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Kitchen Island Design Ideas

By Katie

Updated: August 23rd, 2018

A island bench in the middle of the kitchen is one of the most desirable features in a home. It’s "Kitchen Island Design Ideas"

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A island bench in the middle of the kitchen is one of the most desirable features in a home. It’s true that some kitchen island design ideas are only feasible in a larger space, but there other variations that can work in smaller kitchens too.

We’ve pulled together inspirational kitchen island designs that could easily work in most homes.

Extendable island

Sometimes you don’t always need a huge island bench or maybe it doesn’t fit practically. But if you add a sliding extensions, you can still use a longer bench when you need it for additional room to cook a big feast. This could be an easy DIY project or even better, outsource as a handyman task.

extendable kitchen island design
source: elledecor

Island bench seating

This look is very unique but it creates a lovely spot for you to enjoy your morning coffee or the kids to complete their homework whilst you prepare dinner.

bench kitchen island design
Source: woohome

Wine storage

If you’re a bit of a wine connoisseur and struggle to find a spot to store your wine, you’ll love this design which incorporates a wine rack into the kitchen island. Then it’s also easily accessible if you need to add wine to the sauce, or to simply sip on.

wine rack kitchen island design
Source: woohome

Dining table + Kitchen Island

This truly encapsulates the saying ‘the heart of the home is the kitchen’. By incorporating the dining area and kitchen into the same space, it brings the family into the kitchen to help and not to mention multitask entertaining guests. Also, we have to mention the added bench space is a huge plus.

dining table kitchen island design
Source: freshome

Temporary island

Having a kitchen island with wheels or repurposing another piece of furniture is perfect for renters who can’t build a permanent kitchen island. It’s also useful to trial an island in your kitchen and if it works for you.

cabinet kitchen island design
Source: Cursonogara

Thinner kitchen island

If you have a more rectangular shaped kitchen you’re still able to have a bespoke kitchen island made to compliment the dimensions of your kitchen. Then you can put a few stools under/around it to enjoy eating breakfast at.

thing rectangle kitchen island design
Source: housebeautiful

If you have a smaller kitchen, read out small kitchen design ideas for some extra tips.

Different heights

Having two or three different heights of your kitchen island means that it can be used for standing, sitting on bar stools and also use as a breakfast table. It can also help to subtly section of the kitchen from the dining side of the bench.

different heights kitchen island design
Source: Design like



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