Christmas to-do list for this weekend

It’s December and that means one thing ?????? That’s right it’s 25 days until Christmas, which children will be overjoyed about "Christmas to-do list for this weekend"

Christmas to-do list for this weekend

It’s December and that means one thing ?????? That’s right it’s 25 days until Christmas, which children will be overjoyed about but as an adult, December might be an extremely busy time of year. We’d like to help you get as prepared as possible for the silly season, so we’ve put together your Christmas to-do list for this weekend.

If you (or an Airtasker) can knock off these ten things, it could be your favourite Christmas yet!

1. Pick up Christmas tree

It would be hard to Christmasfy your home if you didn’t have a Christmas tree, however, getting a real tree home could be a logistical nightmare if you have a small car, or perhaps don’t have one at all.


2. Get decorations ready

Now that you have the tree it’s time to pull those decorations out of the storage cupboard and start to put them all around the home. Don’t forget to give them a bit of a clean too.

See how others are getting help with Christmas tasks on Airtasker.

3. Write present list

Overhead view of a group of wrapped Christmas presents. Horizontal format filling the frame.
Source: halrubenstein

One of the best ways to be organised this Christmas, and also keep your financials in check, is to write a list of all the presents that you need to buy. This should include family, friends and Kris Kringle gifts. It’s also wise to pick up a few emergency presents such as wine, champagne and small gift packs. These will be extremely handy for any host gifts, birthdays that pop up or if you’ve accidentally forgotten someone off your list.

4. Kris Kringle gifts

Buy a present for under $15 they say… We don’t think we’re alone in saying that it’s not easy to find a ‘cool’ present under $15 these days. But if there’s one piece of advice here, it’s not to leave it as a last minute item to pick up. Have a look as you start your Christmas shopping this weekend and if you see something, just grab it. You can always use it as a stocking filler if it doesn’t get gifted.

5. Write Christmas cards

Cards aren’t so much of the norm these days but if you’re one who sticks to traditional letter writing for Christmas well wishes you better get your skates on. If you don’t have the time to write them, you could always quickly type all of your letters into a word document and post a writing task on Airtasker to free up some time for you.

6. Plan menus

Source: Rydges

Maybe not a top item on your Christmas to-do but if you’re hosting a Christmas party or perhaps attending one where you need to bring a dish, you should start to plan out what you need. Knowing what you need in advance means you can pick up all your non-perishables now and then all you have to do is pick up the fresh things the day or so before.

7. Order food

This is especially important if you’re the one hosting Christmas this year. If you’re cooking a ham, chicken or preparing seafood you should order these this weekend from your local supplier. That way you’ll get excellent quality and it will all be organised, rather than a last minute run around.

8. Buy wrapping paper

You might not have the presents just yet but you should buy wrapping paper so that as you purchase gifts you’re able to wrap them. This means you won’t face a marathon Christmas present wrapping session on the final nights before Christmas day.

Don’t forget the ribbon!

9. Baking

Source: Taste

If you like to make Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses or rum balls this is the perfect weekend to do it. By making them well in advance you could gifts them to colleagues, clients and friends and save money on presents.

10. Christmas music

Ok, this might not be essential on the Christmas to-do list but now that it’s a reasonable time to start singing along to Christmas tunes, put a playlist together of your Christmas faves. Think Michael Buble, Rod Stewart and Mariah Carey.

Christmas Tasks On Airtasker

It’s a busy time of year with Christmas parties, family gatherings and a lot of shopping. Every year we see "Christmas Tasks On Airtasker"

Christmas Tasks On Airtasker

It’s a busy time of year with Christmas parties, family gatherings and a lot of shopping. Every year we see more and more people posting tasks on Airtasker to help with gift delivery, food shopping and even Santa requests.

Here’s how others are getting help this Christmas:

Office Christmas Party

Take your office Christmas party to the next level with the help of a few Airtaskers. From bar staff and photographers, to elf ushers and makeup artists, get creative and let an Airtasker take care of the rest.

