New Improvement: Airtasker Pay

By airtasker

Airtasker Pay ensures payment protection for Airtasker Workers and a seamless, secure way to get tasks completed.

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How Airtasker Pay Works

1. A task is posted by the Job Poster.

2. The Job Poster receives offers from Airtasker Workers who are willing to complete the task.


3. When the Job Poster accepts an offer from their preferred Airtasker Worker, the task funds are securely held within an Airtasker Trust Account until the task is complete.

funds added

4. The Airtasker Worker completes the task and requests payment on completion.

request payment

5. The Job Poster releases the funds and the Airtasker Worker receives payment into their verified bank.


Make sure your details are up to date for a seamless transition in your Payment Settings.

Airtasker Pay for Job Posters

Getting a task completed on Airtasker will be much simpler with Airtasker Pay. You’ll no longer need to worry about having the correct cash on you with the funds for the task being held securely in an Airtasker Trust Account.

The task funds are secured until you are satisfied with the task completed. You’re in control and will need to release the funds on task completion.

The Benefits:

– Streamlined Payment – Getting a task completed will be a smooth experience for personal and business use.

– Don’t worry about having cash – The Job Poster can pay with any VISA or Mastercard credit/debit card, which can be held securely to be used for future tasks.

– You’re in control – Only release the funds when 100% happy with the work completed.

– Dispute Resolution – If there is ever any issues with a task our friendly Customer Support Team are happy to help at any stage of a task.

How to Add/Release Funds:

When you post your task, you will negotiate with Airtasker Workers the final price for the task.

Once you’ve accepted the Airtasker Workers offer, the agreed upon amount will be securely held in an Airtasker Trust Account while the task is in the process of being completed.

review offer

accept offer

Upon task completion, the Airtasker Worker will request payment and you will be asked to confirm the task is completed and release the funds.


Once funds have been released an invoice will be generated for your records and you can view in Payment History.


If for any reason, both parties agree to cancel the task, the Airtasker Worker can cancel the task and the money will return to your account.

If there are any disputes over a project, you can contact our Customer Support Team who will look into the issue raised.

Fund methods

At the stage of accepting an offer, you’ll be required to Add Funds if your details aren’t saved within Airtasker. You will need either a credit or debit VISA or Mastercard. All your details are secure within Airtasker.

Ensure a seamless transition to Airtasker Pay and update your Payment Settings today!

BUTTON tasker

When a task is completed and funds are released to the Airtasker Worker, a 15% Service Fee will be charged to the Airtasker covering all Insurance, Handling and Transaction costs. This Service Fee is only deducted when the Airtasker Worker receives funds for the task.

Airtasker Pay for Airtasker Workers

With Airtasker Pay you can now get started on completing a task as soon as your offer is accepted knowing that the Job Poster has placed the funds for the task in an Airtasker Trust Account.

You’ll receive payment when you have completed the task and you request payment from the Job Poster.

– Payment once task is completed – Airtasker Workers can start work straight away knowing that Airtasker has secured the funds for the task

– Easy management – of task funds & invoices all in one spot.

– Secure payment methods – Receive funds straight to the registered bank account (EFT) or via Paypal.

How to Request Payment

If your offer is accepted on a task, the Job Poster’s funds for the task are securely held within an Airtasker Trust Account until the task is completed.

make an offer

confirm offer

When you complete the task, go to the task and select Request Payment. The Job Poster will then be notified to Release Funds.


The funds will take 1-3 business days to reach your verified bank or PayPal account.

Make sure your details are up to date for a seamless transition in your Payment Settings.

Once funds have been released an invoice will be generated for your records, which you can access in your Payment History.

If for any reason, both parties agree to cancel the task, please make a cancellation request to the Customer Support Team and the Job Poster’s funds will be returned to them.

For any disputes over a task, you can contact our Customer Support Team to look into the issue raised.

Receiving Payment Methods

To receive funds for completing a task, you will need to add a bank account. However after you’re verified, you can also add a PayPal account which you can use as your preferred method.

When you receive task payment a 15% Service Fee will be charged to cover all Insurance, Handling and Transaction costs. This Service Fee is only deducted when the Airtasker Worker receives funds for the task.

To make sure you start to receive payments as quickly as possible update your Payment Settings today!


Getting set up for Airtasker Payments

Please ensure that your details are up to date for a seamless transition. In order to receive payment you will need to add to your account:

  • A bank account
  • Your PayPal email
  • Your billing address
  • Your mobile number
  • Your date of birth

enter information

We use these details to validate your account so that we can ensure that funds are going to the correct bank account.

Need more information? Please read our FAQs, terms and conditions or contact us if you have any questions.




  1. Jodie

    Well done Airtasker on your new Airtasker Pay feature !

