How to plan an outdoor wedding

Source: Modern Wedding If you’ve been on Pinterest lately for some wedding inspo, you’ll see that one of biggest trends "How to plan an outdoor wedding"

How to plan an outdoor wedding

Source: Modern Wedding

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately for some wedding inspo, you’ll see that one of biggest trends for weddings right now are beautiful floral arches. It’s a stunning and perfect backdrop for the I Do’s, which has caused an increase in outdoor weddings recently. We also have amazing weather and panoramic costal vistas for a very picturesque setting for a wedding ceremony. However, compared to an indoor wedding there’s a lot more organising to do when taking your wedding outside such as furniture and food preparation. Luckily we’ve thought of everything you need to consider to help you plan your dream outdoor wedding.

Wedding Location

You need to think about whether you’re going to have both the ceremony and reception outside or perhaps just the ceremony. If you’re thinking about the entire day there will be limited venues (especially in the major city areas) and so you might want to widen your search to surrounding areas, for example; the Hunter Valley, Barossa, Yarra Valley or better yet your own backyard.

If you’re looking at your local park for a ceremony, you’ll probably need a council permit and depending on the space they can be very limited in availability.

When you’re considering a location think about parking, accessibility for older/ handicapped guests and how suppliers would bump in and out everything you need.

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Unless you’re having your wedding at your place or a friends, an outdoor wedding can be costly as everything needs to be brought in for it. Chairs, tables, cutlery, decorations, flowers, toilets, lighting and kitchens to heat/ cool food will all need to be thought of. Not to mention the more remote you are, the higher the costs will be too.

If you have your heart set on it, look at putting a wedding budget together as soon as possible so there aren’t any surprises closer to the wedding day.

Get help
As much as we would like to set up our own perfect wedding day, it’s important to be realistic and also enjoy this special time. So if hiring an end-to-end planner is out of your budget consider an event planner to be your go-to on the day. They will ensure everything runs smoothly – after all it’s their job.

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The best thing with having your big day outside is that a water, vineyard or mountain view is a fantastic way to compliment your theme. For example, a beach wedding set on the sand or cliff, a rustic wedding on a farm, or a wine-lovers favourite – amongst the vineyards.

Matching your view and theme helps with other elements such as that flower arbour mentioned earlier. It also allows you to get your DIY on for all of the remaining decorations and stationary. Having a magical view can also save on costs too.

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Here are some of the elements to think about:
• Aisle: Will you scatter petals all over the ground, line the pathway with buckets of flowers/ candles or just the simplicity of the sand on the beach
• Signing table: Somewhere to sit and sign all the legal papers. Many couples opt to have a signing table and a couple of chairs.
• Chairs: Benches or individual folding chairs are the best options for an outdoor wedding as they can be easily moved and set up quickly.
• Flowers: If you’re having a garden wedding, it makes sense to go with flowers in season as they will be a natural backdrop. Alternatively another big trend at the moment is tropical plants and greenery, especially for a seaside wedding.

Post ceremony drinks
After being announced for the first time as husband and wife, everyone will wish you congratulations so having a bar set up for champagne and nibbles is a lovely informal way to get the party started.

You can hire companies specifically to set up a bar if you have everything else covered, or your event planners will be able to organise this for you.

Outdoor reception
We’ve all seen beautiful fairy light night sky reception images – they are amazing! But if you’re going to have the whole event outside, you’ll need to figure out if anything is supplied already such as access to power.

For your outdoor reception, you’ll need to make a big list of everything you need and make sure you get a few different quotes, so that you can compare and get the best deal for you.

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Extra special touches
The options are endless here and everyone is looking for that little something extra to make their big day the most memorable. From wedding favours and photo booths to confetti bars and lawn games, it can add up fast. So as the saying goes, less is more and perhaps just pick a few things and do them well.

Lawn games are an outdoor wedding favourite. You could choose giant chess, jenga or stick to the more traditional croquet and ring toss. It’s a great way to keep guests entertained while you’re off having photos taken.

The little things
Your nearest and dearest could possibly be outside for a lengthy amount of time. So depending on the time of year you might want to think about picking an are with some shade, having umbrellas, blankets and fans on standby. If it’s a really hot day, sunscreen and plenty of water are must-haves.

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Have a plan B
Weather is unpredictable and you might not know what the weather will be like till the week of your wedding, so having a plan b is critical. Just remember, rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring you luck and clouds make for better photos anyway.