4 x bar staff for Christmas party

We require: 4 x bar staff ( 2 x cocktail staff, 2 x wine staff)
You must have experience and be able to make two types of cocktails mojito and a martini (both have pre-mixes to take pressure off the labour)

We will also be required to pour wine/champagne/etc

The pay will be cash $20/hour
Hours: approx 2 – 3hours (you are welcome to join the party after)
Date of Event from approx 5pm: 16th of December 2016
Location: Fishburners offices, Sydney

You MUST have a FUN, positive attitude!

The Christmas party will be held at our offices (we have an awesome event space) Fishburners is Sydney's largest tech startup space and we have some amazing up and coming tech startup's within our walls!

After your shift you are welcome to join in with the fun .. our Christmas parties are legendary!

Price: $20

View on Airtasker



Drop Off Christmas Tree

Not all of us have a car let alone one big enough to fix a Christmas tree to but an Airtasker can pick one up for you and even make sure it’s standing up straight in your home.


Santa Needed

You cannot have a holly jolly Christmas without the big man himself. Whether you’re looking for a Santa to attend a special occasion or for a Christmas morning surprise, post a task to see if he can pop by.



Christmas Lights Put Up


Untangling thousands of teeny tiny Christmas lights could easily take all weekend, so why not simply outsource it. Sounds like a great idea to us!



Surprise Present Assembly

Thinking about buying a trampoline, cubby house or play swing set as a Christmas present for your kids? Well don’t be the parent stuck with assembling it all Christmas and Boxing day. An Airtasker can assemble a trampoline while the kids sleep on Christmas Eve so they (and you) get a real treat this year.



Pet Sitting

There are plenty of pet loving Airtaskers who will look after your furry friend while you travel to spend the holidays with family.


Christmas Gift Wrapping

Let’s face it, gift wrapping isn’t as simple as it looks. If wrapping presents is something you’d rather not spend your time on, hire an Airtasker to help out.



Decorating Your Business

Whether it’s an office or a shop, take the work out of getting in the Christmas spirit and hire someone to take care of it.


Write Christmas Cards

Writing Christmas cards to friends and family is a big task, so it makes sense to quickly type all the letters and outsource the handwriting to someone else. We bet they won’t know the difference.


Christmas Cleaning

If you’re hosting Christmas this year you’ll need to clean the house before, during and after everyone as dropped by. Give yourself a breather by getting an Airtasker to take care of your Christmas house cleaning.


6 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas

The traditional Christmas tree has all the trimmings with tinsel, baubles and lights. However, more and more we’re seeing all "6 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas"

6 Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas

The traditional Christmas tree has all the trimmings with tinsel, baubles and lights. However, more and more we’re seeing all different types of decorated trees.

So let’s think outside the box for this year (and the next) with coloured trees, wall inspired trees and much more.

The Coloured Tree

Source: Pinterest

Don’t be held back by the traditional red-and-green with your Christmas tree decorating – be creative with your colour.

A cheap, plastic Christmas tree can be easily spray-painted using a couple of tins of plastic-friendly spray paint from your local hardware store. Cream or white is a safe, goes-with-almost-every-house option. But for the more adventurous Christmas tree, go for brights – pinks, turquoise blue, even metallic.

The Apartment-friendly Tree

As more and more people live in apartments space, or lack there of, could mean you can’t even fit in a traditional Christmas tree.

You can still keep up the Christmas spirit though; all you need is a free wall.

Then you could use anything; paper, tape, twigs etc to make a Christmas tree on the wall and then put your presents on the floor or table below. Here is some inspiration.

Source: FreePeople

Source: Countryside Style

Source: Tree

Source: OhParty

The Easy Tree

Florists and hardware shops have trees in all sizes, even little potted plants that are great because you can keep them an place on your balcony or use for greenery decoration after Christmas.

You could even get twigs and put them in a vase. Just add some fairy lights and a bauble or two.

