Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Let’s be honest – 90% of the fun of Christmas is presents, and a good portion of that is the "Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas"

Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Let’s be honest – 90% of the fun of Christmas is presents, and a good portion of that is the wrapping (or un-wrapping). Regardless of what’s inside, there’s nothing quite as appealing as an attractive tree brimming with beautifully wrapped presents.

For some of us though, it seems we’re born with two left thumbs when it comes to gift-wrapping. From paper ripping to tape sticking everywhere, and let’s not even get started on how to curl ribbon, gift-wrapping is not as easy as it looks. For a quick how-to video watch how to gift wrap presents.

Fortunately, with a bit of imagination you can still make your presents look amazing on the outside too.

Word Search Wrapping

Source: Buzzfeed

For small gifts, use your home printer to create a word-find; have each gift recipient find their name on their present. For slightly larger gifts, your local Officeworks or Internet café should print in larger sizes.

Finish with a ribbon – just a bow will do, and you have a fun way to start the present demolishing on Christmas morning!

Chalkboard Inspired

Source: Goinghometoroost

Just like with your clothes, black is always in-style with gift-wrapping. Keep it fun, with cute hand-written notes written in place of gift cards on the actual wrapping paper. Just buy a large sheet of matte-finish black gift-wrapping, or even large sheets of black paper.

Paint markers can be found at any art/office supply shop; go with white for a faux chalkboard look, or silver or gold for a more elegant look. Draw snowflakes, banners, personalize your message – cute and stylish.

Gift Inside a Gift

This one is great for kids who are not known for their patience in waiting to open their Christmas day loot – and is super easy.

Go to your local two dollar shop or supermarket and buy a small set of crayons or colored pencils. Wrap your gift in plain white paper. Sticky tape crayons to gift, with instructions “Colour Me” on the gift – while the little ones wait, they can create a masterpiece.

Just Add A Photo

Instead of decorating with ribbons or gift cards, simply print a photo of the gift recipient or a picture of the both of you and attach to the wrapped gift.

Use a block colour of paper – any colour you like – and image editing software to add a filter of the same colour to the photo before printing onto photo paper.


Just wrap the gift in newspaper. Simple.

Maybe just add some twine though or ribbon off-cuts – less hobo, more rustic.

Stamp It

Source: Brit.co

Wrapping-paper can be expensive however a cheap alternative is to pick up a big roll of brown paper and using some paint – you can create some lovely bespoke designed paper. This is something that you can share with the kids for that extra special touch for the grandparents.

Washi Tape All The Things!

Source: Houzz

For those uninitiated, Washi Tape is basically sticky tape that looks mega-cool with a seemingly endless array of printed designs.

This stuff is perfect for those whose idea of gift wrapping is hastily throwing tissue paper around the object and roping enough sticky tape around that, on opening, somebody gently needs to suggest the use of scissors.

Sure, they might still need scissors, but with Washi Tape it looks so much prettier first!

How To Gift Wrap Presents

This post was inspired by a Jimmy Kimmel Live video (see below) where he learns how to gift wrap presents. "How To Gift Wrap Presents"

How To Gift Wrap Presents

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 4.12.52 pm

This post was inspired by a Jimmy Kimmel Live video (see below) where he learns how to gift wrap presents. Now I have to be honest with you, after wrapping my own Christmas presents this morning I kinda want to go home, rip them open and start all over again following these life changing tips. I definitely learnt something (or more like five things) and I thought it was too important not to share.

So let’s dive into the world of ribbon, paper and sticky tape…


Scissors – you’ll need two types; paper scissors, ribbon/material scissors.
Sticky tape – using either single sided, double sided or both.
Pens/pencils – for writing on the paper or cards.
Ruler – incase you need to measure the paper.
Cutting mat – to make sure you don’t damage the dining table.

Gift wrapping method
Following professional wrapper Alton in the video you can use his ‘wraps’ method to gift wrap perfectly:

W – Width and length
Roll out the wrapping paper on a clean surface (make sure you have plenty of room) and put present on top of the paper.
Make sure you leave enough room either side of the present for the paper to meet the top of the gift and cut paper. You could also use your fingers to measure the space.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 4.25.01 pm

R – Reduce your visible seam
Fold over the edge closest to your body. Then pull the piece across over the present to the edge of the gift, but before you tape it down – make sure you tuck the other side under so the folded edge is on top.

A – Adjust the corners
Turn the present on its side and push the edges down so that it creates flaps on either end. It also stops your present from moving.
Close the flaps of paper and seal with tape.

P- Press your edges
Run your fingers along the edges of your wrapped gift so it looks nice and square.

S- Style and embelish
Using all different ribbons and bows show your creative side. Need a bit of inspiration? Scroll to the bottom of this article some great original ideas.

Here’s the video:

Source: YouTube

Want more gift wrapping hacks?

– Use material instead of gift wrapping paper
– Old paper and ribbon scraps can be shredded and used as a protector for breakables
– Odd shape presents could be wrapped in shapes such as a bonbon or santa sack
– Reuse ribbons and straighten by rubbing over a light blub

gift wrapping hack
Source: DIY inspired

Gift wrap inspiration

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

1. Pick a theme – whether it’s rustic, winter wonderland, or traditional green and red. Picking a theme can emphaise your Christmas decorations around the home.

gift wrapping inspiration
Source: The Vintage Home

gift wrapping inspiration white
Source: Faith and Home

2. DIY – make your own bespoke wrapping paper with stencilling, stamps and wildlife. The kids will love making it, plus people love the extra effort.

gift wrapping inspiration diy stamp
Source: Kit This

gift wrapping inspiration diy
Source: One Bunting Away

3. Surprise – this might be more suited to the pro-wrappers but regardless, push the boundaries and have some fun with your wrapping.

gift wrapping inspiration christmas
Source: Curious litte kid

gift wrapping inspiration ties
Source: The 26th Avenue

gift wrapping inspiration christmas
Source: Curious litte kid

Still struggling? Get an Airtasker to do all your gift wrapping and you’ll never have sticky tape sticking on your fingers again.