Halloween tasks

Make-up help, party decorating and of course - pumpkin carving! Here's what people get help with for Halloween.

Halloween tasks

It’s that time of year again where Halloween parties are organised and finding costumes is on everyone’s to-do list. But if you aren’t organised yet or need a helping hand, we see plenty of people post all kinds of Halloween tasks. Here’s some spooky inspiration!

Halloween make-up

Whether it’s ghoulish zombie make-up or some creative Day Of The Dead face-painting, here are some of our top picks…

Shark bite makeup for Halloween birthday party

Calling all talented make up artists. I’m celebrating my birthday at a Halloween event. Id love to go as a shark attack victim. The attached image is what I’m trying to achieve.

The date of the event is Friday, 28 October. Will need to be ready by 6:00pm.

Ideally, you can travel to Broadbeach Waters otherwise happy to drive nearby.

Would be perfect for someone trying to build their portfolio.

Price: $40

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Halloween Make Up Artist Needed

I’m looking for a makeup artist to do 5 x males make-up of El Diablo (please google to see what will be needed to be done). See the following link – [Content Moderated] It will need to be done in Stkilda East this Saturday night, 21st October – 7pm – 8pm.

Price: $100

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Day of the Dead face painting for Halloween

We are after some with experience to come over to our place on the afternoon of the 31st and paint myself and my partners faces for a Halloween party in the style of Dia de los Muertos face painting.

Reference: https://[Content Moderated] /search?q=Day+of+the+Dead+face+painting+tradition&sa=X&espv=2&biw=1164&bih=598&site=webhp&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ved=[Content Moderated] #tbm=isch&q=Day+of+the+Dead+face+painting

Price: $118

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Being stuck in the kitchen and serving food during your own party is no way to have a good time. Get an Airtasker to take care of it, so that you can catch up with your friends and hit the dancefloor without a worry!

Halloween Engagement party

Hi.. We require 1 person to assist in preparing and serving finger food for our Halloween Engagement Party.
Services required on SATURDAY 29 OCTOBER from 6pm.
Jobs required in the kitchen are to heat and prepare platters of finger food (supplied), walk among our guests to serve food, clear or re-plate platters, keep kitchen clean and tidy, wash dishes as required.
We have already allocated 1 other person to work in the kitchen and someone to run the bar. Therefore you would accompany another Airtasker.
During the night, 1 of the kitchen staff could float between the kitchen and the bar when the bar seems busy (whilst waiting for food to reheat).
Please note that this will be a fancy dress party.

Price: $125

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Wait staff/Halloween party

Need two helpers too cook/reheat finger food and serve
Clean as you go
530pm start white shirt black pants

Price: $80

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Halloween decorating

It can take a little bit more effort than your usual house party to make your home look spooky. Relieve yourself of some of that stress with helping hand to pick up and deliver decorations, set up fake cobwebs, put up ghost wall stickers and anything else you need to do before your guests arrive.

Halloween Party set up!

Looking for an organised and enthusiastic person to help me set up my Halloween party. Experience preferred

Source and pick up some party items.
Help set up house decorations day before and on the day of event. Friday 30th – 31 st Oct.

Help make and set up some party food and drinks.

Come back the next day and help clean up mess ( although not essential)

Price: $40

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Halloween decorations

hi, i have some halloween decors that i would love to arrange outdoors around my home, make it exciting for the grandkids. this job would suit someone local 🙂 thanks

Price: $25

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Post Halloween clean-up

Halloween can be a very messy party to host at your home and no one wants to wake up the day after to clean. Lucky house cleaning is one of the most popular tasks on Airtasker and there’s always plenty of people ready to help!

Post halloween party apartment clean

Hi there, we are having a bit of a halloween bash at our apartment and would like to have the place cleaned up the following morning take the pressure of the hosts

Would be basic cleaning duties including..
– mop tile floors
– tidying all bottles and other rubbish up
– wipe down benches and surfaces
– Vacuum
– washing platters/other dishes

Should be roughly 2 hours work from 10am on Sunday 1st November. All cleaning products can be provided

Any questions please let me know

Price: $60

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Halloween is all about looking the part, whether you’re trick or treating with the kids or going to a party – let’s think out of the costume box this year and see how Airtasker can help you!

