Studio apartment inspiration

Studio apartments are no longer a trade-off of ‘space for city’.  Photography is a wonderful source of interior design inspiration "Studio apartment inspiration"

Studio apartment inspiration

Studio apartments are no longer a trade-off of ‘space for city’.  Photography is a wonderful source of interior design inspiration for a studio apartment.  Here’s some visual inspiration to lust over.

studio apartment inspiration
Source: Brit + Co

Industrial studio apartment inspiration

Exposed brick, concrete, pipes, tiles, or any kind of material that is structural or functional is begging you to do it justice with the industrial look.  Complement this style when furnishing your apartment by going for neutral colours, wooden pieces, exposed light bulbs and wiring. Add a high ceiling, and you’ve got a lofty, industrial style studio.

industrial studio apartment inspiration
Source: homedit

industrial studio apartment exposed brick
Source: onedio


Minimalism makes perfect sense if you have a studio apartment you’d like to decorate without making it less spacious.  Achieve minimalism by focussing on essential furniture items.  You can create an ‘accent’ of style with the addition of small ‘personality pieces.  Even when experimenting with minimalism, you can style your apartment to a theme or design that exposes character.

minimalist studio apartment

minimalist studio apartment

NYC chic

Enviable NYC style is within reach!  These studio apartments sprinkled with funky homewares and bright hues are functional and inspiring.  They convey the ‘Manhattan vibe’ without the ‘Manhattan price tag’.  Living in a chic, cooridinated space like this will put a spring in your step.

stylish studio apartment inspiration
Source: homedit

stylish studio apartment
Source: Brit + Co

Cosy and comfortable

Personalising your space with creature comforts will make it feel cosy. Decorative trinkets, sentimental items, inspirational art and the use of soft, neutral colours and textures will bring warmth to your studio apartment. Make ‘cosy and comfortable’ your number one goal.

cosy comfortable studio apartment
Source: Brit + Co

cosy and comfortable studio apartmentSource: LABLSTUDIO

Intelligent use of space

Your studio apartment doesn’t have to be a case of ‘eat where you sleep; sleep where you eat’. Clever organisation, the inventive use of furnishings and maybe even a little DIY will make you feel at home, with room to move.

small space studio apartment inspiration
Source: homedit
If you don’t have room for a cupboard, use racking and shelving to create storage on the walls, or in this case, above the bed.  If you’re not confident in installing shelving on your own, get some help from an Airtasker Handyman.

bookshelf room divider studio apartment
Source: homed
Do you want to create a semi-private escape to the bedroom, but have heaps of cookbooks that can’t live in a box?  Why not install a bookshelf as a room divider?  Furniture retailers like IKEA have plenty of designs, and Airtasker have plenty of IKEA flatpack assembly gurus available to help you out.

bed cube studio apartment
Source: Brit + Co
Now this is interesting!  Create privacy with a ‘bed cube’ (on rollers, no less).

reading nook studio apartment
Source: Est Living
This idea is ‘clever’ and ‘cosy and comfortable’!  Construct a reading nook by the window, on top of a horizontal bookshelf.  If you don’t have a built in bookshelf, there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing your own and doing a bit of DIY to make a safe and sturdy base.  Top with a comfortable mattress, a few cushions and a throw.  (Again, if you need help, hit up an Airtasker Handyman).

Modern European glass bedrooms

Using bold colours or unexpected materials is an exceptional way to modernise your studio apartment. European glass is a luxurious, modern feature when used to partition off a ‘bedroom’.

european glass studio apartmentSource: HusmanHagberg

european glass studio apartmentSource: Brit + Co

Do you love these studio apartment design ideas?  If you’ve got some more lust-worthy visual inspiration that you’d like to share, please copy a link in to the comment box below.

DIY Kitchen Hacks and Tips

The smells and sounds of the kitchen make it one of the most exciting and appreciated parts of the household. But sometimes "DIY Kitchen Hacks and Tips"

The smells and sounds of the kitchen make it one of the most exciting and appreciated parts of the household. But sometimes the process of cooking and cleaning up can be so time consuming, that it dampens the excitement. Here are some great DIY kitchen hacks and tips to help make cooking in, cleaning and organising your kitchen a little bit easier, and loads more fun!

