally cleaned but if you opt to do it yourself make sure you have all the correct protective gear and a little research under your belt.

Check for cracks

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If you have any cracks or gaps in the flooring, walls or roof it’s an open invitation for the cool breeze to come in. There are many types of solutions for these:

  • Floorboards gaps can be filled with silicone fillers
  • Doors draughts can be stopped with a sand-filled snake stopper
  • Mini draughts from holes, letter box openings and keyholes can have special covers or wool insulation
  • Window cracks can be thwarted by putting up heavy duty curtains that are either thermal or have fleece.

Window double-glazing

If you’re a home owner, it’s worth investigating double-glazing for your windows to maintain heat but it’s expensive. However budget conscious people and renters rejoice because you can now get special film to layer onto the windows to help with your heat retention. This can be almost the quarter of the price of double glazing your home.

Set your fans backwards

There could be a switch or cord which allows you to make the fan goes backwards, but don’t worry this won’t cool your room – just push down the warm air.

Change your sheets

Swap your cotton sheets for flannelette, it will make all the difference when you hop into the bed and the icy chill isn’t there. Also add on a wool blanket and duvet to stay snuggly all night.

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Enjoy outside

Aside from outdoor rooms and heaters, if you have a fire pit you can enjoy the cooler evenings toasting marshmallows with friends as an alternative to a night on the town.

Winter cooking

Just thinking about all the homemade pies, roast dinners and of course hot chocolate lessens the winter blues. All these yummy foods will warm your soul and make your home warmer (and smell lovely) with the oven and slow cookers on.

How To Stay Warm Without Increasing Your Bills

In case you haven’t heard the temperature is set to drop with the Antarctic Vortex hitting. As stores across the "How To Stay Warm Without Increasing Your Bills"

How To Stay Warm Without Increasing Your Bills

In case you haven’t heard the temperature is set to drop with the Antarctic Vortex hitting. As stores across the state get down to the last heater stocks, it got me thinking about how to can stay warm without forking out for a new heater, nor increasing my electricity or gas bill.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Here are some practical (and some not to practical yet fun) ways to stay warm during this Antarctic Vortex:

Go to a gig
It doesn’t matter where you live, there’s a local live music venue near you hosting musicians on Saturday (or any) night. So make sure you take your dancing shoes and keep warm by getting up and dancing the night away.

Keep busy and earn money
Get out of the house (or office) and complete tasks via Airtasker whether it’s making deliveries, helping people move house or putting your handyman skills to good use – there are plenty of ways to stay warm with the added benefit of earning money.

Airtasker moving furniture from house

Get started by making offers available tasks in your local area by browsing tasks.

Stay active
Go for a run, kick around the footy or head to a dance party – keeping active by pumping around the blood will get you warm instantly with the added bonus of keeping healthy.

Source: ABC

And for those of you interested in the dancing, No Lights No Lycra is a casual free-form dance class for those of you who purely love dancing. You don’t need to book, just rock up.
Dance classes are on Monday (Adelaide, Bondi, East Brunswick, Darwin) Tuesday (Perth, South Yarra), Wednesday (Footscray), Thursday (Perth, Newtown, Gold Coast) and many more nights and locations.

Cuddles with a furry friend
If you have a dog or a cat (or if you can borrow one) cuddle up with it on the sofa or put it on your feet; you’ll be keeping each other warm 🙂

holiday lifehack airtasker

Delicious treats
Bake your favourite treats such as cookies or a yummy loaf of homemade bread. Not only will your belly be full but it will also heat your home and make it smell divine.

Source: Squarerootofpie

Not a baker? Enjoy the opportunity to indulge in hot chocolate (or two or three). Make it extra delicious by using Nutella & milk.

Source: Herviewfromhome

Source: Buzzfeed

And if you’re not a sweets person, any herbal tea or squeeze a bit of lemon in hot water to warm you on the inside and out.