Make me a Unicorn costume for halloween

Drawing inspiration from this DIY article (it won’t let me post the link, please see “Turn a hoodie into a unicorn costume” article on [Content Moderated] from Oct 18th)

I’m looking for someone to buy the materials and follow the instructions there.

I am a medium size man, so a white hoodie or something might work best. If it matters, I’m going to a party with startups and am playing on the industry term of “unicorn” as a successful startup company

I would like to have the costume dropped off at my office by 5:00, and I’d like to have you send me some pictures of your progress to make sure it is coming out well.

Price: $90

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Need someone to sew a Monsters Inc Boo costume

I need someone who know how to stitch and make a Monsters Inc Boo costume for Halloween! It will be for my niece who is 2 years old. I would love to do it if I could, but I am terrible at handcraft.

I am hoping for a costume similar to this: http://[Content Moderated] /files[Content Moderated] JPG

I found a costume tutorial here: [Content Moderated]

$100 will include reimbursement for buying materials and delivery fees. I can do a pickup if you are based in Melbourne.

Please note that I will need the costume by the 23rd Oct! If you are confident that you can get it done, I will get you her measurements.

Thank you and have a lovely day!

Price: $100

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Make a pvc walker for a Halloween costume

My 5 year old daughter is going as an old lady for a Halloween disco at school and I need a handyman to make up a pvc Walker something along the lines of the pics I’ve included. I don’t have the materials and would like it to be spray painted silver as in photos. I’m in Carina but am happy to pick up the completed Walker from your location.

Price: $40

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Make a “Mater” Halloween costume

You know the movie “Cars”? I need someone to make my toddler a Mater costume out of a cardboard box.

Price: $50

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Pumpkin carving

Get a pumpkin carved without having to do the hard work – your house will look great!

Need a pumpkin carver available for Halloween!

Looking for a pumpkin carver that is available to carve pumpkins prior to 2 halloween events, or carve them at the events themselves on the 31st of October, 2014.

Events are at Greaser Bar in Fortitude Valley & The Stock Exchange Hotel, Brisbane CBD.

Price: $200

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Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Carve out 8 Halloween pumpkins with halloween faces.

Price: $160

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Looking the part is one thing, but get someone to come to your party and take some great snaps of you and your friends will help capture the amazing costumes and memories.

Photographer for Halloween Event

Require: 1 x Photographer
Date: 31 October, 2015
Time: 10:45pm – 12am
Location: St Kilda, Fitzroy Street (location to be disclosed after approval)

Please send a link through to your current portfolio.

Price: $100

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Halloween promotion for businesses

If you need some extra promotion for your business this Halloween, getting people in your local area to hand out flyers is a guaranteed way to get the word out.

Hand out flyers for a Halloween party

Would like you to walk around near Sydney Town Hall steps, intercept people exiting the Sydstart conference on there tomorrow Friday 30th and hand out A4 flyers for a Halloween party happening that night one block away. Will supply promotional t-shirt.

Price: $100

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Do you have any other ideas for Halloween tasks? Let us know in the comments below!

Top Halloween Costume Ideas

Gone are the days where it was easy to to go to Big W, buy a white table cloth and "Top Halloween Costume Ideas"

Top Halloween Costume Ideas

Gone are the days where it was easy to to go to Big W, buy a white table cloth and cut out two eye holes and become a ghost for Halloween. From matching couple costumes to the latest movie characters, people dressing up for Halloween are looking outside the box this year.

Here are the top creative Halloween costumes ideas:

Harley Quinn

After behind-the-scene shots of one of the most anticipated movies, The Suicid Squad, we’re thinking there will be many Harley Quinn look-a-likes roaming the streets this year. As an added bonus it’s not a terribly hard costume to put together with some hair chalk, shorts, a baseball top and make up for special effects.

Source: Business Insider

Star Wars

It’s been a decade but the next Star Wars movie is about to be in every cinema in December. From Luke Skywalker and Darth Varder, to Princess Leia and Chewbacca – the options are endless.

Want to push the boundaries with an R2-D2 or Yoda costume? An Airtasker can help you put it all together for you.


Source: Wired


No one can look past a good Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or Catwoman superhero character for a party – but we are going to say that it’s definitely the least scariest and easy option.


Source: aceshowbiz


They are seriously too cute and make the ideal children’s costumes as they guarantee not to scare a soul. It can be a little difficult to make but with a bit of DIY and creative input, your little minion will be a star.

