IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms

If you’d like to make your little one’s bedroom an exciting, creative place for them to grow and flourish, you’ll "IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms"

IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms

If you’d like to make your little one’s bedroom an exciting, creative place for them to grow and flourish, you’ll love these IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms.  There are so many inventive ways to use items from the affordable Swedish homewares giant to encourage play, create a fun environment, and a calm place for rest.  Here are some of our favourites.

Bekvam step stool IKEA hacks

The Bekvam step stool is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in their range when it comes to kid’s rooms. With a retail price of $17.99 (IKEA), it’s an absolute steal. Have a look at these inventive hacks for using it.

IKEA hacks Bekvam step stool play kitchen
Source: mommo design

A lick of paint, a few knobs and a little basket rack will turn it in to an awesome play kitchen.

IKEA hacks Bekvan step stool library ladder
Source: Oakland Avenue

Paint or decorate the Bekvam with wall paper to turn it into a fun library ladder.

Small toy storage on a magnetic knife rack

Sick of stepping on little toy cars that feel like they go straight through your foot? You are saved! The Grundtal magnetic knife rack is a storage savior for little metal based toys like cars and trains. Kids love magnets, so picking up after themselves is a more likely event with this little IKEA hack (sadly, it won’t work on LEGO). It’s only $14.99 (IKEA) and is easy to attach to your kid’s bedroom wall.

IKEA hacks Grundtal knife rack toy storage

Lack side table IKEA hacks

The Lack side table (available from $7.99, IKEA), is another fantastic piece of furniture that you can create masterpieces with for your kid’s bedroom.

IKEA hacks Lack side table art station
Source: Pinterest

Encourage play and paint the Lack side table with chalkboard paint to turn it into an art station.

IKEA hacks Lack side table board games
Source: IKEA via HouseBeautiful

Board games – get some masking tape and paint so you can recreate your childhood favourites.

IKEA hacks Lack side table tabletop playground
Source: Etsy

Create a tabletop playground

Store books on a spice rack

One of the most popular IKEA hacks around (for a good reason) is using the Bekvam spice rack ($3.99 at IKEA) to store and display children’s books. It’s solid wood and can easily be painted and mounted as a cute little book shelf to walls, doors, above the bed head, etc.

IKEA hacks Bekvam spice rack book shelf
Source: BRIT + CO

Kura bed IKEA hacks

Have you got little angels who don’t want to go to bed?  Make bedtime something they look forward to by creating something unique and fun with the Kura bed. The Kura Reversible bed frame is $299 (IKEA, mattress sold separately). It can be flipped upside down to convert from a low to high bed. IKEA sell bed tents, but we know you can get much more creative than that – all you need is some inspiration, paint, wall paper and fun linen!

If the thought of putting together an IKEA flat pack is daunting for you, why not hire an Airtasker to do the assembly for you?

IKEA hacks Kura bed cubby house
Source: IKEA via Hellobee

Camp out in a cubby house

IKEA hacks Kura slippery slide bed
Source: LaurieFlower

Build a big kid bed with its own slippery slide


IKEA hacks Kura sweet dreams slumber party bunk bed
Source: Kidsmopolitan

Sweet dreams and slumber parties bunk bed design

Change table IKEA hack

A great IKEA hack for nurseries is to use the Tarva chest of drawers as a change table (starting from $129, IKEA). The 3 and 6 drawer options are both the perfect height for changing your baby, and the drawers can be used as storage for nappies and creams.

IKEA hacks Tarva change table
Source: Mon Bébé Chéri

Storage with the Kallax shelf

Parents in the know love using the Kallax shelving system to create storage for toys and other bedroom items. Having the Kallax on it’s side makes it easier for little ones to reach their favourite play items, and you can place a small mattress on top to create a reading nook. The Kallax comes in a range of configurations (starting from $69, IKEA) and can be stacked, painted and given inserts to make organisation easier.