    At Guest Ready, we coaches many micro-entrepreneurs and sharing economy businesses (and occasionally uses Airtaskers) and we see many people struggle with the “money side” of the transaction. Airtasker Pay is a great way to protect Airtasker workers and build accountability into all aspects of the relationship.

  2. Vad

    Hi there, regarding new airtasker payment. Is it means, that tasks will no longer paid by cash, only to bank account or by PayPal? Please confirm thanks Vad

  3. mohan

    Long Due Function, No more unpaid task 🙂

  4. Katie

    Hi Vad, Yes it means tasks can no longer be paid by cash. Job Posters will pay with a Credit Card or Debit Card and Airtasker Workers can receive funds via bank account or PayPal – however your bank account must be verified before you can add a PayPal account.

    Hope this helps,
    Katie & The Airtasker Team

  5. James Hutton (Jm H)

    I joined AT February 2014 and most of my payments for 135 “tasks” have gone to my PayPal account, I assume record of my PaPal account is still on your files and payment for any future “tasks” I perform will be processed accordingly.
    I now live on the Central Coast — not many “tasks” available here though. How about some
    promotion of Airtasker up this way. Many people up here I am sure DO NOT KNOW ABOUT AIRTASKER. An opportunity for AT to EXPAND.
    New payment method is a great Idea. I had 2 x no pay for completed tasks!! Cheers, Jim H

  6. Thandi-Claire

    I don’t appreciate having to wait for my payments. If I complete an Airtasker task it has been for some extra work if my cleaning clients are away and I need the money straight away.
    What if the money isn’t released? At least straight after a job you have the money directly and the person you don’t know and your relationship with them is finalised.
    What if we work beyond the hours?
    I have always been paid.
    I don’t think it’s a pliable system & i will be limiting my use of Airtasker.
    Thankfully Airtasker has given me some permanent clients.

  7. Sonal

    Wow…no chase for payments now…:-)

  8. Sharleen

    I like this new feature, but feel it should replace the paypal option and NOT remove the ability to pay via cash. Many of my cleaning clients prefer it this way and would likely not use Airtasker if it was an electronic system.

  9. Tim W.

    I agree with @Thandi-Claire – this system clearly hasn’t been implemented for the benefit of Airtasker Workers or Posters but rather to ensure that AT get their cut.

    Mind you, I have no objection whatsoever to a service fee that AT charges, however a more appropriate system to have put in place would have been one in which an AT Worker pays the 15% service fee before a task can be assigned to them. Simply add another ‘half-step’ to the process of task assignment, whereby the Worker makes a payment (which can be set up as being manually done on a per-task basis, or automatically whenever a task is assigned to them) while meanwhile, the Poster is given a “Pending” status until it’s confirmed. In much the same way as you propose this new “Airtasker Pay” system will operate, you could hold the money in Trust until the job is closed off completely by both parties, thereby giving the worker the peace-of-mind that the service fee will be refunded back to them in the event that they do not complete the task. A system of this nature would allow for payment in cash, which realistically is quickest and easiest for all involved, especially with jobs of $100 value or less. With regard to the “no pay” cases; I was of the understanding that this was the purpose of the feedback and rating system, and can’t imagine that the statistics of it happening are enormous anyway! I’ve had nothing but great experiences so far, and all the feedback I’ve read tells me I’m not the only one.

    To think that now I’ll have to wait up to 3 business days (or 5 calendar days if it falls on or around a weekend!) to receive the likes of $40 or $50 makes completing those tasks seem almost irrelevant and pointless. Furthermore, it clearly doesn’t take into account that in carrying out some jobs there is an initial outlay required from the Worker – in other words; I could be out of pocket for up to 5 calendar days, and that is provided the Poster doesn’t take their time closing the job on their side!!

    Consider also that to an occasional and infrequent Poster, the idea of having to enter credit-card numbers, PayPal details, bank details etc just to have someone do an “odd job” seems more hassle than it’s worth. By comparison, there are a number of other websites around where they can post an ad, with larger audiences and that cost nothing to use. If you’re a techie, think of it like “VHS vs. Beta”. Beta was superior by all accounts – but VHS was cheap. Beta lost. Game Over.

    Regretfully, I think the decision to implement the current “Airtasker Pay” model will be an unpopular one and is likely to get offside with the (still) developing Airtasker community.

    Food for thought.

    Tim W.