Freezing things in ice cube trays

Don’t waste food; freeze it! Using ice cube trays to freeze things like curry pastes, tomato paste and lemon juice is easy and thrifty!  Once frozen, just pop the cubes into a freezer bag, label, date and defrost as needed.

 Kitchen hack tip: Pureed baby good freezes really well and saves busy mums plenty of time. Freeze ice cube trays of mashed pumpkin, mixed greens, a meaty casserole, etc., then once frozen put in to separate freezer bags. Defrost one block of each for a complete meal for babies 6-12 months old.
Ice cube tray DIY kitchen hacks and tips
Source: Yahoo! News

Cleaning the microwave

Working in the hospitality industry is a great place to pick up great kitchen hacks like this one! To clean a filthy, baked on, crusty microwave, pull the glass microwave tray out and spray the inside surfaces with Spray and Wipe. Place a microwave safe mug of water inside and zap for 40 to 60 seconds (depending on your microwave’s wattage). The mess will soften and easily wipe out with a clean, wet Chux.

cleaning microwave DIY kitchen hacks and tips
Source: Martha Stewart
Image credit: Johnny Miller

For some other ways to clean the kitchen, here are 4 natural kitchen cleaning products for your home.

Microwave meringues (seriously…)

While we’re on the topic of microwaves… you will have your MIND BLOWN by how easy it is to make microwave meringues (yes, they look a little different, but they taste just as good)! Try this recipe from BBC goodfood, and you’ll never spend another minute of your life ‘gently beating egg whites until stiff peaks form’ again!

  1. Stir 1 lightly beaten egg white in to 300g sifted icing sugar and roll into balls.
  2. Place 3 balls at a time on to a microwave safe plate and microwave on high for 1½ minutes.
  3. Let them cool and serve with cream and fresh fruit – insanely good!
microwave meringues diy kitchen hacks and tips
Source:The Kitchen Mccabe

Line shelves and drawers with paper

Line your pantry shelves and kitchen drawers with paper so leaking products (e.g. oils and vinegars) don’t leave stains, and utensils don’t leave scratches. If you’re renting, do this when you first move in to a place, and all you’ll need to do when you vacate is remove the paper and do quick wipe with a microfiber cloth.

drawers lined with paper diy kitchen hacks and tips
Source: the kitchn

Cleaning fry pans

Most people know the old bi-carb trick, but did you know that adding a little detergent can make the cleaning process even easier? To clean a burnt fry pan, generously sprinkle bi-carb soda over the burnt parts, and squirt a little dishwashing detergent in the pan. Gently top it up with water so the bi-carb doesn’t move, and put the pan on the stove on full heat. Just as it comes to the boil, turn the heat off off so it doesn’t boil over and let it sit for between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on how burnt the pan is. The baked on grime should come straight off.

bi carb soda diy kitchen hacks and tips
Source: bellabox

Knot plastic bags

Knot plastic bags for reuse before stuffing them in to a plastic bag holder – it makes them much easier to pull out.

knotted plastic bags diy kitchen hacks and tips
Source: Pinterest

Freeze mince in flat portions

To make defrosting time quicker, freeze mince in sandwich bags, flatten and remove the air before sealing. A sandwich bag holds roughly 500 grams of mince and will defrost quickly and easily in a shallow water bath. This trick works with almost any food product.

mince frozen flat in sandwich bags diy kitchen hacks and tips
Source: Southern Living

Curtain rods and wall hooks

Using short curtain rods or even small towel racks, are a great way to store rolls of garbage bags, paper towels, and kitchen cleaning products. Temporary wall hooks are also a fantastic idea for storing saucepan lids on the inside of the cupboard doors, and hanging utensils.

If you’re not quite confident with installing rods and hooks by yourself, Airtasker has plenty of handymen (and women) waiting to help you out.

cleaning products curtain rod diy kitchen hacks and tips
Source: Apartment Therapy

Hassleback potatoes hack!

