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Back to School with Airtasker

By Madeleine Mittas

Updated: April 5th, 2018

Contacting books, hemming clothes & name tags - it's back to school again!

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In a couple of weeks, kids all around Australia will go back at school for the new year and this only means one thing: preparing all the mundane school requirements for each child.

It’s likely you’re a parent (or know of one!) with an extremely long to-do list to complete before next week so juggling everything over the next week is guaranteed to be a potential nightmare.

So, we’ve looked at some tasks for smart back-to-school hacks and come up with a few preparation ideas to help busy parents out!

Sewing Trouser Hems

I require someone to take up the hems on two pairs of boys trousers. Experienced sewers only, must have own sewing machine. You will need to measure and pin pants when picking up.
So preference is for you to:-
1. Pick up trousers from me in Ryde- measure and pin at same time
2. Take home and sew
3. Drop off
Depending on your location we may be able to come to you instead.
The trousers are standard issue grey school pants.
Price: $45
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Sewing on name tags

Make sure you have all your kid’s uniforms labelled and ready to go. Children have a habit of misplacing their jumpers and bags and the costs add up at the end of the year!

Meagan M. from Queensland did exactly that, by getting an Airtasker to help her sew hems onto four school dresses and name tags ironed on, she was able to send her daughter to school stress-free. She had a great experience and said,

My daughter is changing school and going to high school and we have just brought her a series of new uniforms. I don’t have any sewing skills or equipment. We had this incredible lady who came and picked it up and she had it done by the afternoon, it was extraordinary. She dropped them off and they were ironed, she took up the hem and sewed some labels on it too. She was an interior designer, so she had lots of sewing experience and was a mum to ten.

Contacting Books

One of the biggest annoyances for parents is getting the small air bubbles out of contacted books – using a ruler or your thumb to slowly smooth out the pockets of air – and if you can’t do it perfectly, the kids complain! Why not outsource this task of applying contact to someone who is skilled at it?

Cover school books for 2 x primary children!

You heard it here….. some people love it….. but I HATE it! Books available for collection this Friday afternoon and must be dropped back by this Sunday Am.
Price: $50
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Apply contact to school books

Looking for a contacting pro!!
We have about 18 A4 exercise books that need to be contacted before school starts on 31/01. Quoted rate includes purchase of clear contact. Pick up in either South Yarra or Elsternwick by 19/01 and returned by 30/01.
Price: $50
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Trimming hair

Juggling life’s events and taking your kids to the local hairdressers can a demanding task but an essential one. Instead of shuffling the kids into the car or bus and taking them to the shopping mall, get a hairdresser to come to you with Airtasker, so you can focus your time on the other back-to-school tasks.

Give my 3 daughters hair trims for school start

My 3 girls need their hair trimmed and a general tidy up.
Must be qualified hairdresser.
All 3 have long hair
To be done at my place in Kenmore
Price: $75
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Ironing preparation

As a parent, being organised is a big part of getting through each week and there’s no time more important than at the beginning of the year. So, getting all the uniforms ironed and ready to go is a great way to make things run a little more smoothly.

School Uniform Ironing

Ironing approximately 30 items – Boys school uniforms and Mens work shirts and pants
Price: $40
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Madeleine Mittas

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