Have fun
Seriously, who cares if there’s a little drizzle, you’re getting married to your best friend and are going to a party to end all parties. Don’t sweat the small things and it will all turn out perfectly.

Have you got any other wedding tips? Let us know in the comments below

How To Save On Your Wedding With Outsourcing

The biggest day of your life is supposed to be like something out of a fairytale, but what they don’t "How To Save On Your Wedding With Outsourcing"

How To Save On Your Wedding With Outsourcing

The biggest day of your life is supposed to be like something out of a fairytale, but what they don’t tell you in fairytales is the cost of a wedding.

It’s really REALLY expensive, probably not as much as the recent wedding of Salim Mehajer, which gathered a plethora of media attention for requiring police assistance, estimating to cost at least $200,000.

But for us regular folk, a wedding costs on average $36,200 according to the ASIC and apparently in major cities such as Sydney, a more realistic average that couples should be considering is $70,000.

Due to the high cost of weddings couples tend to put off buying a house, face scrupulous budgeting impacting on their social life or even moving back in with family to save every cent.

Whilst there are some costs that can’t budge, such as venue locations, there are lower cost alternatives to the traditional wedding suppliers for photography and flowers etc. Airtasker has seen a steady rise in the number of wedding tasks and we’ve been able to compare traditional wedding supplier prices with tasks completed on Airtasker.

Wedding Savings

And what about those extra special personalised touches? We’ve put a list of all the wedding tasks on Airtasker to give you some inspiration.

Wedding Tasks On Airtasker

As we continue to grow we are always seeing Airtasker used for different outsourcing purposes. One that keeps popping up "Wedding Tasks On Airtasker"

Wedding Tasks On Airtasker

As we continue to grow we are always seeing Airtasker used for different outsourcing purposes. One that keeps popping up is weddings.

Why? Weddings are one of the most expensive life events that you’ll experience and people are looking to decrease the credit card bill that often accompany weddings these days.

There are some costs that you simply can’t save on such as venue (unless you are open to a Friday or Sunday wedding) but for invitations, flowers or the wedding cake there are costs that can be dramatically reduced with Airtasker.

Let’s take a look at some of the wedding tasks that you can get done on Airtasker:

Wedding Venue Research

It can be time consuming to look up wedding venues, catering send emails for price packages and organise this information in a easy to read spreadsheet. Getting an Airtasker to take care of the initial wedding planning can make it a less daunting task.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.48.57 pm

Wedding Coordinator

Get an Airtasker wedding coordinator to take care of the finishing touches and keep on top of the order of events on your wedding day.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.51.15 pm

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.52.40 pm

Videographer & Video Editing

A wedding photographer is expensive enough so sometimes it doesn’t make sense to hire a videographer as well. However hiring an Airtasker to capture all special moments that photos can’t, such as speeches,

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.53.25 pm

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.53.48 pm


With wedding photography climbing into the thousands of dollars, so if it’s not something that you are overly picky you can save plenty here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.55.53 pm

Wedding Booklets

For your ceremony you’ll need a outline of the proceedings in a booklet, particularly if it’s a church wedding, for people to follow along with the ceremony. This can be a big surprise cost at about $7+ a booklet. .

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.58.47 pm

Wedding Invitations

Whether you want a modern design or need some calligraphy done on the envelopes, there are designers on Airtasker who can help you out without the hefty price tag.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.03.04 pm

Drivers and Transport

It’s ridiculous to hire wedding cars if they aren’t really needed, for example to drop off groomsmen or shuttle people in-between locations. So that you don’t inconvenience your guests, pick a reliable Airtasker who is happy to help.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.04.54 pm

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.05.59 pm

Wedding Cake

There are lots of baking tasks on Airtasker, so it’s not surprising that we’ve even had a wedding cake made by one of our baking superstars. It can be at least half the price of more traditional bakeries for your typical 3-tiered cake.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.18.08 pm

But maybe you don’t need the whole cake made, just some personalised Simpsons figurines on top of the cake…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.08.44 pm

Have you seen any other weddings tasks on Airtasker? Let us know in the comments below.

Wedding Planning Checklist

First things first, congratulations on your engagement at this special time. Right now you’re floating on cloud nine but also "Wedding Planning Checklist"

Wedding Planning Checklist

First things first, congratulations on your engagement at this special time. Right now you’re floating on cloud nine but also starting to realise that you have an engagement party and wedding to plan in a short space of time.

