How to prepare your home for selling and moving

If you’re putting your home on the market, there are a number of things other than paperwork that you’ll need "How to prepare your home for selling and moving"

If you’re putting your home on the market, there are a number of things other than paperwork that you’ll need to do in preparation for selling and moving.

selling and moving home staging
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Focus areas

The front door

Great first impressions matter. Make sure the entrance to your home is clean, tidy and looks nice. Gurnie the driveway, weed the front garden, and give the front door has a fresh lick of paint.

selling and moving front door
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Key rooms

The homemaker will want to focus on the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry, so make sure repairs and cleaning for these rooms are on point. The other rooms of the house can usually be sorted out with a coat paint.


Generally, you don’t need to fully renovate your home prior to selling and moving, but it should be in good, working condition. Little issues like mouldy shower grouting can put off people off. Small expenses and a little effort will go a long way in making your property more attractive to prospective buyers.

Do you need to?…

  • Re-grout bathrooms
  • Fix the fence
  • Fix leaking taps
  • Replace fixtures, e.g. chipped door knobs, rusty towel rails
  • Replace blown light bulbs

selling and moving repairs
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Any investment you make in more expensive improvements prior to selling and moving, should be driven by where you’ll get the best return.

If you’re thinking of renovating prior to putting your home on the market, check out some Top renovations mistakes to avoid.

Rules and regulations

When selling and moving, there will be a number of rules and regulations that you’ll need to comply with, e.g. a pool safety certificate needs to obtained by the seller or purchaser in Queensland (Department of Housing and Public Works, 2015). It’ll make your property more attractive to a prospective buyer to have these things taken care of prior to sale.

Walls and painting

Check walls for marks, scratches and stains that might require plastering and a fresh coat of paint. Paint walls and ceilings in neutral colours; your property will appeal to a larger market (not everyone loves a bedroom in each colour of the rainbow).

selling and moving neutral paint
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Declutter and depersonalise

The sale of your property is a great excuse to clean out your belongings!  Declutter to maximise space for the open house and inspections. Depersonalise so buyers can imagine their own belongings in the space.

selling and moving decluttering and depersonalising
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It’s important to give the impression that your property has been kept in good condition all the time (not just for the sale), so attention to detail is a must!  For the best results, you should do an ‘end of lease’ style clean.


Here’s a list to start you off:

  • All surfaces, benchtops and cupboards
  • Walls, skirting boards, power points
  • Windows, window sills, doors, screen doors, fly screens
  • Floors, carpets, tiles, timber
  • All built in appliances, e.g. dishwasher, oven, stove, range hood, etc.
  • Sinks, basins, taps (descaling)
  • Baths, showers, shower screens
  • Mirrors and wardrobes
  • Fans, air conditioners
  • etc.!

If the thought of scrubbing the oven makes you die a little bit inside, get some help from Airtasker’s reliable and flexible residential home cleaners.

selling and moving cleaning
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Outdoor areas should not be forgotten.  Make sure the:

  • Gardens and garage are tidy
  • Lawn is mowed
  • Garden beds are weeded
  • Gutters are cleaned
  • Pools are cleaned
  • Patios and driveways are clean
  • Cobwebs are removed

For open houses and inspections, you should also remove all rubbish, empty and wash bins, and make sure pet poo and pet bedding is removed.

selling and moving garden maintenance
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Sometimes if you’re living in it, you don’t notice it… Invite an honest friend with a keen nose over and get them to check for smells.  Odours in the home are usually from pets, mould and mildew. Find the source and address the problem, rather than trying to ‘mask’ it.

Staging your home for display

Put your best foot forward when presenting your home to prospective buyers.

selling and moving staging
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Furniture and décor

If your furniture is a worn, mismatched, or a little ‘dated’, consider hiring a home stylist to furnish your home during the sale period. It might be necessary to put your furniture in to storage temporarily.

If you need some assistance with heavy lifting and getting things in to storage, consider hiring a local furniture removalist to help you out.


