House painting hacks

Painting your house can be made easier and quicker with a few ideas, tips and tricks.

House painting hacks

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can give it an instant facelift.
But let’s face it, it’s not exactly an easy task. With prep, painting and cleaning up – not to mention time-consuming, some extra tips and tricks can make it less painful. Here are our house painting hacks to help you refresh your home.


As much as we wish it was as easy to pick a weekend, go to Bunnings, pick up some paint and it’s all done by the Sunday night… it’s often not as easy as that. But if you properly plan, you can get pretty close to it.

You need to plan:

  • What and how to cover furniture
  • When are you going to paint –  a long weekend will give you an extra day
  • What tools you need e.g. spray gun, brushes, rollers, sandpaper
  • Who’s going to help you? If you need an extra hand, get there are plenty of painting experts who can help.


What colour you choose is a big decision to make so it’s important to do your research, talk to your local paint shop and also get as many samples as you can.

Paint the samples on the wall in big swatches and also some closer to the carpet line, if you need it to match. Then leave it for a few days and see which one works for you.


If you’re using a roller that you already have, make sure you wash it thoroughly. If it’s brand-new roll a lint roller over it before you start to get rid of all the fluff, which you don’t want in your paint.


If you are painting over previously painted walls, run a swab with some rubbing alcohol over your old-painted walls. If paint comes off, the surface is latex-based paint and if it doesn’t, it’s oil-based paint. This is important as oil-based paint needs a primer.

Speaking of primer, use one. It will make your paintwork look cleaner and last a lot longer.


Hate cleaning up after painting? Then don’t. Line your paint tray with a glad wrap so you don’t have to wash it up after the painting is done.

You can buy drop sheets but save your money and use some old bed sheets that are taking up cupboard space.

Painting furniture

If you are painting chairs, lightly tap some nails into the legs of the chairs. Voila, you can now paint all over without leaving paint marks on the floor.

Same goes with bigger items; prop them up on blocks of wood to get optimum access with your paint brush.

Painting tips

When painting, run your roller in a ‘w’ shape like a zig-zag. This will give the best finish when dry. It will also help you to space out the paint by using long lines so that you don’t get any bubbles or dripping.

If you are painting on concrete, all you have to do it coat it with white vinegar and let that dry before painting over the top. This will prevent the paint from cracking.

External painting

If you are painting outside, consider hiring a spray-painting system. It will save you a lot of time and will give you an excellent finish. All you need to do is cross your fingers for great weather.

Painting hacks

Put Vaseline over screws, hinges, and windows so that paint won’t stick to it if you go over with your paintbrush.

Are the paint fumes a bit too much? Apparently, you can cut up some onions and leave them around the room to neutralise the smell. For a more pleasant smell, add an extract to your paint, such as peppermint or vanilla, and mix in as much as possible. This counteracts fumes and will leave your house smelling beautiful.

This article was written by Airtasker – Zoe T.

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10 Spring cleaning hacks for your home

Get around the extra work this spring with these tricks!

10 Spring cleaning hacks for your home

The days are longer and a little warmer, yes that’s right it’s finally Spring again! However, that also means it’s time to de-clutter and give your house a good spring clean. Although the extra work can make it seem like a monstrous weekend-long chore, we’ve collected a few simple hacks that will see you finished with your spring cleaning in no time.

From organising your house to polishing glasses, the list of to-do’s can be endless but here are 10 of the best spring cleaning hacks:

Dusting the ceiling fan

Before you pick up the feather duster and make a mess all over the room as you try to clean the top of the ceiling fan, grab an old pillow case and put it over the fan arm to scrape the dust straight into the pillow case. This will save you from having the dust the room and vacuum afterwards.

Organise your wardrobe

Deciding what clothes to throw away is a tough choice and one we really don’t like to make. Why? Because we all have ‘that’ dress which brings back nostalgic memories of first dates, birthdays, or maybe you feel fab in it but it’s literally falling apart and time for it to go.

So to make it easier for see what you really do and don’t wear try hanging all of your coat hangers in the opposite direction to what you normally autonomously put the away. Then in a few weeks, you’ll be able to see which coat hangers are still in the original direction and think about donating those to charity.

