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Home Gardening Lighting Tips

By Katie

Updated: August 23rd, 2018

It’s nice to enjoy your garden by day, but why not get the most out of your outdoor space with "Home Gardening Lighting Tips"

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It’s nice to enjoy your garden by day, but why not get the most out of your outdoor space with some clever home gardening lighting ideas.

There’s more to garden lighting than a automatic flood light that is triggered by your dog or cat at all hours of the night.

Here are some garden light installations that will highlight all the wonderful aspects of your garden.

Fewer path lights

It’s tempting to put lights down your pathway like a airport runway, but don’t. Instead put far fewer lights which highlight the general direction in which people should walk.

Source: Vectron Studios

Show off your plants

If you have interesting plants, trees or flowerbeds, show them off with a light. For trees thinking about up-lighting or get even more original with moonlighting i.e. The moon looks like it’s coming through the trees, as you can see here.

gardening light ideas - moonlighting
Source: DIY Network

Water feature
Make your water features something to look at day and night with some clever lighting.

Source: Itugarden

Pool lights
Instead of the usual boring pool lights, make your pool more inviting with some clever lighting in certain areas or even use different colours. No matter what your budget is, there are ideas for everyone.

Source: Piic1

Entertaining space

Add more than candlelight to the entertaining areas of your garden. Look at something more permanent like these LED lights under the seating. It turns a normal seat into a focal point.

gardening light ideas - entertaining
Source: Sarahakwisombe

Light up your house

Show off your beautiful home with some stylish up/down wall lights. You can get lovely ones which can highlight and shadow certain areas.

A new home with attractive outdoor lighting.
Source: Decor Homes Ideas

Make anything light up

Take a look at these cool plant pots that light up. You can even move them around the garden and change the arrangement.

Source: Patio Design Depot

Fairy lights

They aren’t just for parties or Christmas but can be used at any time in your garden. Just make sure they can be used outdoors first.

Source: Lights4fun

Lighting ideas

Here are a few creative options for outdoor lights:

The natural finish
Source: Homes Kid

Love a bit of copper
beacon lighting
Source: Beacon Lighting

Something a little more contemporary
garden lighting
Source: Txe



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  1. Garden Shed

    Nice Lighting ideas in swimming pools, plants and drive ways. Really like it.

  2. RATB

    Your idea of not lighting up your footpath like an airport runway is great! We may just use that phrase. Copper garden lights are popular, but so are anodised aluminium and stainless steel.