Home Staging Tips When Selling Your Home

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of the current real estate market, it’s important think about how your house currently "Home Staging Tips When Selling Your Home"

Home Staging Tips When Selling Your Home

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of the current real estate market, it’s important think about how your house currently presents itself. Home staging can mean all the difference as you aim to appeal to the emotional feelings of potential buyers.

Staging your home can make all the difference when you’re hoping to get a few interest bidders to battle it out on auction day. Here are our home staging tips when selling your home:

Street appeal
You’ve probably heard it all before but people make up their mind if they like a house or not in under a minute… So that means they have either a positive or negative feeling before they even step inside the doorway.

To make sure your home is looking top notch think about spraying the driveway, that your home has house numbers, that it looks presentable with greenery and any exterior painting is done.

Source: I build new

There could be a hundred or so people going through your home in a viewing so it’s important that they find it easy to move around in. People also don’t want to see an untidy home and even though you might think it’s not cluttered, it’s good to get another opinion from an honest friend.

After you’ve taken out the clutter, you’ll need to give the house a clean. It will take more than a regular weekly clean to get your home in tip top shape. Make sure you set aside adequate time for your home cleaning.

Keep it Neutral
Do you have brightly coloured walls? You might want to consider toning it down as it can be quickly off putting for potential buyers. That’s not to say that you can’t still have a feature wall or two.

Source: Bobvila

When was the last time you gave your lounge room or bathroom a fresh coat of paint? Updating the colour can make it brighter and make it look fresh. If you have a limited budget, this is where it should be spent.

Short on time or need some help, you can outsource the house painting on Airtasker.

You want people to imagine living in your home, so it makes sense to remove items and pictures that are of you and the family. You can easily replace these with landscape imagery.

If your couch is looking a bit worse for wear or if you need some extra furniture to complete a room, let’s say the dining room. There are plenty of home staging companies out there that you can rent furniture from for a couple of months. They can even help style your whole home so that it looks amazing for open viewings.

New Linen
This may not seem important, but having lovely new looking towels neatly folded in the bathroom or crisp sheets on the bed can really change how people perceive your home.

Hiding spaces
Thinking about hiding the clutter in the cupboards, wardrobe or shed? Think again, people will look – humans are curious after all.

Don’t go overboard
Whilst it’s tempting to go ‘The Block’ on your home and stage dining scenes, it is a very unnatural approach. What you really want is (as you might say in the clothing world) effortlessly chic. This means making it look inviting, lived in, natural and that the home always looks great.

home staging tips dining room
Source: Nicashomes

Your backyard is almost as important (if not more – sometimes) than the inside. For prospective buyers with young families having grass and a play area for the kids is very important. However regardless of whom the buyer is, it should look clean and tidy. If there’s a lot of work to be done and you may need help with hedging, cleaning gutters and mowing the grass regularly for opens.

Source: Bruce Angels

10 Things You NEED To Do Before Moving Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time of your life as you start a new chapter. But regardless "10 Things You NEED To Do Before Moving Home"

10 Things You NEED To Do Before Moving Home

paper cranes productions

Moving into a new home is an exciting time of your life as you start a new chapter. But regardless of whether you’re renting or buying there’s a few things everyone seems to leave to the very last minute – or even worse totally forget about.

To make sure you’re all set for your move, we’ve put together these ten pre-moving tips that will not only save you time but keep you stress-free.

Start de-cluttering early

It doesn’t take much common sense to realise that the less you have to move, the easier (and cheaper) it will be. But what about that cabinet that you must take or the 5 throw blankets that keep you snuggly in winter – yep it’s time to be honest with yourself. Let’s face facts; we all have a little hoarder monster in us, but it’s important to ask yourself these three questions:

1. When did you last use {insert your item}? If it’s more than 6 months it’s got to go.
2. Does it fit in your new home? If you can’t get in past the front door, then there’s no point in putting it in the truck in the first place.
3. Is it useful? Ok here is where the honesty comes into play. If it’s a totally useless item, why do you need it?

De-clutter by giving your items, selling or donating to charity should happen as soon as you know you’re moving home. Think about it, if you do something everyday towards your end goal (moving in this instance) then it’s less of a hurdle at the finish line.

Always keep in mind the amount of space you’re moving into, knowing the room available to you sets the boundaries to how much you can take along with you for your move. Which brings us to…

Get measurements

This will help you to understand the space you’re moving into and which items you currently own will fit.

Make a start by measuring up the dimensions of large furniture (fridge, sofa and dining tables) and then go to your new home and measure out the space. You could even use masking tape to map out the room.

Don’t forget to measure the doorframes and hallways. There’s nothing worse than lugging the plush leather sofa to the new home, only to find that you can’t even get it inside the living room.

Say goodbye to your neighbours and hello your new ones

Don’t get too distracted by your move that you forget about your neighbours, even if they are ones you’d like to forget about.

You should let them know about your move, if moving trucks will be blocking driveways, and also your new address to forward mail and keep in touch.

