10 Of The Best Jobs Ever

By Katie

Updated: April 16th, 2014

Already think you have the coolest job in the world? Well this list might make you think again. I’ve put together "10 Of The Best Jobs Ever"

Already think you have the coolest job in the world? Well this list might make you think again. I’ve put together the ultimate list of jobs we all wish we had.

If you had one of these jobs I bet that you would wake up on time, wouldn’t need endless supplies of coffee and you wouldn’t even complain about any additional hours. Although these jobs are pretty awesome the salary probably wouldn’t be the best unfortunately, but maybe it’s worth the pay cut.

Check out the list and let us know which one you’d pick in the comments below:

1. Island caretaker

island caretaker

Looking after an island like the one above would be at the top of my list. In exchange for looking after the island and it’s facilities, you get a rent-free accommodation and an income. This is the ultimate stress-free lifestyle.

2. Sweets taste tester


For every sweet-tooth out there this job is for you. Giving feedback on candy flavours and sweetness would be your daily routine. We just hope that the job comes with good dental cover.

3. Movie critic


Being paid to watch movies and give your thoughts sounds like a pretty easy life. But if you’re one of those types of people that falls asleep in movies, then perhaps this isn’t for you.

4. Water slide tester

Testing our water slides sounds pretty cool, but hopefully it’s a seasonal job, I can’t imagine this would be very fun in winter.

5. Travel blogger

travel blogging

The job that will fix anyone who has the travel ‘bug’. There might be the downsides of personal safety and constant jet-lag, but reviewing amazing places many others wouldn’t ever get to ever see sounds worth it.

6. Bed tester

bed tester

Don’t like getting out of bed on a Monday morning? How about being paid to stay in bed instead? Sounds like a dream.

7. Sky diving trainer


For the adrenaline junkies this job would satisfy your cravings and let you meets a lot of interesting people as well.

8. Trivia writer


Wikipedia would be your best friend as you compile lists of questions and answers for websites and game companies.

9. Video game tester


Getting access to some of the most sought after video games so that you can test them would be pretty cool and you wouldn’t be nagged by your partner, family or friends to stop playing video games.

10. Being an Airtasker


People get to complete a whole range of tasks which they might not otherwise have the opportunity to get experience in. With thousands of tasks on Airtasker, there are no limits as to what you can do.



I've loved interior design for as long as I can remember and I'm currently about to renovate my first home. So as well as being the Content Lead at Airtasker, I'm also on the lookout for the latest design trends, backyard ideas and anything to do around the home. I'm also trying to use low-tox cleaning methods and work towards being more plastic-free!

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  1. Caretaker of the Island would have to be the best option for me! I mean they are all great, but for me the island is a winner by far!

  2. Robert Milan

    i would like the movie critic, travel blogger and bed tester.

  3. Mandy

    I would love the job as a taste tester because I love food 😉 also a movie critic as I love watching movies . Dream job right there !!

  4. Tom

    Hi Kate, my names tom and I was wondering just how to go about getting into any of these jobs, I would love to know so I can venture from the daily drag and into something fun and exciting like these dream jobs.

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  5. Brian

    I would be interested in the island caretaker and the travel blogger roles


  7. Angela Wagner

    would like to try.

  8. All sounds wonderful but at this stage I would just love to have a job so can you help please

  9. Brent McKenna

    I read about movies, screen play writing, often see two movies at a time in cinemas and have a few thousand movies on a media centre to fill in the other spare times when not doing research, reading and writing my PhD thesis. My writing is largey critical analysis and review after completing an MA (Social Policy) thesis, a Research Fellowship and dozens of reports as a consultant specialising in social, leisure planning, marketing and business development. I therefore believe the Movie Critic role would be very much in line with my interests and abilities. Call me please. Thank You. Brent McKenna M: 0458340431

  10. Dimity Craig

    Would love to travel and see the world. But with a little boy I find it hard at the best of times. However I would like to see were the best spots are to go with a family.