Of all of the kitchen hacks around, this is sure to be a favourite. When making hassleback potatoes, put a skewer through the bottom of the potato before cutting it; it stops you from cutting right through the potato.

Why didn’t anyone tell us this earlier?!

skewers in hassel back potatoes diy kitchen hacks and tips
Source: A Muse in My Kitchen
Image credit: Linda Lyell

Get more juice out of citrus

To get the most juice out of your citrus fruits, microwave limes, lemons and oranges for up to 20 seconds and roll them on the bench before cutting and juicing them.

lemon juice diy kitchen hacks and tips
Source: Nutrition Secrets

Do you have any other great DIY kitchen hacks and tips you’d like to share?  Please leave us a comment.

DIY Jobs To Get Done Over The Long Weekend

Long weekends are the perfect opportunity to get DIY jobs done around the home, which would usually take a little "DIY Jobs To Get Done Over The Long Weekend"

woman cleaning carpet

Long weekends are the perfect opportunity to get DIY jobs done around the home, which would usually take a little longer than your average two-day weekend.

It allows more time for preparation, taking your time and a perfect finish. Maximise your time by pre-planning what you are going to fix or build and try to keep it to two or three items, depending on how long it will take.

Next, try to rope in the rest of the family to help (especially with the promise of chocolate after) and get the jobs done a lot faster. You could also post a handyman task for a bit of extra help. Let’s take a look at some of the big DIY jobs you can get done this long weekend.

Painting & wallpapering

Pick a room or perhaps a couple and freshen them up with a new lick of paint. New paint will automatically lift a room, which is important when you’re about to spend a lot more time indoors over winter.

Rooms that you use frequently, such as the lounge room, kitchen and bedrooms are a great place to start. You could then look at painting the rest of the smaller rooms over the next couple of weekends.

man painting wall

If you are thinking a complete colour change to transform your current interior design you may want to test this before you commit. Paint a couple of different colours or shades on the wall and watch how it looks over various mornings and at night to see if you’re happy to have the entire room that colour.

Bathroom re-grouting

The bathroom can show it’s age after a few years and if you’re not looking at replacing the tiles anytime soon, you might want to think about re-grouting the tiles.

It used to be a big task, but these days you can buy a grout remover tool to easily remove the grout without chipping the tiles. Once the old grout is removed, replace it with new grout that is the same colour. Let it set and then remove excess grout from the tiles will a damp sponge.

Re-coat the veranda

If you’re like us and entertained a lot outdoors over summer, your deck might need a bit of love. Keep it in good shape by giving it a good high pressure clean, sand it back to remove scratches and apply some new varnish or paint to protect it over the upcoming winter months.


paper cranes productions

This is the best time to prepare your garden for spring believe it or not. Getting rid of all the dead plants is only the start. You’ll want to think about what blubs to plant and mulch for protection from the chill.

For everything you need to know about gardening this season read our Autumn Gardening Tips


Clutter can build up quickly but if you stay on top of it it’s always manageable. Start by having a look in your wardrobe at the summer clothes, was there anything you didn’t wear in the last few months? Put it in a bag and drop it in a charity bin because if you didn’t wear it last summer, you probably aren’t going to wear it next either.

Once you’ve cleared out some items, consider packing away the summer dresses and singlet’s, and replace with some transeasonal items.

Another space to declutter is the shed and garage, which can turn into a dumping ground. Take a look at what you can get rid of and sell it or arrange a council pick up.

To clear up the rest of your home, find out exactly How To Declutter and Organise Your Home

Update lights

If there are light globes that have blown out, now is the perfect time to replace them all in one go. Also take a look at your garden lighting to check that when the days get shorter, you have enough light to help you get from your car to your house without falling over steps and branches.

If you need new lights put in, you might want to consider hiring an electrician who can help installing your outdoor lighting.

Window cleaning

paper cranes productions

Cleaning your windows is not something that you’re not able to do in your weekly home cleaning, so now is the time to do them all in one go. Arm yourself with a broom to get rid of cobwebs, a ladder for the hard to reach windows, and window cleaner and squeegee. You’ll love how your windows will sparkle afterwards.