There’s no point in spending money on heaters if you have a big cold draft under the doors. By buying a door draft stopper or you can easily make one by picking up some material from Spotlight and once sewn together, fill with rice.

Source: Blogspot

Glass windows are another heat sucker and if you have single paned glass, make sure you have blinds or preferably material curtains to retain the heat. If you have a non-standard size, recycle sheets/ blankets and make thicker curtains.

Light candles
Time to use all those candles that you’ve received as gifts and left to gather dust in the cupboard. It will take the cold bite out of the air, reduce moisture build up, smell lovely and add a little bit of old-time romance too.

Source: Artsygal

If you have any other cheap ways to stay warm this winter, let us know in the comments below.

P.S. We hope you’re staying warm.

10 Amaysim Tips For Curing Frigophobia

Think snow, ice, cold, winter… Do those words give you goose bumps? Well it sounds like you’ve got a fear "10 Amaysim Tips For Curing Frigophobia"

10 Amaysim Tips For Curing Frigophobia

Tips for the cold

Think snow, ice, cold, winter… Do those words give you goose bumps? Well it sounds like you’ve got a fear of coldness or not so commonly known as Frigophobia. This phobia is not just a fear of the cold but also cold things such as ice blocks.

The easiest but also most financially impossible fix would be to move to a warmer climate, such as South Africa or here in Australia. It may not drop to freezing by European standards, many Aussies would still complain that it gets too cold and don a beanie as soon as it drops below 20 degrees.

So instead of putting on multiple layers of clothes we’ve come up with a few suggestions to get you through winter this year.

1. Hot food deliveries
From soup to curry, think of your favourite winter dishes and now imagine that rather than going to the effort of shopping and cooking, why not get a food delivery.

Better yet, a cheeky 3pm hot chocolate delivered to your office means you can beat the cold and your 3pm slump in one hit!

2. Deck out in fun winter gear

sleeping bag suit

Face the cold in something hilarious like a sleeping bag suit (above) or maybe an outrageous onesie. You and your mates could get a theme going and even host a stay-in games night.

3. Stock up in advance – winter is coming

stockpile food

If there’s a special deal at your local supermarket, take advantage of the sales and stock up non-perishables such as frozen vegetables and tinned soup just incase you need to make an emergency meal.

4. Be prepared
It’s a good idea to get your home fixed and prepared so that you can relax in the coziness. Here’s a quick checklist for you to run through:
– Clear gutters
– Fix broken roof tiles
– Ensure chimneys and flues are clear
– Check for mould
– Clean and maintain heaters, clothes dryers and vacuums.

Or get one of your handymen to do it for you!

5. Celebrate
Whether it’s Christmas in July or just a night by an open fire with marshmallows for s’mores with your friends. Take time to spend it with the people that make you laugh.

6. Organise wardrobe

winter clothing wacky airtasker

While it might be sad to say goodbye to the summer shorts and singlets, there’s nothing better than starting a new season with a clean and organized wardrobe. Go through your items one-by-one and if you can’t layer it, pack it away or better yet, throw away things you haven’t worn in the last year.

7. Don’t forget your wheels!
Your car protects you from the cold when you have to leave your cozy house so it’s important to make sure that its maintenance is up to date. It’s worth getting it checked over, especially if you’re looking at a long drive or heading to the snow. A few other things include:
– Inspect your tires
– Replace your wipers
– Check your windshield washer fluid

8. See a show
Whether it’s festival or stand up comedy in your local pub. It’s proven that laughter and happiness is the best remedy for most things.

9. Get your tax prepared
Just the mere thought of dedicating a whole weekend to your tax return is enough to make you stay rugged up in bed and watch the box set series of Breaking Bad. But if you approach it in a gradual process it won’t be as labour intensive.

Step 1: Gather and organize receipts
Step 2: Download the online tax pack
Step 3: Get an Airtsker or a tax accountant to take care of it for you.

10. Stay connected


Keep in touch with friends, family, or even your housemate in the next room via Amaysim who offer the most flexible and cheapest rates.