  11. Neil Webster

    I would choose job number 8, a trivia writer. As a fan of trivia games, a retired high school teacher used to phrasing questions, and an author who loves writing, I would suit that job perfectly. And it would suit me as I could do the job at home in my own time, learning lots of trivia along the way.

  12. Heather Jones

    What a fabulous list! I am definitely at a career crossroads right now and I am open to new and exciting possibilities. I thought the Movie Critic, Island Caretaker, and Bed Tester would definitely be right up my alley! Perhaps because I’m still on holidays… 😀 Amazing that these opportunities are out there!

  13. Stephan Gavin

    Would love to be a Island caretaker

  14. I have experience writing and hosting trivia nights, have a wide general knowledge and really enjoy researching and writing trivia questions. This really is my ideal job and would love to hear more about this position. Thank you.

  15. Tim Farmer

    I would definitely have to take the Video Game Testing job, practical and awesome :).

  16. Samantha Badman

    How do I apply for a position as an airtasker?

  17. Kim


    Hi, I am a well experienced venue and events manager extroidinaire! I possess a passion for the industry and seeking an exciting challenging change if jobs. I would be the perfect candidate for the position of Island Caretaker. Obsessed with good food and wine, great outdoors and meeting new people. Excellent customer service and people management skills. You will be sorry to overlook my Cv! Kim

  18. elmoge

    is this true surely,i want the islands,the flavours,the movies,the bed tester and the tourist

  19. charlie haiek

    hi katie im looking for full time job. close ti home. thanks

  20. Charles Burne

    I love travelling & would enjoy travelling for a living as a travel blogger.

  21. Robert Fox

    Either movie critic or video game tester

  22. John Iupeli

    I would love to join you on this amazing journey to both work and have fun doing what you do for a living, so please all I ask for is a chance to be with you and your prestigious company.

  23. Joe Wang

    job no 1 and no 5 sounds like my type. see my email address: fit2011 stands for freedom and independent traveler and you will see the type of person i am and why i would love those two.

  24. raymond ringhoff

    like more info on your travel blogger also the movie critic and the island caretaker do you have any wine airtasker positions wine tasting wine tourism wineries wine regions doing surveys city sights holiday destination wine bars

  25. Jason

    I would love to be an island care taker with abit of ( sea ) diving instructing on the side

  26. John Dawson

    I would choose the Island caretaker as I love isolation and am a chef + I love gardening
    Hmmmmm Dreaming again

  27. Dawn

    How do we apply for one of the above jobs? Say Blogger or Island caretaker?

  28. Peni Sakealevu

    I’m interested for the position of Island Caretaker

  29. Jo Shute

    I would suit the position of Travel Blogger, have put down my opinions on one major website of some of the hotels, attractions and sights that myself and family have visited over the past eight years. I give an honest non bias opinion, in the hope that it may help someone to decide if it is right for them. You do not know if this is a chance in a lifetime dream that they are spending hard earn cash on, or a family gathering. People need to be made aware of good and bad, so that they can make a suitable booking.

  30. leanne tapp

    movie critic sounds good to me.

  31. I would really love to be an island caretaker, travel blogger, bed tester and a video game tester all at the same time! =D

  32. Jackson Stone

    I have dreamed of living on an island all my life since I was. 10 when I ran away from home to live on one, island caretaker defiantly for me pl )

  33. Mary

    Island caretaker.
    How do we get a job anyway??

  34. Bradley carson

    i would like the lifestyle of the Island caretaker, i am a handy man and can fix anything, and luv the cerclusion…

  35. Tamille

    OMG the island care taker for sure. This would be a dream come true.

  36. Agnes

    Ohhhhhhhh Island Caretaker takes the cup for me 🙂

  37. Stacey

    I’d choose island caretaker and water slide tester fun in the sun all the way…

  38. natalie

    I would choose number one because it would be stress free and I could relax all day!!

  39. Bradley

    For me, I’d go with the sweet’s taste tester, movie critic, bed tester and video game tester. Now, if only those jobs actually existed!

