IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms

If you’d like to make your little one’s bedroom an exciting, creative place for them to grow and flourish, you’ll "IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms"

IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms

If you’d like to make your little one’s bedroom an exciting, creative place for them to grow and flourish, you’ll love these IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms.  There are so many inventive ways to use items from the affordable Swedish homewares giant to encourage play, create a fun environment, and a calm place for rest.  Here are some of our favourites.

Bekvam step stool IKEA hacks

The Bekvam step stool is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in their range when it comes to kid’s rooms. With a retail price of $17.99 (IKEA), it’s an absolute steal. Have a look at these inventive hacks for using it.

IKEA hacks Bekvam step stool play kitchen
Source: mommo design

A lick of paint, a few knobs and a little basket rack will turn it in to an awesome play kitchen.

IKEA hacks Bekvan step stool library ladder
Source: Oakland Avenue

Paint or decorate the Bekvam with wall paper to turn it into a fun library ladder.

Small toy storage on a magnetic knife rack

Sick of stepping on little toy cars that feel like they go straight through your foot? You are saved! The Grundtal magnetic knife rack is a storage savior for little metal based toys like cars and trains. Kids love magnets, so picking up after themselves is a more likely event with this little IKEA hack (sadly, it won’t work on LEGO). It’s only $14.99 (IKEA) and is easy to attach to your kid’s bedroom wall.

IKEA hacks Grundtal knife rack toy storage

Lack side table IKEA hacks

The Lack side table (available from $7.99, IKEA), is another fantastic piece of furniture that you can create masterpieces with for your kid’s bedroom.

IKEA hacks Lack side table art station
Source: Pinterest

Encourage play and paint the Lack side table with chalkboard paint to turn it into an art station.

IKEA hacks Lack side table board games
Source: IKEA via HouseBeautiful

Board games – get some masking tape and paint so you can recreate your childhood favourites.

IKEA hacks Lack side table tabletop playground
Source: Etsy

Create a tabletop playground

Store books on a spice rack

One of the most popular IKEA hacks around (for a good reason) is using the Bekvam spice rack ($3.99 at IKEA) to store and display children’s books. It’s solid wood and can easily be painted and mounted as a cute little book shelf to walls, doors, above the bed head, etc.

IKEA hacks Bekvam spice rack book shelf
Source: BRIT + CO

Kura bed IKEA hacks

Have you got little angels who don’t want to go to bed?  Make bedtime something they look forward to by creating something unique and fun with the Kura bed. The Kura Reversible bed frame is $299 (IKEA, mattress sold separately). It can be flipped upside down to convert from a low to high bed. IKEA sell bed tents, but we know you can get much more creative than that – all you need is some inspiration, paint, wall paper and fun linen!

If the thought of putting together an IKEA flat pack is daunting for you, why not hire an Airtasker to do the assembly for you?

IKEA hacks Kura bed cubby house
Source: IKEA via Hellobee

Camp out in a cubby house

IKEA hacks Kura slippery slide bed
Source: LaurieFlower

Build a big kid bed with its own slippery slide


IKEA hacks Kura sweet dreams slumber party bunk bed
Source: Kidsmopolitan

Sweet dreams and slumber parties bunk bed design

Change table IKEA hack

A great IKEA hack for nurseries is to use the Tarva chest of drawers as a change table (starting from $129, IKEA). The 3 and 6 drawer options are both the perfect height for changing your baby, and the drawers can be used as storage for nappies and creams.

IKEA hacks Tarva change table
Source: Mon Bébé Chéri

Storage with the Kallax shelf

Parents in the know love using the Kallax shelving system to create storage for toys and other bedroom items. Having the Kallax on it’s side makes it easier for little ones to reach their favourite play items, and you can place a small mattress on top to create a reading nook. The Kallax comes in a range of configurations (starting from $69, IKEA) and can be stacked, painted and given inserts to make organisation easier.