The same goes for your new home, make sure meet your new neighbours, introduce the family and let them know when you’ll be settling in. A proactive approach is a great way to get a good start with your new community.

moving van image
Source: Home Move

Look into using a removalist

Sometime things are best left to the professionals, and this is one of those times.
You’ll need to pick a day that you need to move buy and start compiling quotes. Booking a removalist on a weekday can sometimes be at a discounted rate so being organised can end up saving you some money.

Most removalists will only move boxes from A to B, and to get the full-service packing and un-packing help, it can become expensive. However having an extra pair of hands to help can ensure all your packing gets done and even help with
furniture assembly at the other end.

If a removalist is too expensive, hiring an Airtasker to help you is a great alternative as they can assist you with almost anything. From packing and moving to post and pre-moving home cleaning.

Label organisation

You may think this is over the top, but we promise it’s not. Start by numbering or naming each room in your new home on a plan, that you and removalists have a copy of. Then make sure you label the boxes to match the room in your new home.

This method will make it faster and more streamlined if you’re doing the heavy lifting yourself or if you’ve hired some help.

packing-boxes-2 image
Source: Removal Tips

Get Powered Up

It’s a really simple thing to get power connected before you move, but don’t forget to also get it disconnected from your current place too. Whether it’s just changing names or providers, make sure it’s on your priority list.

Change Your Address

You’ll need to let companies, such as your bank that regularly sends you mail, know of your change of address. It’s also wise to go to the local post office and apply for a new address so your mail is redirected. Also don’t forget to also update your details on the electoral roll.

Get home & contents insurance

Organise your existing home insurance policy to cease the day after you’ve moved out and your next insurance policy to commence the day before you move. This means you’ll be covered for moving day when you technically aren’t living anywhere.

Pack an un-packing box

Keep a helpful box separate from the rest and is the first thing to unpack when you get there. It should contain all the tools you might need, cleaning products or screws from furniture for assembly. All helpful items should be in one simple place to save you time and frustration.

Pack a first night box

Likewise with the un-packing box another helpful box that is important for your move is a first night box. This should contain some food and drinks, clothes, basic toiletries and bed linen. Basically anything you’ll need to survive that first night.

Happy moving and don’t forget if you need some help to let us know.

Moving Homes With Airtasker

It could be your first home purchase, a rental move or even making the leap to head overseas. Regardless of "Moving Homes With Airtasker"

Moving Homes With Airtasker

It could be your first home purchase, a rental move or even making the leap to head overseas. Regardless of why it’s an exciting time but it can also be stressful, so a helping hand is always welcome or sometimes needed.

moving homes with Airtasker

After noticing a few tasks on Airtasker asking for help moving furniture or even the entire contents of a home, I decided to reach out to a couple of Task Poster’s to get first hand accounts about their experience from start to finish.

Round the corner move

Tash had decided to move from her share-house in Richmond, Victoria into her own place but really loved the area and wanted to stay local. Lucky enough for her, an apartment became available just around the corner. However, she couldn’t lift some of her bigger items, such as the couch and fridge, by herself and need some help.

Only requiring a couple of guys and trolley to move furniture, professional moving services weren’t necessary. Not wanting to bother her friends or housemates she decided to use Airtasker.

After watching a quick how to get started video, Tash posted a task for a strong guy to come over help her move for 3 hours. Airtasker Richard made an offer on a Tuesday and the following Saturday at 10am he was there ringing the doorbell with a friend to help.

Airtasker moving furniture

With the wonderful help from the two guys, Tash told me that in just a few hours she was out of the house and into her new pad. She paid the $150 after all their hard work and said there was no way she could have done it without their help.

Need advice on how to organise your moving day? Download our free Moving Home Checklist

Moving houses

Moving the contents of a house you’ve lived in for 10 years means there’s a lot to pack up, throw out and move. This is the problem that Dean and his wife, Susie, had but they also had the additional issue of a 2 year old and another one on the way, which meant Susie couldn’t do too much.

So, they turned to Airtasker to find someone to pack and organize boxes a couple of days a week, while Susie could work from home, meaning they still had time on weekend to look at houses.

After negotiating a fee with Airtasker, Lauren, the University student was able to give a helping hand wrapping and packing for two days at $20 p/h, which meant a total of $320 that she could put it towards her study fees.

packing home items with Airtasker

Susie and Dean were so thankful that she managed to pack their entire kitchen, lounge room, and clothes, leaving them only with the essentials to be done. It saved them precious time and lucky for them they managed to find a new home quickly.

Opting to do the move without professional help, they enlisted a few friends and also a couple of reliable Airtasker’s with trucks and trailers to help.

The result: they were all moved in over the course of a weekend and were eating pizza for dinner surrounded by boxes on Sunday night in their new home.

Thinking of moving? Be prepared and take the first step by downloading the Airtasker App here. It’s free to post a task and there are no obligations to hire.

Read our Top 5 moving tips here and if your looking to deck out your new house checkout the Top 5 Furniture Delivered To Your Home.