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40 Shower bath ideas for your home

By Elise Hodge

Updated: February 15th, 2021

Looking to save space? Then you can't go past a combined shower and bath...

When you hear the words “shower bath” your mind might instantly turn to the old setup that used to grace bathrooms of the 70s… But fret not, shower baths have come a long way since then, and they’ve made an entrance back on the renovation scene is creative ways.

Think opulent white round tubs with rain-like showerheads, luxe corner concrete baths with brass hardware and rectangular tubs with a view. These are the shower baths of the 21st century!

While shower baths are a great choice for a master bathroom, especially when used as a wet room, they’re also a smart choice for a guest bathroom. You can have the best of both worlds and save space at the same time (that’s a win in my opinion). Plus, shower baths are especially great for families with little kids, as they provide the option of bathing your little ones or allowing the older kids to shower “like a grown-up”.


If you are working with a small space, using a limited colour palette is the best way to go. Combine neutrals with pops of colour to create a space that’s both fun, relaxing and timeless.


This is where you can really have some fun! Play around with your tile combinations to see what works best for your space. You can use tiles to create a special feature wall or you can simply use them to protect and waterproof your combined shower/bath space. Find the best bathroom waterproofing contractors near you.

Shower and tap faucets

This next tip may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many people fail to get this part right. Make sure your shower and tap fixtures are in the same style and same metallic finish. This will ensure continuity throughout your bathroom.

Ready to be inspired? Here are 40 shower bath designs to help you kickstart your next bathroom renovation.

1. Elegant and homely

This bathroom achieves a homely feel whilst bringing a touch of elegance. The shower bath brings to life the dream of sophistication combined with achieving that welcoming feel.

A tub is a staple piece in your bathroom. And with the way it’s designed, you can mix up the palette by switching out your shower curtain whenever you choose. Style your space with a few pieces of decor, such as eucalyptus leaves or a little storage shelf, and you’ll be sure to have an elegant and homely bathroom.

Source: At Home With The Johnsons

2. Skyscraper view

This bath is perfect for a high-rise building. Placed perfectly near the edge window, you can sit on the side and stare down below or hop in the tub and look out above. What a fabulous design! With the surrounding buildings outside, this bathroom doesn’t need a lot of detail to wow its viewers, which is why the minimalistic look works so well.

Source: Connie Peters

3. Mosaic mural

When neutral tones are surrounding us, why not add a bit of contrast for some extra class? This stunning mosaic mural is a real eye catcher above the tub. The pattern juxtaposes brilliantly with the simple tones and surrounding light coloured decor. This is a great element that brings a fashionable design to your bathroom.

Minimalist bathroom
Source: Bella Bathrooms

4. Grey concrete

This bathroom achieves a minimalistic look with its neutral colours and minor decor. The grey concrete tiling behind the shower bath brings an exclusive look forcing a brilliance to rise up within the space. The shower bath adds a touch of boldness using the black design to create a colour pop to differentiate from the lighter colours – stunning!

Source: Bath Waters UK

For similar designs, see these concrete bathrooms and also these industrial bathroom ideas.

5. Shower from above

This shower bath brings the outdoors in thanks to the rain shower from above! We’ve all seen the classic rectangular or oval-shaped bath, but this round tub adds a unique touch to this bathroom, almost as if you have your own day spa at home.

The brown and orange colours bring warmth to the white textures whilst the high window allows the sunshine to creep in, creating the perfect ambience. Explore some more master bathroom ideas.

Source: Abi Interiors

6. Dark and edgy

Talk about an edgy look! To achieve this look, go for dark tones such as light or dark grey and black to add boldness. Follow the example of a wooden wall or piece placed in your bathroom to break up the colours and bring that edgy vibe to life! This bathroom achieves dark and edgy as well as serenity.

Dark bathroom
Source: Azbukadom

7. Black framed bath screen

How gorgeous is this black framed bath screen? It creates a place to breathe, think and a ponder. It compliments a large spaced bathroom yet also opens up the space in a smaller area, creating the illusion that the space is larger than it is. Add some greenery and some staple decor, and you’ve created yourself a greenhouse bathhouse – how lovely!

Modern bathroom
Source: Victoria Plum

8. Floating shelves

Don’t you just love how everything is so accessible in this bathroom? The wooden floating shelves are in arm’s reach of the bath and are filled with all of the essentials. If you’re feeling peckish, why not bring in a cheese platter and a glass of wine to place on the wooden bath tray while having a soak? Or, as seen, put some cute decor on the tray to add style.

Grey and white bathroom
Source: Drench

9. Gold fixtures

These golden fixtures radiate style! With the white tiles and wooden floor, they enhance the look by adding golden brilliance! It’s a good idea to use light colours to accomplish a clean bathroom look, and adding fixtures with a bold colour to create good contrast which makes those staple pieces eye-catching! Use neutral colours surrounded with pieces of decor and you’ve got a bathroom that’s absolutely brilliant.

Small bathroom
Source: Run To Radiance

10. Vintage rug

I love this look! If you want a chic bathroom, add a vintage rug with a cute pattern to lift the space! The white tones and spacious shower bath are enough on their own, but adding a pop of colour from a good old vintage rug creates a stylish and effortless look. What more could you want?