Source: Decoist

Place in middle of a table as a concession to the Christmas spirit. If anyone asks, say it’s rustic and minimalistic.

The Creative Tree

Using a poster why not get the kids involved with creating an original Christmas tree that you can stick to a wall.

Source: Homelife

The Book Tree

If you have an extensive library, instead of letting the books gather dust, you can use them to build-your-own Christmas tree.

Source: Popsugar

The Ladder Tree

Most households have a ladder for all those odd jobs, so why not recycle it to make a Christmas tree. You can put presents in the middle underneath and use lights to bring the festive style to an otherwise boring ladder.

Source: Buzzfeed

Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Let’s be honest – 90% of the fun of Christmas is presents, and a good portion of that is the "Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas"

Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Let’s be honest – 90% of the fun of Christmas is presents, and a good portion of that is the wrapping (or un-wrapping). Regardless of what’s inside, there’s nothing quite as appealing as an attractive tree brimming with beautifully wrapped presents.

For some of us though, it seems we’re born with two left thumbs when it comes to gift-wrapping. From paper ripping to tape sticking everywhere, and let’s not even get started on how to curl ribbon, gift-wrapping is not as easy as it looks. For a quick how-to video watch how to gift wrap presents.

Fortunately, with a bit of imagination you can still make your presents look amazing on the outside too.

Word Search Wrapping

Source: Buzzfeed

For small gifts, use your home printer to create a word-find; have each gift recipient find their name on their present. For slightly larger gifts, your local Officeworks or Internet café should print in larger sizes.

Finish with a ribbon – just a bow will do, and you have a fun way to start the present demolishing on Christmas morning!

Chalkboard Inspired

Source: Goinghometoroost

Just like with your clothes, black is always in-style with gift-wrapping. Keep it fun, with cute hand-written notes written in place of gift cards on the actual wrapping paper. Just buy a large sheet of matte-finish black gift-wrapping, or even large sheets of black paper.

Paint markers can be found at any art/office supply shop; go with white for a faux chalkboard look, or silver or gold for a more elegant look. Draw snowflakes, banners, personalize your message – cute and stylish.

Gift Inside a Gift

This one is great for kids who are not known for their patience in waiting to open their Christmas day loot – and is super easy.

Go to your local two dollar shop or supermarket and buy a small set of crayons or colored pencils. Wrap your gift in plain white paper. Sticky tape crayons to gift, with instructions “Colour Me” on the gift – while the little ones wait, they can create a masterpiece.

Just Add A Photo

Instead of decorating with ribbons or gift cards, simply print a photo of the gift recipient or a picture of the both of you and attach to the wrapped gift.

Use a block colour of paper – any colour you like – and image editing software to add a filter of the same colour to the photo before printing onto photo paper.


Just wrap the gift in newspaper. Simple.

Maybe just add some twine though or ribbon off-cuts – less hobo, more rustic.

Stamp It


Wrapping-paper can be expensive however a cheap alternative is to pick up a big roll of brown paper and using some paint – you can create some lovely bespoke designed paper. This is something that you can share with the kids for that extra special touch for the grandparents.

Washi Tape All The Things!

Source: Houzz

For those uninitiated, Washi Tape is basically sticky tape that looks mega-cool with a seemingly endless array of printed designs.

This stuff is perfect for those whose idea of gift wrapping is hastily throwing tissue paper around the object and roping enough sticky tape around that, on opening, somebody gently needs to suggest the use of scissors.

Sure, they might still need scissors, but with Washi Tape it looks so much prettier first!

How to Save Money on Christmas Decorations

As Christmas decorations fill department stores and Christmas carols play in every shop, Christmas season is well and truly here. "How to Save Money on Christmas Decorations"

How to Save Money on Christmas Decorations


As Christmas decorations fill department stores and Christmas carols play in every shop, Christmas season is well and truly here.