IKEA hacks Kallax shelf storage
Source: Zelfmaak Ideetjes

IKEA DIY rocking chair

This rocking chair hack is an incredible money saving idea!  Instead of purchasing a rocking chair with a hefty price tag, why not make your own? IKEA has a great range of comfortable chairs available. Pick yours, then order some rocking chair runners online and attach them yourself.

If this task seems a little outside of your skillset, Airtasker have some great handymen who could do the job in no time.

IKEA hacks DIY rocking chair
Source: Popsugar
Image credit: Sara Boulter Photography

Have you got any more awesome IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms that you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below, and happy IKEA hacking!

Ikea Furniture Hacks for Cat Owners

We think these pieces of cat furniture are the cat’s pyjamas. They are assembled using everyday IKEA furniture, repurposed to "Ikea Furniture Hacks for Cat Owners"

Ikea Furniture Hacks for Cat Owners

We think these pieces of cat furniture are the cat’s pyjamas. They are assembled using everyday IKEA furniture, repurposed to appeal to the crazy antics of our beloved feline friends. They look great, save space, and are easy to put together. Check out the pics below and get some inspiration for your own kitty wonderland!

Kitty Window Lounger

Source: ikeahackers

This sun-soaked villa is just what the vet ordered: a place to recuperate after a long and tiresome day of lounging, skulking, slinking about and devouring small animals.

You Will Need:

2 X HAMPEN Rug high pile
2 X LACK Side tables
1 X LACK Coffee Table

Source: Bloglovin’
Source: ikeahackers

Black & White Stolmen Tree

Source: Pinterest

Give your cat a workout that is compact and easy on the eyes. This tree is full of choice perches that will satisfy the most discerning of kitty critics.

You Will Need:

1 X STOLMEN storage system (post and fixtures)

Source: Pinterest
Source: Ikea Hackers

Double-Decker Doll Bed

Source: Pinterest

How adorable is this? Probably the the easiest of Ikea cat hacks: just grab these doll beds, mat and all, and stack and screw as needed. This has kitty slumber party written all over it!

You will need:

2 X DUKTIG Doll Bed

Source: ikeahacker
Source: Apartment Therapy

Cat Tower

Source: Homes Alive Pets

From trees and roofs to the tops of shelves and telegraph poles, we all know that cats love hitting high altitudes. Maybe its for the rush, maybe its for the solitude. In any case, the sky’s the limit with how high you can stack this kitty skyscraper. Unless it’s indoors, in which case the ceiling’s the limit.

What You Need:

4 X LACK table
12 X chair brackets
24 X screws
Bathroom mat

Overlap and secure 3 tables of 4, using brackets chair and screws. Use the 4th tray table to make the base of the tree. Wrap the Sisal twine around the feet of the table.

Source: MNN
Source: Princesse Guerriere

Crouching Kitty, Hidden Litter

Source: Apartment Therapy

When space is in short supply, you need to get creative with your storage and organisation. Apartment dwellers know this too well, which is why this concealed cat litter box is a stroke of genius. It’s more sightly, functional and space-efficient than a regular litter, and probably deals with the smell better too!

What You Need:

1 X STUVA BEDSAD Storage Frame
1 X STUVA MALAD Soft-Close Doors
1 X VARIERA Plastic Bag Dispenser

Source: Bella Pop

Luxury Kitty Condo

Source: ikeahackers

This is the veritable cream of all cat hangouts. A multi-storey pad with an architectural edge. Fit for cat royalty, which is good… you know… considering they act like they’re God’s gift to us mere peasants.

What You Need:

1 X KALLAX 2×4
1 X KALLAX 2×2
2 X KALLAX 1×1 (steps)
2 X KALLAX cupboard doors
1 X LACK 1×1 Shelf = 2 (2 spare, will mount on wall )
Ikea Rug (Seasonal, green in Xmas display section) = 7

Cat Scratch Post:

3 X LACK Table Leg (screwed together)
1 X LACK Table (base)
2 X NYTTJA Frames (top: glued together + carpet)
Sisal Rope

The buckles that come with KALLAX are used as L brackets to secure to wall and one another. Find someone local to help with furniture assembly near you, and get it done with Airtasker!