White bathroom
Source: Sarah Montgomery

11. Peachy keen

For more of a feminine style, I love this peach coloured bathroom. The shower bath has its own style with the black and white, but adding a fun colour like peach creates a fun and girly atmosphere. The softness of the colours throughout the room still allows for tranquillity to mellow in the ambience.

Peach bathroom
Source: Homes To Love

12. Ocean vibes

I am really loving all the ocean vibes in this blue bathroom. The tiny blue tiles give the illusion of water, and the soft grey tones really make that ocean blue pop! To compliment this style, ensure you put some simple pieces surrounding the bath shower and water basin with neutral colours to really make that blue explode.

Blue and white bathroom
Source: Lucy Bock Design Studio

13. Navy accents

If you want a bathroom that looks like a modern artwork, this bathroom is certainly pleasing to the eye! The navy colour dwells in a place called relaxation when put together with the white shower bath tiles. Having a navy pattern on the floor juxtaposes well with the top of the walls, creating symmetry and calmness. To lighten the mood, add a plant or succulent near a window to add to the serenity.

White bathroom
Source: GIA Bathrooms

14. Minimalistic simplicity

I love this simplistic bathroom. It has a wholesome feel with its minimalistic look balanced with modern architectural structure. The simple yet bold colours of décor perfectly spaced out creates a flawless style that is simple as well as stylish. The black fixtures add balance and boldness to this minimalistic space.

Minimalist bathroom
Source: Studio You Me via Homes Nine

15. Blue hues

This cute bathroom fills that atmosphere with blue chills; the colour brings calmness as you dive into relaxation in the cute little bath shower! Using a wooden bench is a great idea in contrast with the blue colour. Add a candle and some little grey towels for added atmosphere.

Blue bathroom
Source: Frishop

16. Grey subway tiles

I love how this grey look is softened by the white paint. The plants add greenery to the look to soften the grey tiles. The perfect bath shower with plenty of room for a quick shower or a soak in the tub! Add navy tones or a bright colour of your choice for towels or furnishings to add a pop of colour.

Small bathroom
Source: Victoria Plum

17. Black fixtures

I love how these black fixtures pop in contrast with the lighter colours. Black looks fabulous with brown textures such as this fabulous wooden looking wall set behind the fixtures. Add simple touches to a bathroom like this one, and you’ve got yourself a clean looking bathroom with some stunning coloured fixtures that pop.

Small bathroom
Source: Seasons In Colour

18. Hexagonal tile detail

This exquisite bathroom is a modern trend with its gold fixtures and gorgeous hexagonal tie detail. The light colours of the tiles sooth the atmosphere, almost creating a scale like look or like clear sparkling water. What a fabulous effect!

Small bathroom
Source: SF Girl By Bay

19. White on white

This white bathroom with it’s gorgeous white on white subway tiles is a classic New Yorker look! A simple white style is easy to decorate as it matches with everything. Add some greenery or some colourful towels to make the look work!

White bathroom
Source: Bathroom Decor and Tiles

20. Shower bath room

I love how this bathroom looks like a trendy little day spa. Shower and bath side by side, you can choose which luxurious one you want to wash away the day in! The gorgeous hanging plants add to the at-home day spa experience whilst the golden fixtures have a stunning effect on the overall finish.

Shower room
Source: Barnaby Lane

21. Tropical vibes

If you are desiring a tropical atmosphere try adding some palm tree wallpaper or some greenery! Having a window to let the sun stream in is a definite requirement in bringing this bathroom to its full potential! Add a little pot plant and surrounding simple features and you have yourself a tropical haven! For more ideas, check out these bathroom plants.

Blue bathroom
Source: Emily Bartlett

22. Simple details

Here’s a second look at a New Yorker style! Another white tile finish with a simple glass screen added to finish the shower bath look. This is a great look producing minimalism and simplicity that would be a great style to utilise in your next bathroom renovation.

White and black bathroom
Source: Glass Master

23. Tile illusion

If you are looking to build dimension in your bathroom and if you like an abstract flair this look is for you! The illusion makes the shower bath a fun experience, and the grey walls juxtapose with the white perfectly. Creating an illusion is a fun way to make your bath interesting.

Monochromatic bathroom
Source: BJ Floors and Kitchens

24. Sweet little nook

I love how this bathroom brings a relaxing, homely feel to my soul. An easy to achieve look with its white tiles and added patterned towels. A great way to make your bathroom become a sweet little nook is to create a simple shower bath with little shelves holding candles and little flowers. Get creative with bathroom decor ideas.

Small bathroom
Source: Inspire Baths

25. Grey surfaces

I love how this grey bathroom has calming surfaces and tiles which are contrasted with a light blue wall and white crisp towels. Soft colours create a calming atmosphere. The silver fixtures juxtapose perfectly with the grey and light blue tones.

Small bathroom
Source: Tracy Tresmer

26. Warm tones

This bathroom exudes warmth through the dark wooden tones and warmly lit light bulbs. The shower bath with its white and black fixtures doesn’t compromise the homely feel, but blends in to create the perfect finish. Add a wooden framed mirror to match and some crisp white towels to finish the look.

