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Need something from Coles? Look no further…

By Alex S

Published: July 24th, 2018

Now you can get your shopping delivered on the same day or even in a few hours, simply and easily.

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Fresh updates from the Airtasker x Coles partnership!

Great news – we’ve upgraded the Coles/ Airtasker shopping partnership! Now as soon as you fill your cart on and select Airtasker as your delivery option, your shopping list will be automatically transferred over to Airtasker and put straight into your task details.

How do I get a Tasker to deliver my Coles groceries?

  1. Visit, fill your shopping cart and select the Airtasker link on the delivery times screen.
  2. Double check that all the items you want are in the task details page (if not, no worries – they’re easy to add in!).
  3. Enter when you’d ideally like it delivered and suggest a price for your personal shopper.
  4. Wait a few minutes to let the offers roll in, then take a look and choose your Tasker!

Once you’ve accepted an offer, you can pay for the pick-up & delivery securely through Airtasker.

Need to change your order? No worries! Once you’ve picked an offer and the Tasker has been assigned, you can easily chat with your Tasker and make on-the-fly changes at any time directly through the app.

Why should I use Airtasker for my grocery shopping?

We work hand-in-hand with the Coles Online delivery service to help you get your shopping delivered on the same day or even in a few hours, simply and easily.

PLUS – you have real-time control over your list while the Tasker is at the store. You can chat with your Tasker to clarify or change any items on your list while they’re there  – meaning you get exactly what you want when you want it!

How do I pay for the groceries and delivery?

When you first post your task, you’ll need to set the price for the delivery only. Taskers will then make you an offer to pick up and deliver the items on your shopping list.
If an item on the list isn’t at the store, they’ll get in touch with you directly so you can figure out what (if anything) you’d like to replace it with.

Then once the shopping is complete and delivered to you, you should receive a photo of the Coles receipt and a notification to approve an increase of the price of the task.  This increase is to reimburse the Tasker for the cost of the groceries.

Please approve the increase before the Tasker leaves after delivering.

How does the service fee work?

We’re proud of the opportunities we create for the community to both get things done and be able to earn more flexibly.

In order to keep improving the platform, keep the lights on and pay our staff, we retain a minimal percentage of the delivery budget as our service fee. However, we don’t apply this to the groceries reimbursed by the Increase Price feature on Coles tasks to make sure our Taskers are not out of pocket.


Alex S

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