Must-Know Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is around the corner, so it's time to prep your garden for the warmer weather.

Must-Know Spring Gardening Tips

As we start to enjoy more time outside, it’s a great time to get our gardens back into tip-top shape. This requires a bit of planning, time and dedication, but once you’ve finished you’ll have a lovely garden to relax and enjoy in for the upcoming warmer months.

Clear out

Throughout winter your garden can become quite neglected and overgrown so a clear up is a great starting point. Depending on the size of your garden dedicate a weekend to it and then you won’t rush it and do a thorough job.

Not sure where to start? Clear up leaves off the grass and garden beds, also check to see if any plants have died and do any weeding that needs to be done. If you need some help, there are plenty of gardeners on who can help you get the job done.

Be organised

It’s easy to accumulate tools, maintenance products and seeds over time. As part of your initial clear out, take a look in the shed as well to see what you need to trash, replace or stock up on.

Test the soil

Before you rush off the nursery and spend big on plants, you need to give the soil some love and care. Use a soil pH test in several areas of the garden to give you an indication of how the soil is at the moment. That helps you get it back to the optimum level for your new plants.


Prepare garden beds

You’ve tested the soil but that’s only the first step. You need to also correctly prepare garden beds so that they are the ideal environment for your new plants. This process will involve breaking up the old soil, adding compost or fertiliser, turning the soil, then adding some old soil to mix it in and leaving for a few weeks so that the compost can break down.

A few days before you’re ready to plant, give the garden bed a good watering and let it sit.

Get planting


Now it’s time go to your local nursery and buy some plants. If you’re not sure what to get, someone will be there to give you a hand but the main things are to consider the climate, sunlight and soil type.

You can buy young plants which you can just put into the ground but if you want to start from scratch, seeds are your way to go. Just make sure you read the packet so you know how deep to put them and how far apart from each other. Make sure you water your seedlings daily.

Add mulch

Keep your garden looking fantastic by topping off the soil with some mulch. This will keep the weeds at bay, while also helping to regulate temperature and hold water.

Lawn care


Be careful not to forget about that luscious lawn, it needs a similar treatment as the rest of your garden with mowing, fertilizing, watering, weeding and aeration.

If you’re looking for some help with your lawn, check out these lawn maintenance tips for summer.

6 Things You’ll Forget To Spring Clean

Spring has sprung and everyone is racing outside to enjoy the longer sunny days. The warmer weather means it’s also "6 Things You’ll Forget To Spring Clean"


Spring has sprung and everyone is racing outside to enjoy the longer sunny days. The warmer weather means it’s also time to put away those flannelette sheets, and get your home ready for summer with a bit of spring cleaning.

Most people think that spring cleaning is just cleaning out the expired food from the fridge, and removing never worn clothes – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

From control panels and electronics, to bins and pillows, here’s a list of 6 things you’ll probably forget to spring clean.

Remote Controls, Switches & Handles

Think about the things you touch everyday; doorknobs, kitchen cabinets, light switches and the TV remotes – they all gather germs and dirt too.

Make sure you go over all the items with a cloth and disinfectant. As for the TV remote, remove batteries and use a cotton bud with disinfectant to rub around the buttons. Wipe the remainder of the remote with a lint-free cloth.

Window Screens

spring-screen doors
Source: Ezyfit Doors

Cleaning the window screens is just as important as cleaning the glass. They build up grime and dust, but luckily it’s a quick cleaning fix.

To clean, remove screens from the door tracks/ windows. Make sure you label them so that you can remember where each one goes.

Mix some detergent with water and pour into a spray bottle. Either in the bathtub or outside wash over with water, and then spray the detergent mixture. Use a scrubbing brush to gently remove dirt and once finished, run water over the screens again to remove detergent. Allow the screens to air-dry and put back in place.

Deodorise Mattress

Source: Sleep Matters

Washing the sheets is easy, but don’t forget about the mattress that you spend 8 hours a night on also needs some cleaning love.

After you’ve stripped the bed of the sheets, use the vacuum to clean all the dust off the mattress. Next, use some baking soda and mix with a few drops of essential oils (try lavender). Using a kitchen strainer, sprinkle the soda all over the mattress. Leave it on for at least an hour (you can get started on the next thing) and then vacuum with the hose attachment.

Stove Vents

As the kitchen vents are hidden, they are easily forgotten in the cleaning process and the result is an all over sticky grease. As gross as it may seem to clean, it’s actually quite easy.

