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Demand for cleaning tasks spike on Airtasker

By Airtasker

Published: November 14th, 2022

With the recent torrential rain and wet weather, there’s been a spike in mould issues across Aussie homes.

New data from local services marketplace Airtasker shows a spike in cleaning tasks posted on the platform this November.

Because of the recent torrential rain and persistent wet weather, Aussie households need all hands on deck to help deal with nasty mould lodging under carpets, walls, and furniture.

“With unprecedented wet weather conditions, Australians struggling to keep their homes free from mould are turning to Airtasker for help,” says Tim Fung, Airtasker CEO and co-founder. 

“As a result, Taskers are being inundated with requests for mould cleaning, especially along the east coast of Australia, which is bearing the brunt of the wet weather.” 

It’s no fun to grow mould

Residential cleaning tasks have practically doubled compared to last year, and it’s all because of growing mould. Aussies are constantly looking for Taskers who can help with mould removal and other similar tasks. 

Fung explains that wet weather clean-up tasks on the platform have skyrocketed in the past month, where removing mould and mildew from homes can cost anything between $20 to $6,000.

Aside from mould-related tasks, general handyperson listings have gone up to 39%, with Taskers earning $13,1884* monthly on average. Garden cleaning and lawn mowing services have also seen a whopping 45% increase in posted tasks.

*Calculated using the Airtasker Side Hustle Calculator, where entrepreneurial Aussies monetising their skills can estimate their earning power.

How do we keep mould in check?

Moisture and humidity levels are prime conditions for mould to grow indoors. 

The Australian Medical Association has recently issued a warning for mould build-up as it can increase the risk of developing a respiratory infection. 

Older adults and the immunocompromised also risk significant health issues once exposed to mould matter for an extended period.

Here are some tips to avoid mould build-up, according to NSW Health:

  • Reduce humidity: During the rainy season, limit the use of humidifiers and unflued gas filters, the number of fish tanks, and indoor plants. These tend to increase the humidity levels inside your home.
  • Maintain proper ventilation: As much as possible, turn on exhaust fans, especially in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. It can also be as simple as opening your windows to improve cross ventilation.  
  • Control the moisture and dampness: Always inspect your home for water leaks and other plumbing problems. These can be in your bathrooms, kitchen, or roof. Repair busted water pipes or blocked rain gutters as needed. If water enters your home, clean water-damaged carpets and other materials. Make sure to dry them completely.
  • Rising and lateral damp. Rising damp is ground moisture rising on a brick or stone wall. Poor subfloor ventilation can worsen the problem, but you can fix this by installing a new damp course or waterproof barrier in the wall. An experienced building consultant can also check the damp course and recommend solutions.


Are you still dealing with pesky mould and mildew? It may be time for a Tasker to lend a helping hand! Post a task today and get those mould issues under control!



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