Source: Pegsgottago

Halloween Couple Costumes

There options here are quite endless from famous couples and movie leading men and ladies to quirky costume ideas you may of not even thought about like Google Map pins and the good ol’ eggs & bacon.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Eggs & Bacon

Source: Spicylegs

Google Maps

Source: Flavorwire


Source: Flavorwire

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Throwing a Halloween party this weekend? We’ve found some last minute DIY decorations to help get your house looking fantastically "Halloween Decoration Ideas"

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Throwing a Halloween party this weekend? We’ve found some last minute DIY decorations to help get your house looking fantastically ghoulish. Here are 10 halloween decorations set to make your home look as good as your costume.

1. BOO!

Source: Buzzfeed

Perhaps the easiest decoration just get a sheet of black cardboard and you’ve got an instant ghostly fridge.

2. First impressions

Source: Listotic

Make an entrance with this cardboard last minute project. You’ll have a monster of a time.

3. Hipster pumpkins


Pumpkin carving can get mighty messy so why not showoff your painting skills instead. Perhaps you could even get guests to BYO their own creations and have a prize for the best looking pumpkin.

4. Mummy mason jars

Source: Home to Indy

Mummify recycled jars with bandaging and craft store purchased googly eyes. Just don’t forget to add the tea light candles and light when it gets darker.

If you need a helping hand there are thousands of Airtaskers ready to help you out.

5. Glowing ghosts

Source: Buzzfeed

You can stick these glowing balloons all throughout the house, even in some cupboards for an extra scare. Just crack a glow stick and place into a blown up balloon.

6. Pumpkin cooler

Source: Princess Pinky Girl

At the end of the day it’s still a party and drinks need to remain cold at all times. Staying with the theme, crave out the inside of a pumpkin and place in a glass bowl with ice.

7. Classy garland

Source: Home to Indy

It doesn’t have to be all fake blood and pumpkins – use colours orange, black and white in new original ways. To make this garland just buy different bits of ribbon (even ask for offcuts to save money) and away you go.

8. Bloody candle

Source: Princess Pinky Girl

Who are we kidding, it’s the one time of the year where it’s blood-themed decorations are acceptable. This is simple to recreate by melting red candle wax onto a white candle.

9. Scary bottles


Another chance to get out the paint brush and convert wine bottles into works of halloween art.

10. Milky ghosts

Source: Buzzfeed

Line the backyard or balcony with these recycled milk bottles that have been made to look like ghosts thanks to the help of a Sharpie.

If you’re got any other halloween party tips, let us know in the comments below.

Easy DIY Costume Ideas

Everybody loves a good dress up party and wanting to be the best, so with halloween just around the corner "Easy DIY Costume Ideas"

Everybody loves a good dress up party and wanting to be the best, so with halloween just around the corner I thought I’d find you some of the best DIY dress-up costumes I could find.

Here are some of our favourite alternative DIY costumes.

1. Sweet tooth

Source: Mommy Testers

Yummy enough to eat? Well maybe not but it sure does look fantastic and it’s easy to make because all you need is brown paper, toilet paper and colourful streamers.

2. Pac-man


If you have a group why not get together and go as the characters from pac-man. You’ll be chasing each other all night!

3. Or… Tetris


This is definitely more original and you could even challenge yourself to see how many different combinations you can make.

4. Barbie Doll

barbie and ken feature image

I had barbie doll costume made for a dress up party by an Airtasker and I’ll never make a costume again because it was so great not to have to worry about it. Not to mention I won best dressed!

5. Dunkin Donuts


Costumes playing of brand names or couple costumes are always entertaining. Think bacon and eggs or cookie monster.

6. Lego


This is possibly the best one yet because everyone as a kid played with lego, plus there are so many outfit combinations.

7. Snacks anyone?


Wearing this would make you the party favourite and could even see you early a couple of dollars (only joking), but it doesn’t get much more creative than this.

8. Xenomorph

wine copy

Whether it’s halloween or you just really like aliens, this is an Airtasker-made costume and perhaps the best one we’ve seen yet.

Don’t have time to make a costume? There are plenty of Airtasker happy to take up the challenge, I know that I’ll never look back!

Have you got any other amazing costume ideas? Let us know in the comments below!