IKEA Shopping: Tips To Survive & Save Money

Source: New In Zurich “I’m just going to IKEA to pick up a bookcase and mirror, that’s it.” Have you "IKEA Shopping: Tips To Survive & Save Money"

IKEA Shopping: Tips To Survive & Save Money

Source: New In Zurich

“I’m just going to IKEA to pick up a bookcase and mirror, that’s it.” Have you heard (or said) that before? Well you aren’t alone, many of us have, and truth be told it’s more like a DAY spent at IKEA.

Don’t mistake me, IKEA shopping is fun and exciting but it’s also laborious and expensive. Here are some tips to survive the IKEA store and also save your precious money.

Save Money

Extra Parts
If you’ve realised that there’s a bunch of screws and bolts missing from your IKEA flat pack, don’t fall into the trap of paying for them, because they will replace them for free. All you need to do is know the part number and phone your local store.

Source: Swedish Furniture Parts

Special Offers
Do your research before you go shopping and make sure you’ve looked at all the current deals online.

Eat Before You Shop
It’s not only true for grocery shopping but also fashion and furniture, eating before you go shopping will help you think straight and not rushing or buying unnecessary items.

Create A Shopping List
Create your IKEA shopping game plan by writing a list of ONLY the must-haves. You could also try to get your hands on your local IKEA store map so that you can identify where your items are. IKEA actually lets you create your own shopping list on the website that you can print and take to the store.

Print list
Source: Craftivity Designs

Make IKEA Look Expensive
You can make any basic piece of IKEA furniture look a million bucks (ok, maybe not that expensive – sorry) with a fresh coat of paint and DIY initiative. For a little inspiration read our piece on Tips To Make IKEA Furniture Look Expensive.

ikea-gold coffee table
Source: Stuck on brand aid

Survive IKEA

Check Availability
Have a look online via stock check if your local IKEA store has the exact item you want to buy. You don’t want to be the person who only realises near the end of the shopping that the one item you came for is out of stock…

Measure Up
At home find your tape measure and accurately measure the area where the IKEA furniture is going, such as the ceiling height, walls and obstructions. Don’t forget to take that tape measure with you, the IKEA paper versions aren’t going to do you any favours.

Saturday Ban
Never ever ever ever go on a Saturday or Sunday for that matter, just avoid weekends general actually. The best time to go in is about an hour before the store closes, that way you’ll race around and get everything done without complications… plus all that running and lifting is like a workout – win-win!

Source: Dailymail

Don’t Get Distracted
It’s easy to get tempted by the many things around the IKEA store maze, and I know you’ve seen the big cages of 100 tea-light candle packs. Stick to your shopping list and keep walking until you’ve found your desired section.

Avoid IKEA directions
See those big blue or yellow dots on the floor telling you which way to walk. Put your head up, look left and right and you will see a shortcut. They also have hidden passages connecting to different parts of the store, just ask someone nicely and they’ll direct you the quickest way out.

Source: Felicia-mach

Getting IKEA Items Home
There’s absolutely no reason to buy big items if you can’t get them home. Take the family car or talk a mate into going with you who has a bigger car.

Source: Daily Edge

100% Avoid Altogether
You could save your entire weekend by purchasing all of your IKEA goods online and then arranging an Airtasker to deliver your furniture straight to your home. This will save you money and your time, in fact you could even get them to do the furniture assembly too.

But if you can’t keep away from IKEA, just don’t forget the Swedish meatballs on the way out – they’re worth it!

Got any more IKEA shopping tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Standing Desk IKEA Hacks

Did you know that prolonged sitting can increase life-threatening diseases? That’s why standing desks have been produced to encourage people "Standing Desk IKEA Hacks"

Standing Desk IKEA Hacks

Did you know that prolonged sitting can increase life-threatening diseases? That’s why standing desks have been produced to encourage people to get up and move around. Did I mention that you’ll loose weight by standing – talk about a bonus!