What home DIY jobs are you doing this long weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

Kitchen Island Design Ideas

A island bench in the middle of the kitchen is one of the most desirable features in a home. It’s "Kitchen Island Design Ideas"

Kitchen Island Design Ideas

A island bench in the middle of the kitchen is one of the most desirable features in a home. It’s true that some kitchen island design ideas are only feasible in a larger space, but there other variations that can work in smaller kitchens too.

We’ve pulled together inspirational kitchen island designs that could easily work in most homes.

Extendable island

Sometimes you don’t always need a huge island bench or maybe it doesn’t fit practically. But if you add a sliding extensions, you can still use a longer bench when you need it for additional room to cook a big feast. This could be an easy DIY project or even better, outsource as a handyman task.

extendable kitchen island design
source: elledecor

Island bench seating

This look is very unique but it creates a lovely spot for you to enjoy your morning coffee or the kids to complete their homework whilst you prepare dinner.

bench kitchen island design
Source: woohome

Wine storage

If you’re a bit of a wine connoisseur and struggle to find a spot to store your wine, you’ll love this design which incorporates a wine rack into the kitchen island. Then it’s also easily accessible if you need to add wine to the sauce, or to simply sip on.

wine rack kitchen island design
Source: woohome

Dining table + Kitchen Island

This truly encapsulates the saying ‘the heart of the home is the kitchen’. By incorporating the dining area and kitchen into the same space, it brings the family into the kitchen to help and not to mention multitask entertaining guests. Also, we have to mention the added bench space is a huge plus.

dining table kitchen island design
Source: freshome

Temporary island

Having a kitchen island with wheels or repurposing another piece of furniture is perfect for renters who can’t build a permanent kitchen island. It’s also useful to trial an island in your kitchen and if it works for you.

cabinet kitchen island design
Source: Cursonogara

Thinner kitchen island

If you have a more rectangular shaped kitchen you’re still able to have a bespoke kitchen island made to compliment the dimensions of your kitchen. Then you can put a few stools under/around it to enjoy eating breakfast at.

thing rectangle kitchen island design
Source: housebeautiful

If you have a smaller kitchen, read out small kitchen design ideas for some extra tips.

Different heights

Having two or three different heights of your kitchen island means that it can be used for standing, sitting on bar stools and also use as a breakfast table. It can also help to subtly section of the kitchen from the dining side of the bench.

different heights kitchen island design
Source: Design like

DIY Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

Apartment bathrooms are often small with little to no storage, but something about this compact area definitely makes it easier "DIY Ideas For Your Small Bathroom"

DIY Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

Apartment bathrooms are often small with little to no storage, but something about this compact area definitely makes it easier to navigate. Better yet, the smallest of changes can make the biggest impact to your small bathroom.

If you’re looking for a pop of colour, better practicality and something a little different in your bathroom then a little DIY for your small bathroom is the way to go.

Shower Rod

Change your typical silver metal to a different colour, such as copper or black. This can be easily done by heading to your local Bunnings and purchasing a new iron pipe.

Source: Desert Domicile

Shower Curtain

Move over boring white or dare I say, clear, shower curtain – it’s time to jazz up your bathroom. The girls behind a beautiful mess have transformed a tie-dye shower curtain into an everyday motivational wake-me-up message. Take a look below.

Source: a beautiful mess


Frameless mirrors can be framed with a lick of paint on the wall surrounding it.

Source: Rice Design

You can also create a mirror in a second-hand wooden crate. All you need is to get the right size mirror into the crate and some glue.

Source: diy network


Paint your dull bathroom cabinet a different colour and pick up some new handles. If you’re wondering about painting on laminate, use protective enamel oil-based paint.

Source: Decorchick


Having space in your bathroom for towels, make-up, and extra supplies is hard to come by in apartments. To make the most of the space you have try putting a shelf above the doorway that could store toilet paper or towels.

Source: My so-called home

A Mason jar bathroom organizer is perfect for storing the essentials in the bathroom.