Messy drawers no more

We’ve all been guilty of just shoving clean washing into a drawer without folding it, which means it’s impossible to find anything, you can’t get as much in and not to mention it will need some serious ironing to get the creases out.

An easy solution is to pack t-shirts vertical instead of horizontal. You’ll be able to fit more and also find your fave tees in a few seconds – without making a mess!

Source: Imgur

Clean your vases

Getting rid of the grime in vases can be not only difficult but also gross. To get around it, add a cup of uncooked rice, warm water and half a cup of window cleaner and mix it around.

Your vase will be sparkling clean and ready for fresh flowers in a jiffy.


Plantation shutter dusting

They sure do look pretty but plantation shutters are not the easiest blinds to clean. Lucky we’ve stumbled across a quick hack that we can use, all you need is a knife (not a sharp one) and a microfiber cloth to wrap around it. This you can go through each slat to pick up the dust easily.

Dusting lamp shades

Do you find that the dust just sticks to lamp shades and doesn’t want to budge? Well, we have the hack for you! Use a run-of-the-mill clothing lint roller to roll over the outside and inside of your lamp shades.

Shower curtain mould

To get rid of the mouldy build-up on your shower curtain you can simply throw it in the washing machine. Or if you don’t want to do that make a natural cleaning solution, which you could reuse every few weeks.

Make your own natural shower curtain cleaner by getting an empty spray bottle which you can fill with half vinegar and half water. Then stretch the curtain to it’s full width (so that you can get in the creases) and spray the vinegar solution. Leave for a couple of minutes and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Bathroom grout cleaning

Scrubbing grout is very labour intensive and all your efforts may not even remove the most stubborn mould. So to make it a bit easier on yourself, soak cotton wool in bleach and then place along the mouldy grout. This will get rid (or at least make it easier to scrub) of the mould and save you time and effort.

Clearing out the drain

Drains can become easily clogged up with bits of food getting stuck. You can buy drain cleaners, but for a chemical free alternative just use baking soda and vinegar. You will need to have 2 cups of baking soda, 4 cups of boiling water and 1 cup of vinegar at your disposal.

Follow these steps:

  • Pour 1 cup of baking soda carefully down the drain and then 2 cups of the boiling water. Wait a few moments.
  • Pour another cup of baking soda, then the cup of vinegar and immediately plug the drain as bubbles will rise.
  • When the bubbles die down slightly, pour the remaining 2 cups of boiling water.

We love baking soda as an alternative natural cleaning solution, so we’ve also put together a guide on how to clean ovens with baking soda.

Dusting high ceilings

Get to those hard to reach places, like ceiling corners, by using a broom with a microfibre cloth at the end and you’ll be able to clear any dust or cobwebs.

If you’re having trouble with the cloth staying put, just use a big elastic band or some string to keep it in place.


Or perhaps the best hack yet? Use and Airtasker and you won’t need to lift a finger and still get the spring cleaning ticked off your to-do list.

Got any other hacks? Share with us in the comments below, we love hearing about new ways make cleaning easier.

Tips To Make IKEA Furniture Look Expensive

Saving money but still want to have an amazing home? Well, believe it or not, you can achieve all your "Tips To Make IKEA Furniture Look Expensive"

Tips To Make IKEA Furniture Look Expensive

Saving money but still want to have an amazing home? Well, believe it or not, you can achieve all your favourite industrial, Scandi or Hampton’s looks on any budget with a trip to IKEA.

Due to its heritage, IKEA is naturally already very Scandiavian by design but you can still make your IKEA furniture look expensive with a little bit of creative D.I.Y.

Here are a 7 tips to make your IKEA look top-end!

Stylish Stools

Pick up a few Roxo IKEA stool for just $9.99 a pop and turn them into something spectacular.

You can use rope, contact paper, tape or paint to make them pop.


Source: Refinery29

That’s Gold

With a bit of paint or spray paint you add bling to any piece of IKEA furniture.