Source: Bobvila

The only problem is that standing desks can cost from $350 up to $2,000, which is a lot to spend for a business. However you can use IKEA furniture to make a DIY standing desk very easily.

I recently put a standing desk at my house (see below) so I can take in the beautiful ocean view while I plug away. I’ll admit it’s not the prettiest set up, so I’ve found you some fantastic inspirational ideas to help you assemble your own standing desk, on a minimal budget.


Standing desk IKEA hacks:

Using Shelving

IKEA KALLAX shelving units can be used as a bookcase, side unit table, or as you can see below, a desk.

desk2-720424 (1)
Source: egedesigns

Source: KALLAX shelving unit $99

Source: eeDesign

Source: KALLAX shelving unit $59

All you need is a table top and there is a lot to choose from but this LINNMON table top for $49 will do the trick.

Need some help putting your standing desk together? There are plenty of Airtaskers who are able to help with furniture assembly.

Tables on Tables

Using smaller pieces of IKEA furniture, you can stack them on top of each other to make a standing desk as high (or low) as you need. Most people tend to get a LACK side table.


Source: Steven Sanderson


You don’t need to put all the shelves in a bookcase, you can customise them to be as far or near apart as you need. To make a standing desk, all you’ll need to do is add a wall bracket to a BILLY bookcase for your keyboard and mouse.

Source: Spare Time Hacks

Wall Shelves

Speaking of wall brackets and shelving, you can buy a simple wall bracket and attach it to a wall at the exact height you need. After putting up your EKBY wall shelf you can be really funky with painting it any colour and adding different decoration pieces to make it look amazing in your home (or office).

Source: Homed It

TV Unit

When you buy a media unit, you don’t necessarily have to put all the pieces together. For a standing desk a simple hack is to use a BESTA TV unit and attach the legs from the GALANT desk legs.

Source: IKEA

Source: Homed It

Tips To Make IKEA Furniture Look Expensive

Saving money but still want to have an amazing home? Well, believe it or not, you can achieve all your "Tips To Make IKEA Furniture Look Expensive"

Tips To Make IKEA Furniture Look Expensive

Saving money but still want to have an amazing home? Well, believe it or not, you can achieve all your favourite industrial, Scandi or Hampton’s looks on any budget with a trip to IKEA.

Due to its heritage, IKEA is naturally already very Scandiavian by design but you can still make your IKEA furniture look expensive with a little bit of creative D.I.Y.

Here are a 7 tips to make your IKEA look top-end!

Stylish Stools

Pick up a few Roxo IKEA stool for just $9.99 a pop and turn them into something spectacular.

You can use rope, contact paper, tape or paint to make them pop.


Source: Refinery29

That’s Gold

With a bit of paint or spray paint you add bling to any piece of IKEA furniture.

Wall Brackets
Change these EKBY LERBERG wall brackets with a touch of gold to make them a feature.

ikea-gold brackets

Coffee Table

This plain VITTSJÖ coffee table can bring back art deco with a metallic splash.

ikea-gold coffee table
Source: Stuck on brand aid

Nordic Pastels

Open, bright and light are frequent themes in Scandi design but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of colour. Using pastels in smaller items allows you to change colours with the seasons at a low cost.

ikea-gold paint
Source: Buzzfeed


Side Tables & Dresser

There is plenty that you can do with a basic TARVA IKEA chest of drawers with a coat of paint and some new knobs.


Source: Mentalfloss

Source: Mentalfloss

Get Spotty

Spots are on-trend at the moment and it’s easy to apply instant glam by using wrapping paper or contact paper to furniture.

Source: oh my dear blog

You can also apply this to boring storage boxes to make them look like something out of a Kate Spade catalogue.

Source: First Home Love Life

Statement Lights

You can buy any basic lamp and change the shade but to make a real impact use some wood and rope for a beachside aesthetic.

Source: IKEA Hackers

Do you have any more fantastic IKEA hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

IKEA Furniture Assembly Tips

Shopping for furniture is great fun (well for some), but when it comes to furniture assembly people can generally fall "IKEA Furniture Assembly Tips"

IKEA Furniture Assembly Tips

Shopping for furniture is great fun (well for some), but when it comes to furniture assembly people can generally fall into four categories.