Dark bathroom
Source: Sibbach Team

27. Aqua oasis

Add a splash of aqua to your bathroom! I love how this look uses blue tones complimented with a patterned artwork, almost resembling a kaleidoscope! Add some picture frames, some silver fixtures and white or coloured towels to finish for the perfect aqua oasis!

Green bathroom
Source: Design Center

28. Modern touches

This bathroom brings modern style to life! I adore the glass and black framed window, the wooden shelves to hold decor and bathroom necessitates, the black basin and fixtures, and the light bulbs really bring a modern twist! Add some round mirrors and this little bathroom is good enough to place in a magazine.

Modern bathroom
Source: Lazienki Inspire

29. White subway tiles

Loving this white subway tile bathroom. I absolutely love the shower bath with its dazzling retro facets with an added modern spin and adore the white tiles with the black outline. I recommend styling with some scented vanilla candles for a sweet and fresh fragrance.

Modern bathroom
Source: Project Seagrove

30. Cosy Corner

Here’s a bathroom with a bit of spark! The gorgeous pattern of the tiles looks like the calming reflection of an outdoor pool! This bathroom will leave you feeling light and airy. For a classy look, add silver or gold faucets and some cute décor for an extra tasteful aspect.

Brown bathroom
Source: Spark Interiors

31. Monochromatic mood

I’m loving the glossy tiles in this bathroom with the popping black faucets. Adding a mirror adds great dimension to the bathroom and creates the illusion of a larger space. The floor brings another aspect of fun with the zigzag pattern.

Black and white bathroom
Source: Anna Graham Interiors

32. Wooden tub

I adore this wooden tub with the wood-like finish and rain showerhead faucet. The black marbled floor brings a chic look adding an extra level of class! With this bathroom, adding a tall in-door plant and some little furnishings on a charcoal coloured table will finish the look with glam!

Modern bathroom
Source: Lazienki Inspire

33. Ornate mirror

Wow – this stunningly polished bathroom screams absolute magnificence! The golden fittings and ornate mirror work brilliantly with the marble bench and polka dot wall tiles. This design proves that sometimes simple decor is all you need to make a space stunning.

Modern bathroom
Source: Stream Building and Design

34. For the little ones

I love this airy bathroom. How sweet and playful does it look? The patterned floor with the glass black bordered window brings a joyful and buoyant atmosphere. If you have children, this shower bath is the perfect safe space for a dip in the tub with its easily accessible faucets! Add a little table with some flowers and a citrus scented candle for the perfect airy aroma!

Modern bathroom
Source: Our Small Terrace

35. On-trend details

This gorgeous trendy bathroom is oh so stunning! The shower bath has plenty of space whilst the natural colouring goes perfectly with the black faucets. Add a large jute rug to incorporate some lovely beach vibes and a big blanket towel over a hanger for added sophistication. Plus, the modern hanging lights are a great addition to this urban coastal space.

Modern bathroom
Source: Lazienki Inspire

36. Black and gold

This has a classic blend of the traditional black and white with some modern gold hardware. A special mention as well to the wall sconce lighting, which would look stunning at night against the black bathroom tiles.

Source: Domino

37. Sunset colours

The warm sunset colours make this a dreamy space to come back to after a long day! I love the chocolate-coloured towel and little pieces of decor which make the room cosy. Add some crisp white towels or a beige coloured set, and you’re all sorted.

Warm bathroom
Source: Dreamline Shower

38. The perfect guest bathroom

If you are looking for a stunning bathroom for your guests, be inspired by the amazing features of this dazzling one! The tiles contrast well with the grey flooring and wooden vanity. And the white basin complements the subway tiles and white walls. For an added thoughtful touch, include a cute table or wooden shelf with some lush bathroom products – you’re welcome!

Modern bathroom
Source: Hasko Store

39. Coastal decor

This is the perfect design style for a coastal bathroom in a beach-side home. The white painted walls and sailor-styled basin shouts a welcoming “a-hoy!” I recommend adding some boat-themed prints to accentuate the coastal look. Finish off the space with some seashells or starfish decorations and add some aqua or blue toned towels.

Coastal bathroom
Source: Ideal Home

40. Retro chic

What a fun retro bathroom! The silver rain shower faucet brings a gorgeous modern twist to this old-school space. The grey and white basin and vanity grounds the space, while the addition of retro print and some fun lighting adds a quirky touch.

Modern bathroom
Source: Smart Habitat

So, there we have it, 40 shower bath ideas for your next bathroom renovation. While I hate playing favourites, I’ve got to say that I especially love the bathrooms with the subway tiles as well as the bathrooms that have marble accents (swoon).

Now, it’s your turn. What were your favourite design elements? Would you add a quirky tile or keep things simple and white? Comment and tell me your thoughts!


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I've recently moved into a new home and I've been having so much fun decorating it with pretty wall prints and Scandinavian-inspired furniture. So as well as being a freelance writer, I'm always on the lookout for new design pieces for my home!

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