  40. kenneth alondres

    i like island caretaker,how to apply for that position?

  41. Paul

    Ide defantly be great at the travel blogger role !

  42. mal chaney

    Island caretaker with 20years in hospitality
    should cover this position very well

  43. mal chaney

    Can cover island caretaker across the board
    in all area’s

  44. Umair Mazher

    I am interested in island caretaker and travel blogger because i love travelling and these jobs are very suitable for me.I ever desire for a travel job and i think i can do the job of travel blogger or island caretaker very easily.So,please tell me that how i can apply for these jobs?

  45. Raymond Kalema

    id also like to be a trivia writer

  46. Anonymous

    I know I can’t own a island myself so I would love to have a feel of it. And travel blogger sounds interesting too but by any chance if I choose the bed tester one will I be getting someone beautiful and hot to test it along with her 😉

  47. Steven

    I would choose Caretaker of a Island because I love the outdoors, also I am a fisherman and being a qualified tradesman u can see the results of your work each day.

  48. Leigh

    yes they are all awesome, but the island is definitely my choice, followed closely by the movie critic, when can i start haha

  49. Caretaker of an island – now that’s what you call a working holiday!! Give me that any day!

  50. Madeleine Roe

    Travel blogger would be a fantastic job. The world is an amazing place, so much to see and explore on a continual adventure. Amazing life changing journey.

  51. Madeleine Roe

    Island keeper would be an idealistic job and to wake up and ‘head off to the office’ would never ever be considered the daily grind. Working in the lap of luxury and beauty would be so pleasurable to wake up everyday .

  52. Aaron

    1.Travel blogger
    2. Movie Critic
    3. Skydiving instructor.

  53. please help me for newzealand work

  54. Karalaini Karayawa

    i would like to apply for the Island Caretaker!
    can i get more information on this?


  55. Bill White

    I have Traveled in Europe by bus, car and camper van, also USA, South East Asia, Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia so writing about these experiences would suit me.

    My wife and I enjoy watching all kinds of Movies. This would suit me too.

    I work from home and am of a Mature age, but young at heart.

  56. Kim Pedersen

    Working and living on an Island would be the best retirement job ever. I have traveled to China, Canada and Denmark, and home is still where the best job will be.

  57. charles

    I would love to have an Island caretaker job! If any vacancies come up please contact me.

  58. Mike Pritchard

    Luv the bed tester would really luv to just sleep n sleep n sleep

  59. For a person who loves life, people and all the weird and wonderful places that our world has to offer.
    The perfect job would be Travel Blogger second Island Caretaker.
    Always looking for new adventures, I have just come back from Central America and going back for more.

  60. Michael Wong

    The job I like most is Island Caretaker or an Airtasker.

  61. Maureen Fuller

    I would love to be a caretaker of an Island.

    Looking after an island like the one shown would be at the top of my list.

    In exchange for looking after the island and it’s facilities, you get a rent-free accommodation and an income. This is the ultimate stress-free lifestyle.

    We were thinking of going into a venture of Buying a Units in Brisbane and being the managers, however this seems much more exciting and enjoyable.

    We are fun people who love fundraising and dancing and would truly welcome an opportunity such as this.

  62. Pam Smith

    Movie Blogger for sure!!!!

    I love all types of movies, my family and friends refer me to a female version of the late but great movie buff of all time, Bill Collins…

    I have a family of eight ranging from 6 to 48 years old, so you could imagine the variety of movies we watch, kids even comment how I always pull out random movie quotes : )

    I love watching movies that much I evenbbuilt a 3 level cinema room in our new house. …

  63. Mac

    I’m a mature person without any commitments and have always loved traveling.
    Retrenched two years ago I feel restless and almost depressive.
    I would love to be able to apply for he position of Travel Blogger or Airtasker..

    How can I go about it?