  10. Mark Brandt

    Instead of assuring that AT gets their funds from jobs this will do the opposite , I WILL NOT BID ON THESE JOBS . in all my years as a tradesman I have never heard of such an amusing tale of payment , we live in Australia where we use Australian currency, I am not going to do any work for task posters that do not have the money, We as runners are constantly faced with difficult payers and this just makes it easier for them to not pay !
    It’s simple guys ……. If they don’t have the money we don’t do the work !
    No one else needs to be involved and as a tradesman if they do there is something seriously wrong

    Please Airtasker listen to your runners, we are the ones paying you the 15% here
    try making sure the task posters are offering a fair pay for the job
    so many of your task posters try and secure the runners into jobs that are very under described and then expect them to do it for the bid amount, this is a financial loss to airtasker as in these cases the job doesn’t go ahead, some think they are clever and try to con the runners, As a very experienced trady they soon work out that I will do a good job and get on with it quickly if they are just reasonable about the payed amount
    Please Tim Fung & Jonathan Lui, start looking after us Runners before we all leave for good !

  11. Jimmy R

    I think this new option will turn alot of people off airtasker. Runners will be chasing payment more as alot of people wont complete the task straight away. Airtasker could have added this method of pay and kept cash. I think this new Airtasker Pay is just to suit airtasker so they can take there 15% straight away. This means no more tips for runners and if Taskers are a little unhappy they will punish you and not submit. I have done over 130 jobs on airtasker and now wont be using airtasker again. I know there trying to be like the other sites but this will minimize people using this site. I do work for other sites with same set up and I am forever chasing people up to submit Job completion. Aurevoir Airtasker

  12. Shohan B


    Mixed Reviews I see. Personally I expect to get paid as soon as I complete a task. Im sure you will soon see people using other platforms.

    But let’s see. Still early days..

  13. Jenn

    I agree with what Tim and Thandi-Claire have said. I still see some Cash tasks up so I seriously hope that isn’t going to be phased out..

    By the way, one of the screenshots shows a 45% ($22.50 out of $50) Airtasker fee…I hope that’s not going to be in the future, cough.

  14. i don’t like it as it been rip off me few times i rather pay on cash instead payairtasker problems !!

  15. mohan

    Just new Question

    1. Who will be invoicing customers ? most of Clint are small business who require invoice
    2. Do you deposit full amount not net into our bank account (After fee)

  16. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Just few Question

    1. Who will be invoicing customers ? most of Clint are small business who require invoice
    2. Do you deposit full amount or net into our bank account (After fee)

  17. Jason Seaborn

    Can you please advise if airtasker will take their 15% fee out of the funds being held and then deposit 85% into my account or will the 100% be deposited and the 15% be deducted from my credit card as normal?

  18. Katie

    Hi Jason, the 15% Service Fee is removed during the transaction i.e. before the funds are released after task completion. The Service Fee will no longer be deducted from your credit card.

  19. Katie

    Hi Mohan, To answer your questions:
    1. Invoices can be found on your Payments page which you can download as a pdf for your accounting purposes.
    2. The Service Fee is removed before the funds are released on task completion.

  20. Katie

    Hi Mick, As a Job Poster the task funds will be securely held within an Airtasker Trust Account. You are in complete control to release the funds upon task completion. If you believe the work has not been completed to the standard that you specified in the task description, please let our Customer Service Team know and we can assist you with any issue.

  21. Katie

    Hi Sharleen,

    We understand that historically cleaners have often been paid via a cash method, however they now have the opportunity to have the funds securely paid into their accounts. With the funds being held when the task is accepted, Airtasker Workers are now guaranteed funds on task completion.

  22. Katie

    Hi Tim and Thandi-Claire

    I’m going to answer some of the main points that you have brought up in your questions below:

    Receiving payment: When you request payment after the task, the Job Poster will be notified immediately to release the funds, which when released will be in your account within 1-3 business days. Payment disbursement is Monday-Saturday, generally a next day payment. The only day payments aren’t disbursed is on Sunday so waiting more than 5 calendar days shouldn’t be the case.

    Entering details: As the Job Poster you will only need to enter your Visa or Mastercard details, not your bank nor PayPal information. This information is also securely stored so it does not need to be re-entered for every use – perfect for the frequent and infrequent Job Posters.

    Changes in scope of work: If the task description does not match the task output, please get in contact with the Job Poster to discuss a fair price via Private Message. If you then let our Customer Service know of the issue they will be able to help with the issue and make changes to the task if required.

    Service Fee: This is now applied in one smooth transaction, we are streamlining the payment process making it easier for Airtasker Workers to manage their payments and invoices. Adding another step would be complicating it. If the task is not completed, the Service Fee will not be applied and task funds refunded to the Job Poster.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.

  23. Stuart orth

    Hi Katie
    Those were great politically correct answers to people’s questions.taking away cash not smart guys.i have always been a huge supporter of Airtasker even taking time to do a news story and photo shoot to help promote AT…….I can see that our complaints will fall on deaf ears!bye bye greedy little piggies!one less Airtasker here!
    Fyi your not the only game in town
    Warmest regards Stuart Orth

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