Create a calm and inviting atmosphere by adding some healthy, green plants to your home’s indoor and outdoor areas.  Little potted herbs perched on the window sill can freshen up the aesthetic of the kitchen.  Hire larger plants if you don’t want to purchase them.

selling and moving staging greenery

Good smells

Make your home smell inviting by roasting some coffee beans or baking fresh bread on the day of the open house.

Selling and moving

You’re on the home stretch when you’ve sold your property and the time comes to sort out furniture removal and storage. If you’re lucky, you’ve got access to a ute or small truck and the manpower to do the moving yourself. If not, seeking a professional furniture removalist will be on your list.

selling and moving furniture removals
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If you’re in the market for a trusted, reliable removalist, check out the removalists for hire via Airtasker. They’re located across Australia and covered by insurance.

Let us know if you have any other great tips, and best of luck with selling and moving your home!

Storage Ideas For Your Apartment

It’s a renter’s nightmare to move into a place with little to no storage. It normally means an unwanted trip "Storage Ideas For Your Apartment"

Storage Ideas For Your Apartment

It’s a renter’s nightmare to move into a place with little to no storage. It normally means an unwanted trip to IKEA is on the cards, but before the flatpack anxiety kicks in we’ve got a few storage ideas for your apartment and house.

First of all let’s think about what storage is supposed to achieve, a sense of cleanliness due to de-cluttering and hiding of visible items. Buying bookshelves and storage units will only make your tiny apartment seem smaller, so it’s important to take a look at what you currently have and think about whether you can use it in a different way.

Hang your cleaning supplies

hanging cleaner
Source: Lifehacker

With a different cleaner for every surface and type of stain, the space under the sink can become very clutterd. It’s easy to maximise this space and keep it organised by using a tension rod and hanging spray bottle cleaners from it.

Kitchen Cupboards

017 copy
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Keep the little bench space you have free of paper towelling, spices and other bench clutter by building organising racks into the cupboard doors. You can pick up something similar to the rack below from a dollar shop or even Bunnings, and with a bit of handyman help your kitchen storage will be instantly improved.

Source: iheartorgansing

Under the Bed
This is the biggest storage maximiser that you will have in your home and it’s incredibly simple to put together something that suits you.

Source: Decohubs

For instance, you could create sliding drawers by picking up some old drawers and attaching wheels to them, or just get some nice baskets to drag in and out for extra linen and seasonal clothes.

baskets under bed storage
Source: The Holding Company

Bed Headboard
No room under the bed? No worries, you can create a storage headboard to be a place for all your trinkets, books and even filing.

Source: Our Humble Abode Blog

Plus it also replaces the need for a bedside table and triples as a feature wall!

Multi-purpose Desk
To have an office in your home is considered a luxury that many of us just simply can’t have. However there are many options to make existing areas multifunctional where you can get your work done.

Source: Make Use Of

Source: Memorable Decor

Kids Toys

Not only can kids toys take over the whole house, trying to store them away isn’t particularly easier either with big boxes. There are a couple of storage solutions for your smaller games and toys.

Any metal toy can get ‘stuck’ to the wall with a magnetic strip or utilise a feature of the home like a non-working fireplace or window sill to store toys.

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toy storage

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Ever noticed how a small board game or puzzle requires a big box? Well we love this idea of DIY toy storage with compact plastic cases, which can be placed into a specific basked.

kids toy storage
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Mason Jars

Jars that have been recycled or even mason jars purchased can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or even the shed. Jars are perfect for any small items that you might need airtight, easily accessible or just to keep all the pieces together.

Source: Furnish Burnish

Jewellery Art

Instead of mixing up all your jewellery in a drawer where it’s bound to get tangled and use up valuable storage space, why not hang your beautiful pieces on the wall. Not only will it free up valuable storage space but it doubles as a cheap art alternative.

Creative Ways to Organize Jewellery-44
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Do you have any other storage ideas for small apartments? Let us know in the comments below.