Source: Liz Marie

Or if you have a cupboard, maximise the space with stick on pods that allow you to easily organise all your smaller items.

Source: Buzzfeed

Add Greenery

Bringing the garden inside the home on trend at the moment and that means you can bring it into the bathroom too.

Source: Leigh Laurel Studios

If there’s no room on your vanity, try hanging a pot from the ceiling or a moss ball planter as seen below.

Source: PO Box 9

Got any more easy DIY ideas to brighten up your bathroom, let us know in the comments below.

9 Amazing Garden Shed DIY Ideas

Your backyard needs as much love as the inside of your home, so it’s important to look after it with "9 Amazing Garden Shed DIY Ideas"

9 Amazing Garden Shed DIY Ideas

Your backyard needs as much love as the inside of your home, so it’s important to look after it with regular maintenance. With a lawn mower, hedge trimmer, shovel you’ll need a garden shed to store all your equipment which can be secured and safe from little hands.


Garden sheds can come in all shapes and sizes, but to make it fit in with your backyard there a plenty of DIY garden shed ideas. By recycling and repurposing, together with a bit of creativity, you’ll have a shed that will make all your neighbours jealous.


Bigger the garden, the bigger the garden shed you will need to store larger equipment. A barn looks great on bigger properties and although the one below allows sunlight through, you might want to considered it partially covered with the warmer climate in Australia.

You can pick up most of the equipment from your local hardware store and you can get a helping hand from an Airtasker so you don’t need to do all the heavy lifting.

Source: Bobvila


This tent inspired garden shed will be easier to put together than the barn and can be expanded (or reduced) to fit in any space.
Organisation inside this shed is key though, as some items will only fit in certain spots.

Source: Bobvila


Everybody is loving pallet furniture at the moment, so why not make a garden shed too!

You can pick up pallets for free and make your own unique garden shed however you like.

Source: Bobvila

Open Shed

If you’re looking for alternatives to a traditional shed, why not just have an out in the open area for your gardening tools. However we do recommend a roof so that your metal equipment is protected from the weather.

Source: Pinterest

Little House

Whether it’s an old out house or an old telephone box, you can convert either of these to a great compact gardening shed.

out house-shed
Source: Pinterest


If you have no space in your room, try using space such as the inside of a seat for a different purpose.

Source: Pinterest


With a few shelves, hooks and brackets you can convert any wall into a storage solution, plus it could look fabulous with a few plants.

out side-shed
Source: Pinterest

Old Doors

Old doors found on the street or bought can be converted into anything, including a gardening shed.



Continue the vintage theme by using dressers, wardrobes or hat stands as your DIY garden shed.

old dresser-shed
Source: Source: Pinterest

Got any other garden shed solutions? Let us know in the comments below.

10 Easy DIY Headboards Ideas Anyone Can Build

Your bedroom is a space to relax, read a book and get a peaceful night sleep in. It’s the place "10 Easy DIY Headboards Ideas Anyone Can Build"

10 Easy DIY Headboards Ideas Anyone Can Build

Your bedroom is a space to relax, read a book and get a peaceful night sleep in. It’s the place in your home that is reflective of your personality and a spot where you feel happy to be in.

Redesigning your current bedroom or starting completely from scratch doesn’t mean you need to be a handyman or fork out loads of cash on a new bedroom suite. By simply changing your sheets, wall artwork and your bed headboard; you can have a completely new space on a tight budget.

Here are 10 inspirational DIY headboards suitable for any interior style that just about anyone can put together.

1. Books

Stack books on top of each other to give your bedroom a homely look. You can recycle books you’ve read and make it as tall as you like.

Source: Homed It

2. Paint

If you have left over paint you can use what’s left to paint your own unique headboard. If you’re like me and not the most artistically skilled person, you can just paint a simple square (as pictured below) and it still looks amazing.

Source: Homed It

Alternatively you could pick up some chalk board paint and apply directly to the wall, or onto wooden sheets for something a little less permanent. Using chalk you can create beautiful images or put your favourite motivational quotes on your wall.