An engagement party will normally take place anywhere up to 3 months post proposal so it’s understandable that a lot of your focus is on this. However be ready for an onslaught of questions about when and where your wedding is going to be. So it’s best to get onto the wedding planning as soon as possible.

Source: Hawkesbury TV

We’ve put together a wedding planning checklist to help you every step of the way.

10-12 Months to go

• Pick a few dates that work, this way you can be more flexible with venue availability.
• Consider hiring a wedding planner to help manage every small detail.
• Work out a budget and if your parents are putting in money, see how much they are happy to put it and for what bit.
• Start visiting reception venues and looking at packages – book once you’ve picked one.
• Book the church/park/venue where you’d like the wedding ceremony to take place.
• Set up a Pinterest board and pin your favourite dress, bridesmaid and hair looks.
• Decide how big your wedding party will be and who you’d like them to be.
• Put together a rough guest list as this may influence which reception venue you choose.

8-10 Months to go

• Pick a colour and/or theme as this will influence other decisions.
• Start wedding dress shopping – many places will need appointments booked in advance.
Wedding photographer and videographer – view portfolios and book
• Book a florist for ceremony, bouquets and reception.
• Entertainment – DJs, reception band, ceremony quartets.
• Wedding cake supplier – you will need to taste test and look at past cakes.
• Start to plan honeymoon – where you want to go and if you want to go straight after the wedding or wait a bit.

6-8 months to go

• Buy the wedding dress and veil.
• Send out save the dates to guests.
• Finalise entertainment and select your ceremony music.
• Buy, order or rent bridesmaid dresses.
• Book your honeymoon.
• Think about the gift registry, wedding presents and wishing well.
• Book the wedding cars to take you to and from the ceremony.
• Finalise wedding cake flavours and decoration.
• Finalise decorations with wedding reception venue e.g. photo-booths, candy bars, entrance boards, table arrangements.

4-6 Months to go

• Finalise and order wedding invitations, RSVP cards and other stationary required such as thank you cards.
• Look for grooms and groomsmen suits. Consider buying versus hiring suits.
• Book hair and make up artists and also arrange your trial to co-inside with a trial fake tan.
• Have your trial photo shoot.
• Organise wedding accommodation for yourself, wedding party and others if required.
• Have a food tasting at the reception venue.
• Organise table place cards and the guest bonbonniere (aka wedding favours).
• Order wedding ring bands.

2-4 months to go

• Have your final dress fittings so any alterations can be made – make sure you have your wedding shoes for this.
• Finalise guest list and send out invitations.
• Confirm hairdresser and make up for bridesmaids, flower girls and mothers.
• Look into dancing lessons for you and the groom.
• Finalise reception menu along with guest dietary requirement alternative meals.
• Put together ceremony booklets, ushers and what the readings are and who will read them.
• Finalise the gift registry so guests can purchase in advance.
• Attend your hens party and kitchen tea – make sure you relax and have a good time.

1-2 months to go

• Start writing your vows and speeches, you will go through many drafts.
• Buy your wedding party and groom gifts as a token of thank you.
• Purchase guest book and any other small decorative pieces.

3-4 weeks

• Confirm your honeymoon.
• Organise a dress rehearsal for the wedding party to go through a run through of the ceremony.
• Finalise order of the day and communicate to entertainment, photographers and your wedding party.
• Contact guests who haven’t RSVP’d.
• Start setting out seating plan for reception.
• Buy bridesmaid accessories such as bags, jewellery and hair pieces.
• Collect wedding bands and check they fit at the jeweller.

Source: Huffington Post

1-2 weeks to go

• Send final floor plan and guest list to venue along with dietary requirements.
• Have all your beauty treatments e.g. facials and waxing.
• Pick up grooms suit.
• Confirm all vendors and suppliers.
• Have your final hair colour appointments.

Final week

• Deliver all wedding favours, place cards, decorations to the venue.
• Get a spray tan.
• Don’t forget the manicure and pedicure the day before.
• Have a list ready for the day for your Maid of Honour to check off.
• Organise final vendor payments.
• Check on the flower delivery.
• Make sure all outfits are steamed and ready to go.
• Don’t forget to get an early night before the big day.

We hope you have a great wedding day and if we’ve left anything off the checklist, let us know in the comments below.