1. People that hate anything that comes in a flat pack.
2. People who enjoy trying to use the information-lacking instructions to successfully put furniture together.
3. People that know it has to be done sooner or later and dig in.
4. People who know better than to waste their time and outsource furniture assembly on Airtasker.

ikea furniture assembly help

Whether you attempt to tackle the flat pack or outsource it, here are 8 tips that are essential for successful furniture assembly.

Ever heard ‘preparation is the key to success’? Well it’s absolutely true. Here’s how to start:

• Make sure you have enough space in the room and clear away things that can be easily knocked over
• If you’re working on a floor that might get damaged, put a towel or old bed sheets down to protect it
• Get something to put all the screws, bolts, dowel rods etc into
• Lay out all of the pieces according to size and shape

Follow the instructions

Source: Wartime Housewife

Many people would actually say to read the instructions rather than follow the instructions, but most people don’t read the instructions beginning to end before they start and that’s perfectly ok!

What is important though when following the steps is to not jump ahead nor take shortcuts, you will be kicking yourself later if you need to take it all apart and start again.


There are two types of tool that you will need – specialist tools that are supplied with the furniture (e.g. allen keys), and your own standard tools such as screwdrivers and hammers. With that being said, it’s important to remember:

• Don’t lose the specialist tools as they often can’t be replaced unless you go back to the supplier.
• Make sure you use proper standard tools, i.e. a bread knife is not a substitute for a screwdriver.

furniture assembly tools
Source: See the woods and the trees

Leave Enough Time

When estimating how long it will take you to build a piece of flat pack furniture, the golden rule is to remember that it will always take you longer than you think. Even for small items you should be realistic about how long it will take you. If you are building something large, leave yourself several hours.


The key to successful furniture assembly often comes down to tightening. To make sure you’ve done in correctly, make sure you:

1. Put all of the screws in place before fully tightening
2. Do not over tighten. Flat pack furniture does not rely on the strength in your arms to give it stability. In fact you can often damage the boards if you over tighten too much.

Teamwork or Solo?

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t have people to help you out. As the saying goes ‘many hands make light work’ but there’s also the other one whereby ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’.

If you go solo:
1. It will take you longer
2. Less likely to make mistakes
3. Less arguments

If you get some help:
1. Bigger pieces can be put together easier
2. Less physical input demanded
3. Safer

One at a Time

The first rule of furniture assembly is to never start a new piece of flat pack furniture until you fully completed the first piece you already started.

Why? Because more likely than not, you’ll mix up the pieces and parts will get lost if you try to do more than one at a time.


The final IKEA furniture assembly tip is to go back to the item after three or four days of use to check all of the screws and fittings. Tighten any that are loose and make sure everything is working properly. If you do this you will have a solid item of furniture that will last.

IKEA Furniture Hacks

IKEA furniture comes and goes like the changing of seasons due to moving, different design taste or just broken. However "IKEA Furniture Hacks"

IKEA Furniture Hacks

IKEA furniture comes and goes like the changing of seasons due to moving, different design taste or just broken. However it doesn’t have to end up on the street for council pick-up, instead you could repurpose it for something else.

We’ve stumbled across some great IKEA hacks that will breathe life back into your furniture.

Shelves to desks

Source: Mashable

If you have old shelves or bedside tables, you can create a new storage friendly desk.

Bookshelf to pet sanctuary

Source: Gizmodo

IKEA bookshelves can be changed in all sorts of ways like in the image above and turn it into a home for your beloved pet.

Shopping bag to raincoat

Source: Gizmodo

These bags are lifesavers at the time of shopping and even useful for the weekly grocery shopping but to make even more from the bag you can convert it into a children’s raincoat.

Boring brackets to colourful wall art

Source: Poppytalk

These would usually be brackets that you put in your shed but by having a few extra and some left over paint you can create a great practical feature for your wall.