Source: Homed It

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to introduce a interesting design or bright colour to your room. Creating a focal point with wallpaper can be done with traditional glue wallpaper or removable wallpaper for renters who can’t leave marks.

Source: Just Bella Blog

4. Wood

Using scrap wood or pallets is a popular way to create a rustic or industrial DIY headboard. The options with wood are endless however you might need a bit more handyman knowledge and feel comfortable using power tools.

pinterest- wood-headboard
Source: Pinterest

Need a hand putting a headboard together? There are plenty of Airtasker Handymen ready to help.

Source: Homed It

5. Mirrors

After a quick look on ebay or Gumtree you can find a cheap second-hand mirror to hang or lean against the wall. This is great solution for people with a smaller space to make it more spacious.

Source: Homed It

6. Old doors

One mans trash is another’s treasure…

Old doors can be found on nature strips and salvage shops to create your headboard. You can even customise the doors so that it can work in any size bedroom, and along with a coat of paint, it will fit in perfectly with your colour palette.

Source: Decorating Your Small Space

7. Material

With some lovely material you can produce a truly elegant headboard. An upholstered headboard is simple to make if you love a bit of DIY, and will instantly lift your bedroom.

Source: Pinterest

8. Artwork

For something a little different use artwork or a series of smaller pieces to create a bespoke headboard. Canvas artwork doesn’t have to be expensive and you can find great artwork online with a bit of research.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Decozt

9. Flags

Large flags from overseas travel or your home are a great symbol of happiness with added bonus of a great visual impression. Using simple hooks you can easily hang it up in a matter of minutes.

Source: Homesthetics

9. Lights

Pretty fairy lights can be draped on your current headboard or make something spectacular as you can see below.

pinterest headboard
Source: Pinterest

Have you got any other inspirational headboard ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

15 Ideas With Pallet Furniture

Seats, tables, beds, you name it; can be made from recycled pallets. Traditionally used in shipping and airfreight, smart DIYers "15 Ideas With Pallet Furniture"

15 Ideas With Pallet Furniture

Seats, tables, beds, you name it; can be made from recycled pallets. Traditionally used in shipping and airfreight, smart DIYers have been turning these pallets into furniture for homes, restaurants and offices.

Source: Scrap Hacker

WHY? In addition to looking cool, pallets are cheap and with a bit of know-how can be made as almost any furniture substitute.

You can pick up cheap (or free) pallets from gumtree, ebay or go to a distributor such as Direct Pallets . You’ll also need a few power tools, paint or stain and a bit of creativity. If you don’t have the time or it’s not something you enjoy doing, then why not get some handyman help from a Airtasker in your neighbourhood.

Here are 15 great ways to add pallet furniture to your home:

1. Pallet Bar

Who wouldn’t want a bar set up on their balcony? Here are some fantastic alternatives to the traditional expensive bar tables.

Source: Pinterest

Source: The WHOot

2. Wedding Decoration DIY

Thanks to websites such as Etsy and Pinterest a lot of brides are adding personalised DIY to their special day. Pallets can be turned into backdrops, signs, bars, seating and decoration, here are a couple of examples.

Wedding decoration
Source: Brazos Valley Bride

Source: 99Pallets

Source: Wedding Vows

3. Bookshelf

Using pallets to make a shelving unit can be great way to organise books, display ornaments and store dining wear. Make it work in any space with different sizes and paint colours.

Source: Pallet Furniture Ideas

4. Coffee Table

If you’re a first timer, perhaps the easiest project is making a coffee table. You can make it as simple or complicated, as you like, here’s a little bit of inspiration.

Source: Inspiration Green

Source: Decorate Idea

5. Storage Chest

Make a pallet storage chest as big or small as you need for kids toy, winter throws or other things you need to tidy away.

Source: Tree Hugger

6. Kids Furniture

You don’t need to spend a lot on kids’ furniture which won’t be used for long. With some pallets and bright paint, you can make fun furniture or even a cubby-house.

Source: Resourcedir

7. Plant Boxes

Whether it’s a huge pallet vertical garden wall or a simple plant box, this is the perfect DIY project for the gardener in your life.