Wall Brackets
Change these EKBY LERBERG wall brackets with a touch of gold to make them a feature.

ikea-gold brackets

Coffee Table

This plain VITTSJÖ coffee table can bring back art deco with a metallic splash.

ikea-gold coffee table
Source: Stuck on brand aid

Nordic Pastels

Open, bright and light are frequent themes in Scandi design but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of colour. Using pastels in smaller items allows you to change colours with the seasons at a low cost.

ikea-gold paint
Source: Buzzfeed


Side Tables & Dresser

There is plenty that you can do with a basic TARVA IKEA chest of drawers with a coat of paint and some new knobs.


Source: Mentalfloss

Source: Mentalfloss

Get Spotty

Spots are on-trend at the moment and it’s easy to apply instant glam by using wrapping paper or contact paper to furniture.

Source: oh my dear blog

You can also apply this to boring storage boxes to make them look like something out of a Kate Spade catalogue.

Source: First Home Love Life

Statement Lights

You can buy any basic lamp and change the shade but to make a real impact use some wood and rope for a beachside aesthetic.

Source: IKEA Hackers

Do you have any more fantastic IKEA hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

7 Simple Home Gardening Hacks

Yay a weekend of gardening… Said no one ever! Seriously if you like to slave away your weekends in the "7 Simple Home Gardening Hacks"

7 Simple Home Gardening Hacks

Yay a weekend of gardening… Said no one ever! Seriously if you like to slave away your weekends in the hot sun with dirt under your nails, rose thorn scratches and a back ache to last at least a week, we’re impressed.

But if that doesn’t float your boat, don’t worry we’ve got some great home gardening hacks that won’t break your back.

Vertical garden

Yes you could build a custom vertical planter out of pallets and it would look amazing, but why not just get a cheap shoe organiser from The Reject Shop and make it easy on yourself.

vertical garden hack

Source: Buzzfeed


Keep the critters (and slugs) at bay with some beer which will help to kills them.

Source: Buzzfeed

Keep it fresh

Make sure your plants look fantastic all year round by planting flowers still in their pots. This means you can also easily colour coordinate for a season or make easy replacements if one dies.

gardening hacks
Source: Buzzfeed

There are plenty of ideas to keep your backyard looking great all year round, just take a look at these quirky gardening ideas.


For an easy watering can use a milk bottle, poke holes in the top and fill with water. This means you can adjust the water levels to how you want. A milk bottle can also be cut to make a shovel for dirt with filling pots etc.

gardening hack
Source: Buzzfeed

Effective replanting

If you need to repot or move plants, by soaking the root ball and new soil they won’t crumble apart and also stay moist.

It can be a lot of work though, so it might be a good idea to get some additional gardening help.

Natural fertiliser

Pour your left over rice water over your garden for a chemical-free way to provide nutrients to your plants.

ricewater-gardening hack

Source: Health and Healthy Living

DIY irrigation

It’s not as hard as you think to make your own irrigation system, all you need is a few water bottles dug next to a plant which you’ve cut holes into, and fill with water when required.

waterbottle irrigation
Source: The Greenists

Got any more home gardening hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

IKEA Furniture Hacks

IKEA furniture comes and goes like the changing of seasons due to moving, different design taste or just broken. However "IKEA Furniture Hacks"

IKEA Furniture Hacks

IKEA furniture comes and goes like the changing of seasons due to moving, different design taste or just broken. However it doesn’t have to end up on the street for council pick-up, instead you could repurpose it for something else.

We’ve stumbled across some great IKEA hacks that will breathe life back into your furniture.

Shelves to desks

Source: Mashable

If you have old shelves or bedside tables, you can create a new storage friendly desk.

Bookshelf to pet sanctuary

Source: Gizmodo

IKEA bookshelves can be changed in all sorts of ways like in the image above and turn it into a home for your beloved pet.

Shopping bag to raincoat

Source: Gizmodo

These bags are lifesavers at the time of shopping and even useful for the weekly grocery shopping but to make even more from the bag you can convert it into a children’s raincoat.

Boring brackets to colourful wall art

Source: Poppytalk

These would usually be brackets that you put in your shed but by having a few extra and some left over paint you can create a great practical feature for your wall.

From plain to glam

Source: Better decorating bible

Spice up your usual boring IKEA furniture to make people say ‘WOW!’. We guarantee people will be asking where you got it from and when they discover you did it, they’ll be lining up just to have their own unique piece for their bedroom.

Got any other IKEA hacks? Let us know in the comments below.