Right now you’re more money focused than ever as Christmas Day plans are made, present lists created and party invitations start to arrive. But just because tis’ the season to be jolly, it doesn’t mean you can’t be cash-savvy at the same time.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to cut back on the expense of Christmas decorations. Whether it’s DYI, smart shopping or recycling you can still make you’re home look amazing and it’s not as hard as you think.

Be One Step Ahead

Ever wondered what is the stock most reduced on Boxing Day? Christmas decorations. As with most themed holiday merchandise, decorations are drastically reduced the day after Christmas.

In fact you’ll now find decoration discounting slowly starts a few days before Christmas Day. So with a bit of planning and purchasing in advance you’ll get some serious bargains for the next year.

myer boxing day sales

Smart Shopping
Being prepared earlier means that you won’t need to buy for convenience as the season nears, rather you can source great bargains a number of ways:

– You’ll often find the same item online, and can price match between sites to make sure you’re getting the best price for the merchandise.
– Make sure you check out multiple stores when purchasing your decorations. For example, plain baubles are a Christmas staple, however you could be paying triple the price in a high-end department store compared to a discount department stores. Spending less on the standard decorations will allow you to splash out on some show stopper decorations.

Source: Hirolatam

DIY Decorations
Let your inner crafter come out this year with “do it yourself” decorations. It’s an easy and creative alternative that will entertain you and the kids.

How to get started:

• Pinterest is your new best friend for inspiration. Create a decoration board and pin images you like
• There also many helpful tutorials via blogs and YouTube
• Involve the whole family and have a crafting night
• The DIY decorations also double as personalised gifts to give to friends and family – saving you even more.

Recycle – Reinvent What You Already Have


You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve by just recycling and reinventing the decoration wheel. Using decorations that are a little broken or for a different purpose is a great way to not only save money but also storage space.

All you need is a bit of glitter and some metallic paint and you can come up with some holiday themed decorations, an idea for a remake being to create wreath or garlands with left over material or old clothes.

Christmas is certainly not going anywhere, it’s guaranteed to come back the same time next yeah and make a dent in your bank account. By being creatively practical, even a year in advance, you can reduce the cost of decorating for the holiday season and leave you with money to spend on your love ones instead.

Home and Office Christmas Party Tips

Ended up with the responsibility of organising the family or office Christmas party? Well we understand how much pressure you’re "Home and Office Christmas Party Tips"

Home and Office Christmas Party Tips

Ended up with the responsibility of organising the family or office Christmas party? Well we understand how much pressure you’re under to pull off the end of year celebrations, which is why we put together some of our favourite Christmas party tips.

Start Early

It’s never too soon to start planning for your Christmas part. Firstly secure your venue, which could be in high demand, and also send out save the dates so everyone puts you in their calendar. Being organised allows you to map out your key dates, ensuring that you don’t get any pesky last minute surprises.

Source: Rocket Events


Find out the budget for the event before you start planning. If it’s for work, is the company footing the bill? How much can you budget for the family get together? If others are contributing, you’ll need to give plenty of notice and be mindful that people may not have deep pockets.

Don’t forget to keep a little money leftover as a backup for emergencies.

Set the Date

As soon as possible, set the party date and send a save the date. The holiday season is such a busy time full of social celebrations that will quickly fill up calendars. Follow up the save the date with an official invitation with more information and also ask people to RSVP for catering requirements.


For family and friends you might have it in your home or backyard, however for your work Christmas party it’s key to get out the office.

Depending on your workplace culture the office Christmas party could be a formal long lunch or casual after work drinks. Most places will have packages and set menus, so take the time to shop around and find the right fit for your work.


Why not get people really excited about your Christmas party with a great theme this year. Regardless of whether it’s winter wonderland, wearing Christmas colours or perhaps a hiring costumes – it’s an instant mood lifter. Once you’ve decided on a theme you can centre your entire function around it, including decorations, music, costumes and the menu. Even think about holding a “best dressed” competition in line with the theme of the day to get everyone talking.

