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Community Tier Relief

By airtasker

Updated: September 10th, 2020

Tier Relief for Melbourne-based Taskers


While it’s promising to see the restrictions take effect on the spread of COVID-19, it is clear the increased restrictions have made an already challenging time even more difficult for many of our Airtasker community.

We understand that without the opportunity for consistent work under these restrictions, Taskers who have worked hard and obtained Platinum, Gold or Silver tiers may not be able to maintain their status. So to share the impact, we’ve decided to restore the tiers of Melbourne-based Taskers to the status reached before Stage 4 restrictions were applied.

How it works

When we reach the Victorian Government-mandated ‘Third Step’ (proposed for 26 October) and there are no restrictions on movement outside the home, your tier will be calculated based on the standard 30 day Tier calculation period applied from 5 July 2020, but excluding the restricted period (estimated 2 August – 26 October 2020^).

This restoration is a once-off for Melbourne-based Taskers affected by restrictions. After the restored tier is applied, all tiers will continue to be calculated as normal. Note that if you’ve moved up a tier during the restrictions, you will remain at your existing tier.

We will make this change for you – there’s nothing you need to do.

We hope this tier relief lightens your load a little bit and helps you to bounce back as quickly as possible. If you have any questions for Airtasker, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our Support team.  

^ Please note: These dates are subject to change, and rely on the Victorian Government’s response to lifting restrictions. This post will be updated with the current dates.



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