Using a big stainless steal pot, boil water, add baking soda slowly (till it fizzes) and use tongs to lower the filters into the pot. Leave them in for a minute or two and remove and they should look as good as new.

Source: The Everyday Cinderella



Don’t forget about your backyard, it needs some spring cleaning love too! Use a power hose to remove leaves, mildew and marks from your home and pavers.

Check all the gutters for leaves that have built up over the cooler months and remove. If you’re short on time or being a green thumb isn’t your thing, consider getting an extra set of hands from a reliable Airtasker to help with the garden.

Cleaning your cleaning equipment

Source: Horsely Wholesale

Now that you’ve completed your annual spring clean, your vacuum, broom, mop and other equipment used needs a good clean to get rid of all the germs collected.

You might even want to consider buying a new broom and mop, which are used regularly, for a fresh start.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Guys Guide To Spring Cleaning

There comes a time in every mans life where he must move out of home to go off to study "Guys Guide To Spring Cleaning"

Guys Guide To Spring Cleaning

There comes a time in every mans life where he must move out of home to go off to study or move cities for work which means it’s time to start picking up after yourself. You might look the part but your bachelor pad has to match in order to impress your mates.

Here’s our mans guide to spring cleaning:

Beer + Music
No one likes to clean, so you might as well try to have a little fun with it by opening a beer and playing some really loud music.

Be strategic
Clean room-by-room and top to bottom and leave the floors to last.

Spot clean
Don’t let it all build up, otherwise you can say adios to your weekend. Picking up your clothes on the go, cleaning dishes, stove top spills and throw out any rubbish regularly.

Man Washing House Windows

Static duster
Dusting is a regular (2-3 weeks) task and to make it more efficient make sure you purchase a static duster that will pick up all the dust from your TV to bookcases.

Nothing worse then bits of dirt and sand sticking to your feet, a fortnightly vacuum of the entire floor and sofas is all it takes.

Probably everyone’s worst cleaning fear but it has to be done but here are 6 easy steps for you to follow:
1. Vacuum anything that is not wet with the bristle brush attachment
2. Place toilet cleaner around the inside of the toilet bowl and leave
3. Wipe mirror, sink, faucets – including any mould build up
4. Using all-purpose cleaner wipe down the entire toilet (yes including under the seat)
5. Lastly use the toilet scrubber to clean the bowl (where you put the cleaner earlier) and flush

Another tip is to leave shower mould cleaner in the shower and every couple of days use it at the end to keep mouldy build up on the grout and shower screen scum.

Regularly cleaning in the kitchen after meals should keep everything under control in the kitchen but don’t forget to throw out expired food and clean out the fridge and pantry every 6-12 months.

There you go, that wasn’t so painful was it and don’t forget to open another beer to celebrate your home cleaning success.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning the house from the ceiling to floor can seem like an overwhelming task however if you’re organised and prepared "Spring Cleaning Checklist"

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning the house from the ceiling to floor can seem like an overwhelming task however if you’re organised and prepared with all your equipment and products the home cleaning will be over before you know it.

To help you get started, we’ve created this simple spring cleaning checklist.

Hallway/ General area
– Dust lighting fixtures
– Wash walls and windows
– Clean door knobs, light switches etc
– Clean floors
– Clean windows and window sills
– Dust ceiling fans

airtasker dusting house cleaning

– Dust furniture
– Dust ceiling fans
– Move bed, clean underneath
– Remove clothes from draws, wash draws
– Air out mattress

Make cleaning even easier with spring cleaning hacks.

– Empty and clean vanity units
– Clean drains, mirrors, bathtub, faucets, grout
– Wash shower curtains
– Clean air vents

spring cleaning hacks shower curtain

– Clean pantry/ throw out old food
– Remove fridge shelving and clean
– Remove cookware and glasses, wash out cupboards
– Wash chopping boards
– Sharpen knives
– Wash outside of cupboards (including on top)
– Clean crumbs out of toaster
– Descale kettle
– Clean under fridge and coils at the back
– Clean dishwasher
– Wash down stove and inside oven

Living room
– Vacum sofas
– Wash sofa cases
– Dust/ clean bookshelves, cd/ dvd racks
– Dust electrical products e.g. gaming consoles, amps etc (warning: make sure they are unplugged and be careful)
– Wash kids toys

– Clean washing machine. dryer lint build up traps
– Wash sink, faucets etc

– Sweep front porch and verandah
– Wash doors
– Remove spider webs
– Prune plants

Hedge trimming

Moving house? Use this End of Lease Cleaning Guide.