Source: Family First Business

Menu & Drinks

Your menu will depend on your venue and the type of party you’re hosting, canapés for a cocktail party or a sit down meal. Food doesn’t need to be expensive; you can always make it work with your budget. If it’s a little tight, opt for food buffets or food platters.
For drinks make sure the bar staff are aware of which drinks are on the bar tab.


Source: Sounds Unlimited

Instead of relying on friends and family to help your event to run smoothly, let an Airtasker take care of it. This way you get to enjoy the party too.

Have Fun!

This is often a thankless task so don’t forget to enjoy yourself, after all it’s your Christmas holiday too.

19 Things You Can Do to Stress Less This Christmas

Christmas is a joyful time with family and friends coming together to celebrate. However, for some it can also be "19 Things You Can Do to Stress Less This Christmas"

19 Things You Can Do to Stress Less This Christmas

Christmas is a joyful time with family and friends coming together to celebrate. However, for some it can also be a stressful time trying to manage social events, coordinating with your family and let’s not forget working full-time.

To help prevent getting burnt out this holiday season we have a few practical suggestions that you can do now to help you stress-less this Christmas.

Budgeting For Your Christmas

Budget for everything
Set your budgets for social events, gift purchases and Christmas feasts now. This way you can manage your income with the expected costs this December.

Emergency Funds
Keep a bit of extra money on the side for those hidden expenses that you haven’t thought of.

Source: Kidspot

Christmas savings
Perhaps too late for this year but after this Christmas, set up a savings account for birthdays and Christmas time that you can add funds too every payday. That way you’ll always have that cushioning for the expensive times of year.


Christmas Food Shopping
Start buying the non-perishables now, that way you can start to stock the items you’ll need to lighten the load in the coming weeks.

Shopping Days
It’s obvious but go on weekdays in your lunch break rather than on weekends with everyone in the neighbourhood.

Source: SBS

Shopping Times
At Christmas time all the major retailers have longer opening hours so wait till late at night or first thing in the morning to get what you need. Plus you should get a great car park as well.

Shop Online
Stay inside and hit the Internet, you can often find great bargains and most online stores gift-wrap for you as well.


Gifts List
Compile a master gift list for all your nearest and dearest.

Gift Delivery
Organise gifts to be delivered straight to the recipient. You can easily do this with the help of a friendly Airtasker.


Wrapping Paper
Purchase all gifting needs such as wrapping paper, ribbons and don’t forget the extra sticky tape. Try discount stores of Officeworks for more cost effective options.

Extra Gifts
Buy extra presents for those people that you forget or if you need stocking fillers. Think chocolates, funky condiments, wine, hand lotion etc. That way you’ll never have that awkward moment where you don’t have a gift for someone.

Christmas Lunch (Breakfast or Dinner)

Meal Plans
Make a meal plan early and list down all your ingredients, buy as many of the on-perishables in advance as you can now.

We love the idea of wanting to do it all, but just delegate to other parties even if it’s just picking up ice and drinks. Just let them know now so they aren’t surprised.

Source: Mirror UK

As Christmas Day draws nearer write a detailed timeline of everything that you need to do and at what time. For example what time to put the turkey in the oven and basting the ham.

Order In Advance
Get your meats ordered now to get the best quality meat. Most local butchers allow you to do this and if you’re having a big family get together try to do the same at the bakery and seafood shop.

The Home

Even if you’re not hosting the festivities this year, you’ll still be running around a lot. Get your home in tiptop shape by outsourcing your home cleaning.

paper cranes productions

Polish The Silver
If you’re hosting Christmas meals you can already start to get the home ready by polishing the silverware, dusting the expensive china and ironing the tablecloths and napkins.

You can decorate as early as you want, so why not get the boxes out now and go room by room so it’s not a big task.