From plain to glam

Source: Better decorating bible

Spice up your usual boring IKEA furniture to make people say ‘WOW!’. We guarantee people will be asking where you got it from and when they discover you did it, they’ll be lining up just to have their own unique piece for their bedroom.

Got any other IKEA hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

Top Flat Pack Furniture Stores

Did you know the flat pack furniture idea was born when a Swedish draughtsman needed to fit a table in "Top Flat Pack Furniture Stores"

Top Flat Pack Furniture Stores

Did you know the flat pack furniture idea was born when a Swedish draughtsman needed to fit a table in his car just a little over 60 years ago? Then he shared the idea with his IKEA employers, revolutionising how people bought and installed furniture.

IKEA might be the grandfather of flat pack but there are now many options available to you such as customised designs, no-tool-required joinery systems and even 100% recyclable cardboard furniture.

Here are a few of the top flat pack furniture stores:


NOMI offers designer quality furniture products across an array of sizes, shapes, materials and colours in a simple to transport flat pack package.

NOMI flat pack furniture
Source: NOMI furniture

The furniture arrives flat packed to your home but the big difference is that you won’t need tools to put it together. Rather its nifty peg, lock and wedge joinery system makes flat pack furniture assembly quick and super simple.


Evolvex is also a customisable flat pack furniture company with a difference. Their flat pack products include interchangeable components. This way the style and shape of your furniture can evolve according to your lifestyle. Indeed, it is as simple as purchasing additional parts to increase the size of the furniture or maybe an entirely different piece to suit your needs.

evolvex furniture
Source: Wired.com


Can cardboard be made into a stool? Yes. What about a chairman’s table or a double bed? Definitely. KARTON is a dynamic flat pack furniture company that encourages you to forget everything you thought you knew about the traditional packaging material. Indeed, KARTON allows you to open your mind to the possibilities of furnishing your entire home with cardboard.

KARTON cardboard flat pack furniture

Watch this video and be prepared to be amazed as everything you know about flat pack furniture installation is about the change.


Well known for the endless options of affordable furniture, it’s the long-standing champion (and inventor) of flat pack furniture. While some enjoy putting together the puzzle-like furniture, others outsource to sites like Airtasker for their furniture assembly needs.

So has IKEA met its match with these new non-tool based assembly furniture companies? Let us know you’re thoughts in the comments below.

Need to get furniture delivered? Read our Top 5 Furniture Delivered To Your Home.

IKEA Room Ideas

Want to shake things up in your living room, bedroom or your entire house but on a tight budget? Lucky "IKEA Room Ideas"

IKEA Room Ideas

Want to shake things up in your living room, bedroom or your entire house but on a tight budget? Lucky for you IKEA is the best place to turn to for cheap furniture and additional accessories to brighten up your home.

If you have a big empty room and you are looking to fill it without hurting your hip pocket, IKEA is a great place to find inspirational room and furniture ideas.

Looking for a bit of inspiration? We’ve put a couple of IKEA room ideas together for you below.


DUKEN bed frame - $220 AUD
Source: DUKEN bed frame – $220AUD

TRAVA bed frame - $119 AUD
Source: TRAVA bed frame – $119AUD

These two bedroom images show the versatility of a simple bed frame with quality interior design. Stylish and sleek, you can explore many more IKEA room and furniture ideas in their latest IKEA catalogue.

Not sure how to get your new bedroom suite home? Find out Katie’s IKEA Pick Up and Delivery solution.

Lounge room

STOCKHOLM chair $399AUD each
Source: STOCKHOLM chair – $399AUD each

A lounge room that you can update along with the changing seasons (and trends) is the way to go as you can see above.

However sometimes life is about breaking the rules, in which case the following bright sofa will bring the instant ‘wow factor’ to your living room. Plus the multi-colour gives you plenty of secondary colours to choose from – just don’t go overboard and end up with a fruit salad.

KLIPPAN two-seat sofa - $299AUD
Source: KLIPPAN two-seat sofa – $299AUD


HEMNES study desk ikea
Source: HEMNES Buearu add-on – $499 AUD

You could be crammed for space or perhaps you’re a food blogger in your spare time. Either way, this is the perfect solution for you to get work and emails done in the heart and soul of the home – the kitchen.