Source: Design Rulz

8. Stairs

This will need an architect to look over and help design, but there’s no doubt that it looks amazing.

Source: Stroovi

9. Outdoor Seating
Making cheap outdoor furniture is one of the most popular ways of reusing pallets. You can make your bespoke outdoor furniture to suite your space and dress it up in a variety of colours.

Source: Kung Fu Homes

Source: Mohodeco

10. Wine Rack

Don’t hide your wine in a cupboard, put them out on display in a simple and elegant way!

Source: Homes Kid

11. TV Unit

This takes wall-mounting to a whole new level by building a TV unit.

Source: Wookmark

12. Chandelier

Reach new heights with a stunning chandelier. You could swap out the candles and replace with fairy lights for something long term.

Source: Tumblr

13. Office Furniture

Add a bit of fun to your boring office space with a great break-out room set-up or even give your office guests something to talk about with a funky boardroom table.


Source: Homedit

14. A Bed

You’ll be having sweet dreams in one of these beds.

Source: Wpedia

Source: Wooden Pallet Furniture

15. Garden Path

Move over tiles and stones, pallets look great in an Asian inspired garden.

Source: Mariners View Apartments

Have you got any more DIY pallet furniture ideas? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear them!

DIY Home Renovation Hacks

Home renovations don’t have to be costly or require handyman help because making the smallest of changes can make all "DIY Home Renovation Hacks"

DIY Home Renovation Hacks

nordic colour trend

Home renovations don’t have to be costly or require handyman help because making the smallest of changes can make all the difference. You can also go at your own pace with DIY home renovation projects by tackling one room at a time – not to mention the costs it will save you.

However there are a few DIY home renovation hacks that you need to know before you get started.

General Tips

• Be realistic – your budget will probably blow out because let’s face it, no renovation goes according to plan. It saves a lot of stress if you account for a buffer the minute you start planning.

• Check with your council to ask if any special permission is required for your renovations.

• Do your research, there are plenty of home improvement blogs on the internet with plenty of DIY tips, just make sure you verify with various sources before you get stuck in.

• Consider giving your house a fresh coat of paint; it will make a huge difference in ambience and also will make rearranging furniture easier as it will have to be taken out of the room before painting begins.

• Got old carpet? Rip it up. It’s all about polished floorboards (or concrete) these days, so hop on the wagon and toss that old carpet.

Image 1
Source: Young House Love


• Measure up the bathroom size and then everything in it. Sit down and draw up a floor plan of your current bathroom and use that figure out how to create more room.

• Use a pedestal sink or simply a sink with no vanity cupboards beneath it in a small bathroom for more floor space. This eliminates the home renovation costs of re-creating an entire plumbing system for your bathroom.

• But if you’re still worried about storage, create some open shelving for bath products, towels and magazines. This is an elegant-looking yet simple and easy solution for bathroom clutter that only takes a few painted planks of wood and brackets.

Living room

• Need more storage in your living room? DIY! Turn a big old wooden box into your coffee table, or simply add sides and a door to your existing coffee table. That way, you can store things in an easy to access place that is out of sight (e.g. Christmas decorations, linen, extra glassware, etc). This will also encourage you to keep your coffee table cleaner as you need to be able to access what’s underneath.

Image 2
Source: Advice4Home

• Another way to add more storage is with shelving. Consider attaching a flat-pack set of shelves to your wall and painting them the same colour; this will then allow the shelving to melt into the wall behind and not look as much like shelving. Using open shelves on a blank wall (or even a feature wall) is a great way to store candles, tissues, lamps, books, etc.


• Paint a feature wall in a calming blue or green to mix up the room and also help you sleep easier.

• Attach shelving without cupboard doors just above your bed (on top of your headboard) and use to store things that clutter up your bedside tables.

Image 3
Source: Design Home Pics

• Go to home ware stores and let them help you design a new wardrobe system inside your pre-existing wardrobe. This way, your storage needs are suited without a knockdown/rebuild of your current wardrobe.


• Replace all the handles on your kitchen cupboards and paint the doors; great ways to use what you already have.