Don’t Forget About You

Last but certainly not least don’t forget about yourself! These are your holidays too so don’t forget to sit back and take some time out for yourself. Learn the power of “No” and don’t stretch yourself too thin with obligations and planning this silly season.

Get plenty of sleep, try to moderate on the food and alcohol, and keep up with your regular exercise patters to focus on your general health and wellbeing.

Source: Dogster

Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

Gardeners understand that love, care and devotion are the essential qualities needed to look after a garden all year round. "Christmas Gifts For Gardeners"

Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

Gardeners understand that love, care and devotion are the essential qualities needed to look after a garden all year round. So let’s show the gardener in your life a bit of appreciation with these presents for gardeners.

Garden Tools

Engraved tools
Make them feel special with these engraved wooden tools for digging, planting and raking.

garden presents tools
Source: Etsy

Electric pruning saw
A cordless pruning saw is for the gardener that has everything. It’s easy to use with no second hand necessary , helping to get the gardening task finished faster

garden presents saw
Source: Bunnings

Water spray gun
Effectively water the garden whether you just need to lightly mist or give the plants a good drenching with the Hoselink Spray Gun.

garden presents spray gun
Source: Hoselink


Planter pots
Add a splash of colour with Pantone pots that will suit any garden and keep it looking fresh whether you put them inside or outside.

garden presents pantone
Source: Terrace

Planter screens
This unique Lanna Garden Screen is perfect for indoor or outdoor living providing great privacy screening. If you are livening in an apartment or have limited space, this planter screen allows you to have the garden you always dreamed of.

garden presents panterscreen
Source: Top3

Gardener accessories

Collapsible watering can
If your buying for a professional gardener, it’s important to have the right tools and this Colapz bucket water can is perfect. Not only can you get a bright funky colour, it also twists down flat meaning it won’t take up precious space in the car.

garden presents watercan
Source: Top3

Gummies Gumboots are the perfect footwear for rain, hail or shine. They are waterproof but specially made to be comfortable with it’s inner sole.

garden presents gummies
Source: DIY Gardener

Don’t get scratches up your arms with these long gloves which are made from soft suede and adjusts at the arm so they don’t slip.

garden presents gloves
Source: Hoselink

Pants & seeds

Give the gift that grows with Sow ‘n Sow seeds, perfect as a stocking filler or secret Santa. With it’s beautiful packaging you can get a variety of flowers and herbs, perfect for any garden lover.

garden presents seeds
Source: Sow ‘n Sow

Terrarium kits
These mini gardens in a glass bowl, otherwise known as terrariums, are a trend amongst weekend markets and a great gift for any DIY fan or gardener. Instead of buying a finished one though, you can buy a starter kit on Etsy so that whoever your giving it to can make it to fit their style.

garden presents terrarium kit
Source: Etsy

How To Gift Wrap Presents

This post was inspired by a Jimmy Kimmel Live video (see below) where he learns how to gift wrap presents. "How To Gift Wrap Presents"

How To Gift Wrap Presents

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 4.12.52 pm

This post was inspired by a Jimmy Kimmel Live video (see below) where he learns how to gift wrap presents. Now I have to be honest with you, after wrapping my own Christmas presents this morning I kinda want to go home, rip them open and start all over again following these life changing tips. I definitely learnt something (or more like five things) and I thought it was too important not to share.

So let’s dive into the world of ribbon, paper and sticky tape…


Scissors – you’ll need two types; paper scissors, ribbon/material scissors.
Sticky tape – using either single sided, double sided or both.
Pens/pencils – for writing on the paper or cards.
Ruler – incase you need to measure the paper.
Cutting mat – to make sure you don’t damage the dining table.

Gift wrapping method
Following professional wrapper Alton in the video you can use his ‘wraps’ method to gift wrap perfectly:

W – Width and length
Roll out the wrapping paper on a clean surface (make sure you have plenty of room) and put present on top of the paper.
Make sure you leave enough room either side of the present for the paper to meet the top of the gift and cut paper. You could also use your fingers to measure the space.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 4.25.01 pm

R – Reduce your visible seam
Fold over the edge closest to your body. Then pull the piece across over the present to the edge of the gift, but before you tape it down – make sure you tuck the other side under so the folded edge is on top.