    I would appreciate any info. Thanks

  64. Oh to be a paid travel blogger 🙂
    That would be the life 🙂

    I live to travel and constantly suffer the post-travel blues when my time abroad and away is over and I return to my full-time desk job. I constantly write about my experiences and live to recommend the best and warn of the worst.

    Oh to be a travel blogger 🙂

  65. I would really love any of the the following: an island caretaker, sweets taste tester, and bed tester! I am looking for exciting and challenging jobs. I would be the perfect candidate for the position of Island Caretaker. I love great outdoors and meeting new people. Excellent customer service and people management skills. You would really love me.

  66. Joseph

    Would love more information about sweets taste tester, and also game tester, love my sweets, and also having an xbox 360, and playstation 3, psp and pc, am forever playing games and commenting to the games shop about how i felt the game could be better or how enjoyable it was, and trying the latest games\updates\versions is what i love to do such as with assassin’s creed games on the 360, own every edition to date, can’t wait for the next!!. Also when I’m not munching confectionary and playing games, i’m usually sitting down going through my dvd collection watching them countless times, so to be given the chance to see the latest flicks and be able to comment about them would be cool. And water slide tester, what better job for this time of year? get wet, have fun, and enjoy the qld sun all at once sounds awesome.

  67. Christy

    Would be awesome to be a caretaker of an island, but travelling and blogging kicks ass <3that's an awesome job !!! Couldn't get any better second would have be skydiving best experience natural high 😀 woo yeah!! Go the outdoors can't stand being in one place to long loving hot tropics oceans and spontaneousnessnessness 😉

  68. Would love to be a Trivia writer and a Bed Tester apart from enjoying being an Airtasker 😀

  69. kili

    I would love to take on island caretaker soooooo dreaming right now wanna help me make it come true aahahaha i’ll take on movie critic aswell thanks

  70. Judy Guina Lamo

    This is very interesting, as for me I am very interested to take up the jobs, Island Caretaker, Travel Blogger and Bed Tester.

    Please, respond to me as soon as possible.

    Thank you & awaiting your prompt response.


  71. Willis

    Gosh would love to be an island caretaker no island would go uncared for!!

  72. Island minding would have to be the most ideal and restfully jobs im the world.aybe one day this would evemtuate to my career. Would leave in the drop of a hat. Where do i send my resume to.?!?!?!?!?! Scott

  73. Maxine

    The taste tester and movie critic and sky diving training. Are they real jobs, can we actually apply, if so where do I sign.

  74. Mitchell

    I am currently studding video gaming as this is what I want to do ever. I love all games even just to try them out to see how complex or could I change this or that. Would really like more info on where to get this job. Hope to here from you soon.
    Cheers Mitchell.

  75. David Pouchet

    Island house caretaker is definitely number one and have experience being originally from the Caribbean now an Australian citizen.
    Trivia writer is number 2 on list

  76. Tommy Lim


    I’m interested in being a movie critic,sweets taste tester & trivia writer

    Thank U

  77. So i would have to say Island caretaker would be a Dream job .Having worked in alot of differant jobs and yrs off shift work, found that its not what youve got,but wether you enjoy,job satisfaction is the key to it lol,

  78. Debbie

    Awesome choices! But I’d narrow it down to the Candy Tester hands down, Travel Blogger second, Movie Critic third and last but not least a Bed Tester.

    My dream job is to open up a Candy Shop. After working in Darrell Lea’s Chocolate Shop many moons ago the feeling has never left me, and we had to taste the products there too, it was heaven!

    I’m always raving on to people about my amazing holiday adventures and often think I should be sharing it globally. I know I like reading reviews on all aspects of travel, it all helps. I just love reliving my travel experiences and creating new ones.

    I LOVE MOVIES and never have enough time to watch as many as I’d like so being a movie critic would be GREAT!

    I think I’d be a good bed tester too, got it have it just right, you don’t want to wake up feeling like you’re older than you are!

    Please help me find one of these best jobs ever!

  79. jessica

    Travel blogger would be amazing
    Movie critic
    Bed tester
    Island caretaker

    these would be my top four dreams jobs.