• Attach gliders into drawers and soft-shut systems into cupboards. This eliminated the slamming noise but also updates your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Take a look at some more Kitchen Home Improvement Ideas.


• Is your laundry a washer and dryer stacked on each other in your kitchen or bathroom? Use the cupboard under the stairs or any other cupboard (with rails and shelves removed) to hide your laundry appliances from view. Compact solution for people with little room such as flat or apartment habitants.

• If it’s possible (and you don’t already have one), add a sink to your laundry area. Make it a big, stainless steel sink that you can use to soak, dye, and wash the dogs – anything. Instead of using the bath or kitchen sink, you are able to use this sink which is out of view.

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We have plenty of Cheap Home Renovation Ideas for a bit of extra inspiration and if you need a helping hand, there are plenty of Airtaskers that can help you get your DIY home renovation task done.

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Cheap Home Renovation Ideas

Home renovations will transform your house into more liveable modern space and better yet it will also add value to "Cheap Home Renovation Ideas"

Cheap Home Renovation Ideas


Home renovations will transform your house into more liveable modern space and better yet it will also add value to your property. If there’s a lot of work to be done, home improvements can cost a lot and not everyone can afford to spend thousands on a new kitchen or knocking out walls. However there are lots of little D.I.Y projects that will freshen up your place without a hefty price tag.

No matter what your budget is, we’ve got home renovation ideas for every price bracket; let’s take a look:

Home renovation ideas under $150

Repaint front door
They say first appearances are everything so why not give the front door a lick of paint. Maybe even go for something bright and bold as seen in the images below to make the ultimate statement.

Source: Katie Ronsenfeld Design

New light fixtures
If you walk into a light shop you’ll see sparkling light fittings dangling left, right and centre. However they can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have something amazing by being a little creative with your inner DIY skills. By using household items such as plates or mason jars you can make eye-catching lights for your house.

Source: Reclaim World

It’s really simple to make a mason jar light, all you need is the jar, electrical cord and a few tools. Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

Add storage
It’s a well-known fact that you can never have too much storage in the kitchen, bathroom and basically in every room. So why not build some extra shelves or bookcases that won’t only declutter your place but also double up as a focal point by adding some bright colours.

Source: Shelterness

Home renovation ideas under $500

Update curtains
Changing the littlest thing such as your curtain material can make all the difference to a room. If they were darker change to lighter tones to make a room seem larger or perhaps completely change dated venetian blinds for softer roman blinds or curtains.

Source: Decormus

Add greenery
There’s no end to what you can do when adding living plants by placing potted plants or terrariums around the home. But for the WOW factor look at building a stunning vertical wall garden or in-built herb garden for the foodies.

vertical garden diy

For larger scale vertical gardens you might want to call in the professionals, but to achieve a similar outcome make smaller ones that look like living picture frames. You can buy pre-made boxes and wall pockets, or go through the fun of building it and uniquely design it for your space.

Source: Uncommon Goods

Add a skylight
If you have a dark house consider adding some more light, it will do wonders for your place and have a huge impact on just about everything. This is where a Airtasker handyman might come in handy to help you install a skylight for a relatively cheap price.

Source: Architecture list

Home renovation ideas under $1000

Paving outdoor areas
Does your backyard need a bit of a facelift? Adding or replacing old pavers will revamp your entertaining areas and can also spruce up your front entrance.

Source: Peach Garden

Refresh cabinets
You could reuse your old cabinets by stripping back the wood and adding fresh coat of paint, or you could completely change the look and feel of your kitchen with new cabinet doors. It will cost you a lot less than replacing the entire kitchen fit out.

Source: Ka29

Repaint entire house
If you want to make the biggest impact why not repaint the entire house? It will make everything look instantly brighter no matter what colour you choose. Be warned though, it could take lots of your precious time to perfectly paint every room, remember many hands make light work easier.


Replace lawn
If you are about to sell your house this is a task worth considering, as it will directly impact your home’s value. Even if you’re not going to sell, if grass is looking sparse it could be time to get some new turf, the kids (and you) will love the feeling of new grass under your toes.

Source: Creative Patios

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