Office Cleaning Tips

We can all be a little guilty of having a messy office from time to time. However a clean working "Office Cleaning Tips"

Office Cleaning Tips

We can all be a little guilty of having a messy office from time to time. However a clean working space should be a top priority as it will help with employee happiness and increase productivity.

Most workplace cleaners won’t clean desk spaces and only offer limited office cleaning in breakout spaces and kitchens. This means that employers and employees have to work together to help the office remain tidy.

To make sure you can maintain a clean workplace here are few tips and tricks.

Clean up before you leave

Before you go home for the evening make sure you tidy up your desk, and place used cups and dishes in the kitchen. When you arrive in the morning everything will be ready for you to get started straight away, rather than an overwhelming feeling that you are already behind.

Organise papers

If you set yourself a rule such as no loose papers on your desk, this means you will have to maintain an organised filing system or cut down your use of the printer.


Clean your computer

Look at your desktop screen and ask yourself if you can see your desktop background. If not, it’s time to clean up your computer and delete the documents you no longer need. This will save you precious time searching for files when you need them next.


It’s very common that food is left in the office fridge and left for weeks or months until you realise an odd smell coming from somewhere inside the chock-a-block fridge.

To avoid this, make it part of Friday afternoons to throw out any expired food. Additionally organise the cleaners to clean out the fridge every season with disinfectant.


Everything has a place

Everything from pens to your jacket and umbrella should have a designated space for to be stored so that you can stay organised. If you’re organised not only will you benefit but also your guests and fellow employees. Not to mention your increased level of professionalism.

Desk cleaning kit

If you have a stockpile of wipes and disinfectant on hand for dusty electronics, desk stains and dirty keyboards. This will ensure your space remains germ-free and reduce your overall cleaning time.

Remember during busier times of the year, it’s always worth investing in an extra cleaner and getting more help around the office to make it a more enjoyable atmosphere. If you need a last minute helping hand there are plenty of Airtaskers in your local area to help with the office cleaning.