  80. sofia S

    I would choose
    1- movie critic
    2- sweets taste taster

  81. Shauna

    hahaha you have EVERYONE thinking they’re going to get one of these jobs that you have listed, they’re not jobs available here peeps, they’re jobs that Airtasker are saying are the all time best top 10!!!!

    I would do all of them, YOLO!!

  82. Michael B

    I would say, as a travel blogger. I could handle going all over the world.

  83. Josophine C

    WOWSA An Island would be perfect just bliss, I had to give in my wonderful job as an divisional therapist in an Adelaide hospital for the mentally ill as I became very ill with terminal cancer, a lady who was doing my job loved it as much as me, so two years on and not over my illness the best thing was to leave before we lost her, she still loves the job. I also think the travel bloger would be fun. I have been at a loss of what to do with my future. Oh to dream..

  84. April S

    Dream job managing a 6 bedroom B & B in Vanuatu owned by a friend (with a 2 year contract in Hospitality on a nearby Island Resort) then hmmm part-time Cinema Critic / Bed Tester & ……..

    Hmmmm Working for myself using AirTasker is a pretty, sweet job in itself actually.
    After 3 months of doing anything I can get my hands on cleaning, pickup/delivery, labouring, restoring outdoor furniture, dog walking, driver and much more cleaning – I can’t live alone on the income (yet) it but I feel so rejuvenated, fitter, satisfied; actually help nice, genuine, fair people, get paid for it; appreciated for a quality job & at times repeat work.
    Single, sick and no where to go but up, I have started a new life, packing up my home of 11yrs to rent out to return to my passion – Travel.

    Loose casual plans to travel parts of Europe July to Mid August (UK, France, Austria until a 2 week Cruise (paid) from Venice in mid August finishing in Barcelona; next is a drive/bus, rail adventure from Barcelona West to the Algarve, Portugal & North to Porto & beyond. Then back to South East Asia for some wallet & soul salving giving back – volunteering with orphanages (children, Orangutans & Elephants) in Cambodia, Vietnam, Borneo, Laos &/or Thailand until mid October & the booked 2 week tour with 5 others in Myannmar/Burma in October, returning………well who knows really.

  85. Tara Mc

    As an executive assistant and marketing manager, with a background in travel and tourism and graphic design I am the perfect candidate for role of Island Caretaker, Tourism Blogger or AirTasker. My achievements include receiving finalist award for Sth Australian Secretary of the Year (1991) which opened the doors towards a great career, allowing me to work from the south to the top end of Australia, climbing the corporate ladder and pursuing studies. I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences with people in remote indigenous communities, volunteered for various charities whilst between jobs (helping the local community out where required). Positions held are many and varied, ie. private hospitals and medical centres, legal firms, travel consultantant, the SA and NT Governments including the Northern Territory National Park and Wildlife Service and self employed. I was secretary of the Counter Disaster Committee for helping take responsibility of the community if the town was flooding and the people needed to evacuate. I would be pleased to accept any of these positions however the three positions above are my preference if I was ever satisfactory in receiving a position thru your site. Please do not hesitate in contacting me should you believe my profile fits the criteria you are looking for. Kind Regards, Tara

  86. Matthew Wilson

    Hi Everyone

    How do i get a job as a video game tester?


    Matthew Wilson

  87. DudleyJ

    Working from home writing trivia and quiz questions sounds good, but how does one become an Airtasker??

  88. Jim Hutton

    Hello Kate, I’ve been an Airtasker since February 2014 and have completed 140 tasks as Jim H and 23 as James H (name change due to password issues).

    I moved to the Central Coast earlier this year. Very little AT work up this way unfortunately although I am sure people up here have the same needs as people in capital cities.

    I saw that you posted tasks recently for 4 people to hand out flyers in Bondi — any chance of a similar promotion up this way — handouts at Erina Fair or Tuggerah Complex would I am sure result in AT growth in the Central Coast area.

    Regards to all at AT.

    Cheers, Jim H