IKEA hacks Kallax shelf storage
Source: Zelfmaak Ideetjes

IKEA DIY rocking chair

This rocking chair hack is an incredible money saving idea!  Instead of purchasing a rocking chair with a hefty price tag, why not make your own? IKEA has a great range of comfortable chairs available. Pick yours, then order some rocking chair runners online and attach them yourself.

If this task seems a little outside of your skillset, Airtasker have some great handymen who could do the job in no time.

IKEA hacks DIY rocking chair
Source: Popsugar
Image credit: Sara Boulter Photography

Have you got any more awesome IKEA hacks for kids bedrooms that you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below, and happy IKEA hacking!

Ikea Furniture Hacks for Cat Owners

We think these pieces of cat furniture are the cat’s pyjamas. They are assembled using everyday IKEA furniture, repurposed to "Ikea Furniture Hacks for Cat Owners"

Ikea Furniture Hacks for Cat Owners

We think these pieces of cat furniture are the cat’s pyjamas. They are assembled using everyday IKEA furniture, repurposed to appeal to the crazy antics of our beloved feline friends. They look great, save space, and are easy to put together. Check out the pics below and get some inspiration for your own kitty wonderland!

Kitty Window Lounger

Source: ikeahackers

This sun-soaked villa is just what the vet ordered: a place to recuperate after a long and tiresome day of lounging, skulking, slinking about and devouring small animals.

You Will Need:

2 X HAMPEN Rug high pile
2 X LACK Side tables
1 X LACK Coffee Table

Source: Bloglovin’
Source: ikeahackers

Black & White Stolmen Tree

Source: Pinterest

Give your cat a workout that is compact and easy on the eyes. This tree is full of choice perches that will satisfy the most discerning of kitty critics.

You Will Need:

1 X STOLMEN storage system (post and fixtures)

Source: Pinterest
Source: Ikea Hackers

Double-Decker Doll Bed

Source: Pinterest

How adorable is this? Probably the the easiest of Ikea cat hacks: just grab these doll beds, mat and all, and stack and screw as needed. This has kitty slumber party written all over it!

You will need:

2 X DUKTIG Doll Bed

Source: ikeahacker
Source: Apartment Therapy

Cat Tower

Source: Homes Alive Pets

From trees and roofs to the tops of shelves and telegraph poles, we all know that cats love hitting high altitudes. Maybe its for the rush, maybe its for the solitude. In any case, the sky’s the limit with how high you can stack this kitty skyscraper. Unless it’s indoors, in which case the ceiling’s the limit.

What You Need:

4 X LACK table
12 X chair brackets
24 X screws
Bathroom mat

Overlap and secure 3 tables of 4, using brackets chair and screws. Use the 4th tray table to make the base of the tree. Wrap the Sisal twine around the feet of the table.

Source: MNN
Source: Princesse Guerriere

Crouching Kitty, Hidden Litter

Source: Apartment Therapy

When space is in short supply, you need to get creative with your storage and organisation. Apartment dwellers know this too well, which is why this concealed cat litter box is a stroke of genius. It’s more sightly, functional and space-efficient than a regular litter, and probably deals with the smell better too!

What You Need:

1 X STUVA BEDSAD Storage Frame
1 X STUVA MALAD Soft-Close Doors
1 X VARIERA Plastic Bag Dispenser

Source: Bella Pop

Luxury Kitty Condo

Source: ikeahackers

This is the veritable cream of all cat hangouts. A multi-storey pad with an architectural edge. Fit for cat royalty, which is good… you know… considering they act like they’re God’s gift to us mere peasants.

What You Need:

1 X KALLAX 2×4
1 X KALLAX 2×2
2 X KALLAX 1×1 (steps)
2 X KALLAX cupboard doors
1 X LACK 1×1 Shelf = 2 (2 spare, will mount on wall )
Ikea Rug (Seasonal, green in Xmas display section) = 7

Cat Scratch Post:

3 X LACK Table Leg (screwed together)
1 X LACK Table (base)
2 X NYTTJA Frames (top: glued together + carpet)
Sisal Rope

The buckles that come with KALLAX are used as L brackets to secure to wall and one another. Find someone local to help with furniture assembly near you, and get it done with Airtasker!