A – Adjust the corners
Turn the present on its side and push the edges down so that it creates flaps on either end. It also stops your present from moving.
Close the flaps of paper and seal with tape.

P- Press your edges
Run your fingers along the edges of your wrapped gift so it looks nice and square.

S- Style and embelish
Using all different ribbons and bows show your creative side. Need a bit of inspiration? Scroll to the bottom of this article some great original ideas.

Here’s the video:
Source: YouTube

Want more gift wrapping hacks?

– Use material instead of gift wrapping paper
– Old paper and ribbon scraps can be shredded and used as a protector for breakables
– Odd shape presents could be wrapped in shapes such as a bonbon or santa sack
– Reuse ribbons and straighten by rubbing over a light blub

gift wrapping hack
Source: DIY inspired

Gift wrap inspiration

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

1. Pick a theme – whether it’s rustic, winter wonderland, or traditional green and red. Picking a theme can emphaise your Christmas decorations around the home.

gift wrapping inspiration
Source: The Vintage Home

gift wrapping inspiration white
Source: Faith and Home

2. DIY – make your own bespoke wrapping paper with stencilling, stamps and wildlife. The kids will love making it, plus people love the extra effort.

gift wrapping inspiration diy stamp
Source: Kit This

gift wrapping inspiration diy
Source: One Bunting Away

3. Surprise – this might be more suited to the pro-wrappers but regardless, push the boundaries and have some fun with your wrapping.

gift wrapping inspiration christmas
Source: Curious litte kid

gift wrapping inspiration ties
Source: The 26th Avenue

gift wrapping inspiration christmas
Source: Curious litte kid

Still struggling? Get an Airtasker to do all your gift wrapping and you’ll never have sticky tape sticking on your fingers again.

Handyman Christmas Gift Ideas

With plenty of presents to buy at Christmas time, it can be hard to think of gifts people truly need. "Handyman Christmas Gift Ideas"

Handyman Christmas Gift Ideas

With plenty of presents to buy at Christmas time, it can be hard to think of gifts people truly need. If you’ve got a DIY fan or handyman in the family, they will agree that you can never have too many tools or equipment. Regardless if it’s the latest gadget or a replacement, you can’t go wrong with a handyman Christmas gift.

Not sure what to get them? Don’t worry we’ve put together a few gift ideas for the novice, experienced and pro handymen.

New to DIY

If you need a gift to someone who is just starting out and doesn’t have a lot of equipment let alone a tool box, here are a couple of must-haves.

Stanley 20 piece Screwdriver Set
It has every screwdriver you could possibly need with flathead and Phillips tips.

Source: Bunnings

Don’t underestimate the value of a spotlight, this Ryobi torch comes with a battery platform that can be used on 40 of their other tools, saving you money in the long run.

Source: Ryobi

Experienced DIYer
For someone who spends the occasional weekend fixing doors around the home or building the children a cubby house.

Laser Distance Measurer
It’s time to put the tape measure away and step it up with this laser measurer that allows you to measure length and area. Bonus: it’s also pocket size!

Source: Bosch

Working late into the night? These Halogen Work-lights mean you don’t have to worry about shadows or trying to get the torch to sit at a certain angle.

Source: Bunnings

Pro Handyman
Professsional by trade, these presents are for the handymen who already have all of the basics covered.

Cordless radio
This Bosch Power Box has everything… and more. More than a normal run of the mill radio, it’s also dust and moisture resistant, has separate bass/treble controls, USB port and even charges your mobile phone.

Source: Bosch

Heavy Duty Tool Bag
Gone are the days of toolboxes, this Makita LXT Heavy Duty Tool Bag is built for super heavy weight and easy to transport with wheels.

Source: Bunnings