Perhaps what IKEA is best known for is its storage solutions, from big cabinets to small boxes or pencil holders, IKEA has it all.

Here are a few of our top solutions:

LACK shelf storage ikea
Source: LACK wall shelf – $49.99AUD

BJÄRNUM folding hook - $19.99/3pack
Source: BJÄRNUM folding hook – $19.99/3pack

STOLMEN 3 sections - $947.50AUD
Source: STOLMEN 3 sections – $947.50AUD


Not forgetting the beautiful outdoors, by using bright fairy lights and some cushions you won’t mind if there’s some cloud about or a lovely sunny day. This is our favourite look below.

KARLSÖ gazebo with curtains - $169AUD
Source: KARLSÖ gazebo with curtains – $169AUD

We hope this helped you get a little bit of inspiration for your next room makeover. Happy shopping 🙂

Don’t forget to use an Airtasker to help you with your IKEA Assembly next time you make some purchases!


IKEA Pick Up & Delivery

Whether you go to IKEA for the $1 hot dogs and moreish Swedish meatballs or to actually buy furniture, you’re "IKEA Pick Up & Delivery"

IKEA Pick Up & Delivery

Whether you go to IKEA for the $1 hot dogs and moreish Swedish meatballs or to actually buy furniture, you’re guaranteed to leave with things that weren’t on your shopping list.

ikea shopping

When I say this, I’m speaking from experience. The last time I went to IKEA, I bought a bunch of colourful drinking straws when I really only needed a coffee table. However, this ‘binge buying’, while always exciting, can sometimes present a problem for me. I often purchase more than I can carry and don’t have access to a car that can handle my shopping splurges.

See also: Top 5 Furniture Delivered To Your Home

This exact problem occurred recently when I decided to finally invest in some bigger furniture items in my home. The closest IKEA in my area is the big store at Tempe, Sydney, a good 20 minutes away. I was working on completely refurnishing my place in Bondi, when I realised that I didn’t have the time to go and purchase the furniture, let alone transport it back home.

Now IKEA does offer delivery services such as using a GoGet car or IKEA staff to bring it to your house, but at a starting price of $59AUD, they were asking a premium on the price. I needed to find an alternative option to get my goods home.

The solution? IKEA Delivery on Airtasker.

Using an Airtasker to purchase the goods and deliver them to my door was an option that worked really well and helped me keep the costs down. This is how I did it:

My Airtasker Experience

After finding the furniture I wanted bought in a current IKEA catalogue (I chose a sideboard table and a large mirror), I used the free Airtasker mobile app on my iPhone to post a job on the board to get the goods purchased and delivered to my home. I then went about my day.

Within a couple of hours after posting a task on Airtasker, I had three offers from willing and skilled people, eager to help me out. I decided to choose a guy called Yuqi, who had already completed similar delivery tasks in the past and received great reviews. He also had his own car and tools to make it easier for him.

Yuqi was able to use the description and imagery from the IKEA catalogue to buy the exact side table and mirror I wanted. He even sent photos via text message just to double check that he was buying the right furniture.

ikea table assembly

After picking up the items, he drove to my house and promptly got started putting the table together in record time. He then moved onto the mirror. That was went we were presented with a problem.

A screw loose?

As Yuqi was unpacking the mirror and checking that we had all the parts, he discovered that a bag of washers and screws was missing. I never realised how important it is to check this first before you start assembling the furniture.

I offered Yuqi another $20AUD to go back to IKEA in Tempe and pick up the missing parts, which he was happy to do. He soon returned but had been unable to get the replacement screws on the day as they were out of stock. However, showing real initiative, he had organised them to be mailed to my house once they were back in stock. Yuqi even said he would come back when they arrived to finish off the assembly.

A couple of days later Yuqi came back and finished up the task and other than a slight delay, I was chuffed with my new furniture.

ikea mirror assembly

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